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Combating Fear Through Information: COVID-19

There is much mis- and dis-information being spread about COVID-19 or the coronavirus. The Washington University Libraries have created a resource guide to help you find information you can trust about the virus, how it spreads, and how to protect yourself. As we prepare for its spread across the United States, we want to be sure our campus is informed and ready to deal with the effects of the virus. This includes understanding that xenophobia and racism are unacceptable in our community. We hope this guide counteracts those fears by helping our students, faculty, and staff become more informed citizens in this uncertain time.

Whenever there is a rapidly developing news story, especially one that might be causing some fear and panic, there is a big opportunity for misinformation to be spread both intentionally and unintentionally (see more about the “Infodemic”). While it’s always important to think about the quality of your sources, it becomes especially important in these situations.  Here are a handful of sources that the Washington University Libraries recommend:

The latest information from the CDC. Provides introductory information to COVID-19 (how it spreads, symptoms, etc.), situation updates on cases in the United States and abroad, information for travel, etc.

The WHO’s information and guidance page on COVID-19. Includes news updates, questions and answers, introductory information, and “myth-busters” about the virus.

Award-winning journalism; center-left editorial perspective.

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