Instruction Rooms in Olin Library

Library Instruction Rooms will not be available for in person, face-to-face classes fall 2020. We will update you when these rooms become available for use again. 

Usage Policies for Olin Library Instruction Rooms 1, 2, and 3

  • Instruction Rooms are reservable only by library staff for library programmatic and sponsored activities.
  • Reservable hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 7:00 pm. Tech support and laptops are not available before 8:30 or after 5.
  • Instruction rooms are not intended to accommodate university faculty, staff, and student uses that have no course-related or programmatic involvement of librarians or library staff.
  • All rooms will be kept locked at all times. Instruction Rooms 1 and 2 are accessible to Libraries staff only, via WU ID card swipe. Instruction Room 3 is accessible to anyone with a valid WU ID and is available for drop-in use and studying when not reserved. The Libraries reserve the right to ask anyone using the room to leave when the room is scheduled for a program.

Instruction Room Support

Questions about Olin Library Instruction Rooms?

For information on room policies and reservations: Contact Sarah Laaker, Head of Library Space and Building Operations Management, at

For tech support: E-mail

Room Features and Layout

  • Furniture/capacity: 16 tables and chairs, reconfigurable by user. User/requester is responsible for setting up and re-setting furniture.
  • A/V: Podium with PC, 2 wall-mounted screens for projection, sound system, laptops stored in secure cart that can be used as needed, multi-region/region-free Blu-Ray player
  • Divisible into 2 classrooms - Side 2a (south) and Side 2b (north)
  •  Furniture/capacity:
      • When not divided, 26 seats (fixed tables, mobile chairs)
      • 2a: 14 seats
      • 2b: 12 seats
  • A/V (per side): Podium with PC, projector and roll-down screen, sound system, fixed computers on tables, multi-region/region-free Blu-Ray player
  • Furniture/capacity: 38 seats, all mobile, including 8 tables and two styles of chair, reconfigurable by user. User/requester is responsible for setting up and re-setting furniture.
  • A/V: Podium with PC, wall-mounted screen for projection, sound system, multi-region/region-free Blu-Ray player