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Visualizing the Washington University Libraries’ Strategic Planning Progress


The Washington University Libraries’ strategic plan effort is a five-year process, which includes six strategic directions, 18 goals, and 32 objectives. Data Services worked in collaboration with the strategic planning team to conceptualize requirements, build a workflow, and produce a visualization.


Reports by objective groups with various start dates, measures and tasks, and multiple reporting events over a long period of time. 


Once the problem was conceptualized, our first step was to develop a form with the end visualization in mind, using solid naming conventions, quantitative and qualitative fields. We built the form in Qualtrics and set it up so that the team lead could come back to their previous response and update it with new developments. While we were able to control some aspects of the data structure in building the form, some data scrubbing was still necessary in order to make it ready for visualization in Tableau. For this we wrote a script in R (which can be reused) to eliminate errors and discrepancies within the responses and reformat the output data. The clean data could be brought into Tableau, where we determined which attributes we wanted to visualize at a given point in time. Using Tableau we were able to elegantly demonstrate levels of completion for both the objectives and associated tasks, and what is still ahead.

 Tools Used

If you’d like to know more about this project or any of these tools, feel free to contact Data Services