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New Electronic Resources for Students and Scholars

University Libraries recently added a number of new electronic resources for our users across the Danforth campus. Here are some details about the newly acquired databases:

  • Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (Artists of the World Online)—contains authoritative, up-to-date biographical information on more than 1.2 million artists.
  • China, America and the Pacific—explore the cultural and trading relationships that emerged between America, China and the Pacific region between the early 18th and 20th centuries. Manuscript sources, rare printed texts, visual images, objects and maps document this fascinating history.
  •  Declassified Documents: Twentieth Century British Intelligence– includes Part 1 (An Intelligence Empire) and Part 2 (Monitoring the World).  Explore the role of signals intelligence, human agents, diplomats, politicians and the armed forces in the gathering of intelligence from across this empire and beyond, and the impact this had on crucial events and decisions throughout a turbulent century. 
  • Latin American Anarchist and Labour Periodicals—an archive that provides a richness of documentation pertaining explicitly to the formative anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist episode (1890-1920) in the history of Latin American labor movements.
  •  Le Monde (1944 – 2000)—a French-language newspaper archive providing coverage of leading issues and events such as World War II and the Fifth Republic as well as French, European and international politics, society and business.
  • Oxford Scholarly Editions Online: Aristotle—an interlinked collection of authoritative editions of Greek philosophical writings by Aristotle. Includes volumes from the Oxford Classical Texts series and translations of most of the important works, including Nicomachean Ethics, Politics, Poetics, and Metaphysics.
  •  Rolling Stone Archive (1967–present)—One of the most influential consumer magazines of the 20th-21st centuries and a leading vehicle for rock and popular music journalism, as well as film, popular culture, politics, and society.

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