My Library Accounts

Log in to My Catalog to

  • View your library record (what you have checked out, etc.).
  • Renew books or other items.
  • Create one or more My Lists to keep track of library titles (such as for future reading).
  • Place holds (also known as requesting books to be paged or recalled), set up search alerts, and more.
  • Courtesy borrowers can create a PIN to view your record or request items. (WU faculty, staff, and students: use your WUSTL Key to log in.)
  • Courtesy borrowers can modify your PIN, if you want to change it to something else. NOTE: you have to know what your PIN is in order to modify it. If you can’t remember what it is, please call the Olin Check-out Desk, at 314-935-5420. We can delete your PIN so you can choose a new one.

Log in to ILLiad – Interlibrary Loan to request books or articles from journals the Libraries don’t own.

Log in to Find it! to work with your saved records and databases, and to use Find it! from off-campus.

Log in to Proxy Server for off-campus access. More info.