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Tiers of Service

Data Services' Tiers of Service include the following, listed in order from most common appointments to application-only: Enterprise, Recharge, Sprint, and Partnership. Continue reading on the page for details on each Tier.
Data Services Tiers of Service Model

Enterprise Tier

The six core Data Services services include data curation, sourcing, management, sharing, wrangling, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS.) We can help you develop skills to achieve your research goals through consultation, instruction, resources, and (when necessary) referral. We provide scoped instruction 1-1 and to groups. You can schedule a consultation or visit our regular Help Desk hours.

Recharge Tier

The Recharge Tier is intended for Washington University in St. Louis affiliated researchers who wish to leverage data wrangling and tools as a part of their inquiry but cannot do the work themselves. This is a scoped, task-based service; see our menu of services below:

Recharge Service Menu

  • Geocoding
  • Data wrangling
  • Data compilation
  • Map creation (without data finding)
  • Route finding
  • 3D capture
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Scripting for process automation
  • Georeferencing
  • Data visualization creation
  • Big data curation
  • Text mining
  • Workshop/program development
  • Project Proposal Preparation

The availability of these services is on a first-come-first-served basis.

How to Utilize Recharge Services

Reach out to Data Services for a consultation on the Recharge Tier offerings. If it is determined that the request is within the scope of recharge services, Data Services will calculate the hours needed and present you with a time and cost estimate. After the work is carried out, Data Services will charge the appropriate department or grant funding source for the final amount.

Research Sprints

Data Services will offer the opportunity to get recharge service at no cost via research sprints. Sprint teams include:

  • the researcher
  • a member of data services

The sprint team will spend up to one academic-work week (five days) to achieve research data-related project goals. Sprints occur in six-month intervals, and researchers must apply for a sprint.

  • The researcher must be a Washington University in St. Louis faculty member or graduate student
  • Present a well-described project plan and outcomes
  • The project can be completed in five days
  • Required skills match research team members’ skills
  • A participant must submit a Research Sprint Application
  • Attend an orientation meeting to clarify goals and define roles
  • Attend all sprint sessions with the research team
  • Write a news post about the sprint experience

Partnership Tier

In some cases, Data Services can partner on a funded project. Although availability for the Partnership Tier is extremely limited, researchers are welcome to approach the Head of Data Services Jennifer Moore if you are looking for this type of partnership. Evaluating whether this is something Data Services can engage in may take several weeks. When appropriate, Data Services may refer potential partners to one of our campus partners if better suited.

Schedule a Consultation

To engage with Data Services on one of their Tiers of Service, please complete and submit a Data Services Consultation form below: