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Proxy Borrowing

Library book stacks from Olin Library.

Full-time and emeritus faculty members may designate proxy borrowers. This service is a privilege intended to assist faculty with their library research by granting designated research assistants faculty library privileges when these assistants are performing library transactions for the faculty member.

The card is not to be used for the research assistant’s personal research. Eligible faculty members are limited to one designated proxy borrower at a time.

The proxy borrowing card is non-transferable and gives the bearer full faculty borrowing privileges. Faculty members are responsible for all library materials borrowed on the proxy borrowing card. Proxy borrowing cards will be given unique patron numbers that are different from the borrowing numbers of the faculty member or research assistant. All recall and overdue notices and lost book charges will be sent to the faculty member for resolution.

Applications for the proxy borrowing card are available online or from the Circulation Unit of Olin Library or distributed libraries. The proxy borrowing card will be issued after the application form has been completed and delivered to Olin or a distributed library. The faculty member may designate the time period for which the proxy borrowing card will be valid. However, the validation period will not be extended beyond August 31st of any given year.

If a proxy borrowing card is lost, the faculty member is responsible for all library materials borrowed on the card until the loss is reported to the Circulation Unit. The borrower member of the lost card will then be blocked to prevent fraudulent use.

For further information regarding the proxy borrowing policy, contact the Circulation Librarian at (314) 935-5806; email