What is Primo?

Primo is the Washington University Libraries’ discovery layer search tool, meaning it searches across hundreds of catalogs, indexes, and databases.

Primo searches Washington University Libraries’ Classic Catalog; articles, journals, and theses; Research Guides; and Open Scholarship as well as articles, reference materials, and e-books from various publishers and aggregators.

When Should I Use Primo?

Because it searches multiple library resources through one interface, Primo is a great place to begin your research. Encompassing a rich variety of collections, Primo could lead you to resources you might have otherwise overlooked. Try searching in Primo when you might otherwise try separate searches in Google Scholar, the Libraries’ Catalog, or a research database like JSTOR.

Primo Search Tips:

  • Sign in with your WUSTL Key to set your own viewing preferences, save and organize results on your e-shelf, create custom database search sets, and more.
  • Try the Advanced Search screen to enter a more sophisticated search.
  • Even though Primo results include many types of material, it is possible to filter and limit your results to a particular resource type.

Need Help?

Consult the Primo FAQs or try the Ask Us! 24/7 chat service.