Eyes on the Prize Receives the 2019 Cinema Eye Legacy Award

Eyes on the Prize receives the 2019 Cinema Eye Legacy Award

Filmmaker, Henry Hampton and Marian Wright Edelman during the production of “Eyes on the Prize II”

We are excited to announce that Eyes on the Prize is the recipient of the 2019 Cinema Eye Legacy Award. This award is given in recognition of a influential work of nonfiction film that continues to inspire new generations of filmmakers. Eyes on the Prize is the first series to receive the Legacy Award.

In granting the award Cinema Eye Board Co-Chair Dawn Porter said,

“For me and so many others, Eyes on the Prize was a transformational cinematic experience, artfully crafting the history of a nation into an unforgettable story. Countless filmmakers have been inspired by this elegant body of work.”

Created and produced by Henry Hampton, this 14-part series is the defining documentary on the civil rights movement, and Washington University Libraries has preserved and made available 127 of the original interviews that are part of the Henry Hampton Collection.

Coretta Scott King in “Eyes on the Prize”

Rep. John Lewis in “Eyes on the Prize”

Rosa Parks in “Eyes on the Prize”

Researchers and viewers can access these original interviews from Eyes on the Prize  via our Digital Gateway.





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