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Celebrate National News Literacy Week

Facts matter: Celebrate National News Literacy Week (January 27-31). Sponsored by the News Literacy Project, a nonpartisan media literacy educational nonprofit, and the E.W. Scripps Company, the nation’s fourth-largest local TV broadcaster, National News Literacy Week spotlights a life skill vital for meaningful civic engagement and a healthy democracy.

Begin celebrating by testing your news literacy fitness with the Should You Share It? quiz. Then assess your information evaluation skills with the Easiest Quiz of All Time, a fun and quick activity emphasizing the importance of double-checking facts. Share these resources and more with colleagues, students, family, and friends and engage on social media (#NewsLiteracyWeek).

Visit the News Literacy Project for additional information, tips and infographics; challenge yourself to become more news-literate with additional quizzes and other interactive content. The News Literacy Project offers a variety of tools for students and educators that are appropriate for a variety of grade levels, including higher education. All ages will enjoy enhancing their news literacy through the games on Informable, The News Literacy Project’s free mobile app.