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Eileen Chang has short, cropped hair and is wearing oversized earrings with a high neck, three-quarter length sleeved silk top.
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Love and Desires

Love and Desires: Female Characters Depicted by Eileen Chang

This exhibition is dedicated to the 100th birthday of Eileen Chang 張愛玲 (Zhang Ailing, 1920–1995), one of the most influential female Chinese writers of the 20th century.

The digital exhibition focuses mostly on female characters depicted by Eileen Chang. In particular, the female characters are middle-class women in the two modern Chinese cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong; their choices of love and desires for money and power in a male-dominated society; and during turbulent wartime in the 1940s and 1950s.

The exhibition begins with a short biography of Eileen Chang and lists her major literary works of fiction and essays in four significant periods of her life. The selected works highlight female characters depicted by Eileen Chang through narrative background and stories. Well-known adapted films and TV series are also correspondingly connected.