Find Chargers, MacBooks, DVDs, and More

Technology items available for check out at the Olin Library Help Desk

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Thousands of DVDs are available at Olin Library. Most of the collection is shelved on Level B, with a few behind the Checkout Desk on Level 1. Level B DVDs are fully browsable. Level 1 DVDs may be requested at the Help Desk by providing the title or call number to a staff member at the desk. The link below will take you to a page of DVDs by subject or language. These categories are not comprehensive, so if you are looking for a particular title and you don’t find it, search for that title in the Classic Catalog. There are also some DVDs in the Music and Art & Architecture Libraries.

Olin Library DVDs

Graduate Lockers:

Graduate Lockers may be checked out for 1 year. Keys are obtained from the Check-out Desk, Olin Library Level 1. You may search the library catalog to see if any are currently available.


There are a few reference-type CD-ROMs; they are located at the West Campus Library. Please ask at the Help Desk on Olin Level 1 for assistance in obtaining these resources. Audiobooks and some sound recordings are located on Level B in Olin Library. Most audio CDs and other sound recordings are located in the Music Library.


VHS videos are arranged as a browsing collection in Olin on Level B. Departmental libraries may also have small video collections related to their subject areas.

Olin Library Videos (Warning! There are over 5,000 of them, so this takes a while to load.)

Finding videos: WU Libraries Film Collection


Audiobooks are shelved on Olin Library Level B. You can search for them in the Classic Catalog by author or title, and limit your search to spoken recording as the material type. But if you just want to browse what we have, try these links:

Audiobooks on audiocassettes
Audiobooks on CD-ROM

Microfilm & Microfiche:

Olin Library Level B houses library microform resources and the equipment required to view and digitize them. In addition to printing capabilities, various digital storage and transfer options are supported. Ask at the Interlibrary Loan(ILL) office on Olin Level B or the Help Desk on Olin Level 1 for assistance.