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Open Education Week Faculty Panel Discussion

Open Education Week attempts to raise awareness about free and accessible educational materials for users worldwide. Join Washington University faculty from anthropology, education, and physics as they share their ideas and experiences in the creation and selection of course materials based on student access and affordability.

Free and open to all, pre-registration required.

This event has passed.


  • Manel Errando is an assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis, working in the Department of Physics. His research includes the study of the origin, growth, and evolution of supermassive black holes that are located at the center of every galaxy, including the Milky Way. His team uses x-ray and gamma-ray emission from cosmic sources to understand the most powerful particle accelerators in the universe. Additionally, they are developing new x-ray optics and gamma-ray detectors for the next generation of observatories. At Washington University, he has taught introductory-level physics and astronomy courses and an advanced physics and chemistry lab. 
  • Lisa Gilbert is a lecturer in the Department of Education at Washington University in St. Louis. A specialist in social studies curriculum and instruction, her work concentrates on helping students think critically about the past, its connections to their identities, and relevance for today—a focus which stems from her multifaceted professional background as a teacher educator, history teacher, and museum educator in both the United States and Canada. Her research has been published in multiple journals, including Theory & Research in Social EducationTeaching & Teacher EducationSocial Studies Research & Practice, Curator: The Museum Journal, and The History Teacher.  
  • Jake Funkhouser (he/him/his) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology. In his research, Jake studies the evolution of social complexity and social roles in chimpanzees and other primates. In his teaching, Jake endeavors to create opportunities for historically excluded identities to engage in research across animal behavior, anthropology, and science overall.

Open Education Week Exhibit: March 1-17, 2022 | John M. Olin Library, Lobby

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