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Tools used within the Preservation Lab. There is book tape, a metal ruler, pliers, paint brushes, gloves, spatulas, an exacto knife, chalk, and more.

The purpose of library preservation is to ensure the present and future use of information in whatever form it has been recorded.

The Preservation unit’s program provides a range of services to care for collections. This is accomplished through a variety of collection- and item-level approaches and strategies including emergency preparedness, environmental monitoring, user education, book repair/conservation, and shelf-preparation. Actions are taken to prevent or slow down the deterioration of library materials, improve their condition, and provide access.

Care & Handling

Cultivating staff and patron awareness of the need to treat library materials with careful handling is an important task faced by library preservation personnel. Most damage is simply the result of using materials without proper care.

Emergency Planning

Emergency preparedness is a component of the preservation program. Sound emergency planning can prevent true disaster or ensure a cost-effective and timely recovery if collections are affected. It can deal with a whole range of events, from routine leaks to large-scale natural disasters.

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Gifts to the University Libraries Preservation Unit provide our team with the resources to keep our collections in peak condition. If you wish to support a specific preservation project, the Legacy of Books Wishlist features the University Libraries’ greatest needs.  
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