Temporary Space Closure

Olin Library Level 2 is temporarily closed from May 24 until mid-August. Please request needed materials through Interlibrary Loan during this time. See the Carpet Replacement in Level 2 of Olin Library article for more information.

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Electronic Reserves Data Deletion

On May 31, historical data from Ares, Washington University Libraries’ electronic reserves system, will be deleted in order to enhance system performance and safeguard patron privacy. Courses and enrollment data older than five years will be deleted as well as PDFs of book chapters and journal articles if they have not been used in five or more years. We will maintain a rolling five-year history from that point forward.

If you need to consult this historical data at a later date, please copy and store it elsewhere before May 31.

Please contact Amanda Rudd (rudd@wustl.edu, 314 935-8235), interlibrary loan/reserves librarian, with questions.