Data Services (DS) staff provide administrative support, guidance, mentorship, and participation for various analysis-focused groups within the University community and beyond. Participation in these organizations not only provides professional development and marketing opportunities for DS staff, but also fosters important relationships between the University and the surrounding community. Through these relationships, DS staff are able to connect students and researchers with data resources and professional opportunities such as project collaborations and internships.

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University GIS Users Group

GIS Users come together from various academic backgrounds and skill levels to learn, share and network around topics in GIS. The group meets monthly during the school year and is involved in the planning of our annual of GIS Day.
DS Staff Contributors: Jennifer MooreMollie Webb, Bill Winston

Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation

An international community of 3D data and data curation experts working to ensure digital 3D data is preservable, sharable, findable, and usable for the long term. DS staff are co-leading this effort.
DS Staff Contributor: Jennifer Moore

Missouri Geographic Systems Advisory Council (MGISAC)

MGISAC is a statewide committee formed under Missouri’s Chief Information Officer with the goal of fostering cooperation between state agencies in the field of geospatial technologies. The group holds monthly meetings and occasional conferences and trainings with the purpose of setting standards for the production and use of spatial data in the state as well as advising on the direction of the Missouri Spatial Data Information Service (MSDIS). MSDIS is an important spatial data resource for a large number of University students and researchers.
DS Staff Contributors: Jennifer Moore, Mollie Webb, Bill Winston

St. Louis GIS User Group (SLUG)

SLUG is a group of GIS professionals across all disciplines in the St. Louis area that meets quarterly to discuss applications of spatial technology and solutions. DS staff attend these meetings and other related events to interact with GIS counterparts and receive training. This organization also serves as a link between DS staff and organizations from which University users frequently request spatial data.
DS Staff Contributors: Jennifer Moore, Mollie Webb, Bill Winston

St. Louis R User Group – Meetup

This interdisciplinary group of R users from across the St. Louis region meets monthly to discuss applications of the language R to different data science tasks. By presenting and actively participating in these meetings, DS staff connect with potential collaborators in industry and academia, as well as with University students, faculty, and staff who attend.

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