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Gaylord Music Library

Musicians Necrology

Nathan Eakin first began the Gaylord Music Library Necrology file as a card file in the mid-1980s. (Inquiries concerning this information are welcome.) In 1991, the project moved to a word processing file and in 1995, became available as a web page. The column published in the Music Library Association's journal, Notes, called the Necrology Index, is extracted from this Necrology file.

The goal is to report what appears in the current music media as it arrives in Gaylord Music Library. We attempt to maintain this file daily. (The "Last update:" date below refers to updates to this page only.)

Since death notices often contain conflicting dates, ages, and name forms, all are reported. Alternate name spellings are listed in square brackets. Citations follow the data they have provided.

In Memory of our Friend and Colleague

Nathan Eakin, 1932-2000

Alphabetical files (updated daily)

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Annual cumulations (extracted at the end of the following year)

The following lists extract from the entire Necrology those people who died in a specific year. No other editing has been done on them. (Caution: these files are fairly large.)

Those who died in 2012
Those who died in 2011
Those who died in 2010
Those who died in 2009
Those who died in 2008
Those who died in 2007
Those who died in 2006
Those who died in 2005
Those who died in 2004
Those who died in 2003
Those who died in 2002
Those who died in 2001
Those who died in 2000
Those who died in 1999
Those who died in 1998
(More to come)
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