Close up of a St. Louis Browns program.
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John M. Olin Library, Level 1, Newman Tower of Collections and Exploration

The St. Louis Browns

Olin Library’s Newman Tower of Collections and Exploration spotlights objects from the Washington University Libraries’ Julian Edison Department of Special Collections as well as loaned artifacts and exhibits curated by students and faculty.

To showcase some of our city’s history, Washington University Libraries dedicated one of these display cases to a temporary exhibition on the St. Louis Browns. This exhibition was made up of baseball memorabilia loaned to Washington University in St. Louis by Lewis A. Levey, Ed Wheatley, and the St. Louis Browns Historical Society.

Who Were the St. Louis Browns?

If you have lived in St. Louis for a long time, you might remember that before the 1950s, the city used to have two baseball teams: the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Browns. The Browns were a Major League Baseball team that competed in the American League. Originally the Milwaukee Brewers, this team took the name the Browns, the former name of the St. Louis Cardinals, when it moved to St. Louis in 1902.

If you are interested in learning more about baseball history in the United States and the St. Louis region, please check out this research guide compiled by the Washington University Local History Archives, which details items in our collections related to St. Louis baseball history and provides links to books and resources on the subject.