New Acquisitions

The new books feed features new acquisitions to the University Libraries during the past 7 days. For all materials held by the University Libraries, please search the Classic Catalog. This new book feed does not include new acquisitions from the University Libraries’ Julian Edison Department of Special Collections. 

Users can filter new acquisitions through the drop-down subject search menu or by typing in the search bar to the right. Users can further refine their results by typing search terms in the Date Received, Title, Author, Call Number, Library, or Subjects fields on the table. 

The “Copy Current Page” button allows users to save new acquisitions and search results. The “Save Page” buttons allow users to export new acquisitions and search results as Excel or PDF files. Users can expand the number of shown entries on a page by using the “Show” dropdown. Only new acquisition entries displayed on the page will be copied or saved.

Subject Librarians are available to provide expert assistance with research or other resource needs. We encourage you to reach out to the Subject Librarian dedicated to your discipline for questions about new items.