Subject Librarians, by Subject

For subjects and subject librarians not listed here, contact Christie Peters, Head of Research and Liaison Services, via email ( or by phone at (314) 935-2756.

Subject/Link to Research GuideNamePhoneEmail
African and African-American StudiesRudolph Clay(314)
American Culture StudiesMichael Schaefer(314)
American HistoryMichael Schaefer(314)
American LiteratureKris Helbling(314)
AnthropologyTed Chaffin(314)
ArchitectureJennifer Akins(314)
Art HistoryRina Vecchiola(314)
Art (Studio Arts)Jenny Akins(314)
BiologySam Lindgren (314)
BusinessFelicia Fulks(314)
ChemistryRhiannon Iha(314)
Chinese StudiesJoan Wang(314)
ClassicsChristie Peters(314)
Comparative LiteratureWalter Schlect(314)
Earth & Planetary SciencesClara McLeod(314)
East Asian StudiesJoan Wang(314)
EconomicsFelicia Fulks(314)
EducationCheryl Holland(314)
EngineeringLauren Todd(314)
English LiteratureKris Helbling(314)
Environmental StudiesClara McLeod(314)
Film and Media StudiesBrad Short(314)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Dorris Scott(314)
Germanic Languages and LiteraturesWalter Schlect(314)
Government DocumentsTove Klovning(314)
History of Science, Medicine, and TechnologyMichael Schaefer(314)
Interdisciplinary Project In The HumanitiesKris Helbling(314)
Islamic & Near Eastern StudiesAJ Robinson(314)
Japanese StudiesMitsutaka Nakamura(314)
Jewish & Near Eastern StudiesAJ Robinson (Interim)(314)
Korean StudiesMitsutaka Nakamura(314)
Latin American StudiesMichael Schaefer (Interim)(314)
LawDorie Bertram(314)
Law (US & Foreign, Comparative, & International)Tove Klovning(314)
LinguisticsWalter Schlect (Interim)(314)
MathematicsAlison Verbeck(314)
MedicinePlease contact Becker Medical Library for assistance.
MusicBrad Short(314)
Performing ArtsBrad Short(314)
PhilosophyMichael Schaefer(314)
Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP)Ted Chaffin (Interim)(314)
Physics & AstronomyAlison Verbeck(314)
Political ScienceCheryl Holland(314)
Psychological and Brain SciencesTed Chaffin (Interim)(314)
Public Health (Brown School)Melissa Vetter(314)
Religious StudiesMichael Schaefer(314)
Romance Languages & LiteraturesWalter Schlect (Interim)(314)
Russian StudiesMasha Sapp(314)
Social Policy (Brown School)Lori Siegel(314)
Social Work (Brown School)Lori Siegel(314)
Social Work (Brown School)Melissa Vetter(314)
SociologyCheryl Holland(314)
South Asian StudiesAJ Robinson(314)
Urban StudiesRudolph Clay(314)
Women, Gender & Sexuality StudiesAJ Robinson(314)
World HistoryMichael Schaefer(314)