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Digital Publishing Tools

Consultation Services

Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing Services (ScholPub) can talk with interested parties about their project even if a library platform is not being used. Initial support (overview but not training) may be available. Possible platforms include: Omeka, PressBooks, PubPub, Scalar, and WordPress using an individual account.

Digital Publishing Options

There are three options for Digital Publishing Tools: Open Books, Open Journals, and Web Publishing. Contact to learn more.

Open Books

Pressbooks, an easy-to-use authoring tool for creating an open textbook or other open online publication, is available to WashU faculty to write and publish openly licensed books on a professional self-publishing platform.

To publish through the University Libraries, interested parties must first determine if their project meets all the eligibility criteria:

  1. The creator has WashU faculty, staff, or researcher affiliation. This may include a WashU affiliate serving as an editor of a collection of chapters or essays written by people not affiliated with the university;
  2. The creator or someone designated by the creator can create and complete the work in the Pressbooks platform upon being trained by library staff;
  3. The work will be freely and openly available online;
  4. The work will have a Creative Commons (CC) license, and
  5. The work is a long-form publication suitable for the Pressbooks platform.

University affiliates who meet the eligibility criteria should submit a Book Proposal Form. Those interested may preview the proposal questions with the Open Books Proposal Questions (PDF).

View our template Agreement for Monograph Hosting and Publishing Services. Before submitting the form, you may also email to schedule a consultation.

Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis within the University Libraries by the Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing Services staff, relevant subject liaison librarian(s), the Associate University Librarian for Collections, Access, and Scholarly Communications, and by selected members of the Digital Library Governance Committee based on availability and expertise.

Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing Services invites proposals to publish through its service, Open Books. Working with authors or editors, the University Libraries provide the technical infrastructure, planning support, and access to training.

View our template Agreement for Monograph Hosting and Publishing Services, and contact to schedule a consultation.

Washington University Libraries provide publishing support for open-access books and long-form projects through Pressbooks, a publishing platform that supports open, accessible, interactive, and customizable content.

Refer to the Using Pressbooks for Digital Publishing LibGuide for more information on the platform.

Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing Services will work with creators during the onboarding process, including additional training in the Pressbooks platform.

Open Journals

The University Libraries offer access to Janeway, an open academic online journal publishing platform with support from submission to publication. Any member of the WashU community, including students, is eligible.

  1. Work that is scholarly, educational, or related to the University’s mission
  2. Work does not specifically have to be peer-reviewed but should have a clear process for selecting work
  3. The editor-in-chief or editor is affiliated with WashU; WashU affiliation refers to Washington University faculty, researcher, staff member, or student
  4. Student journals: The journal is actively supported by WashU faculty or staff advisor
  5. Open-access model: journals must be fully open-access and electronic with no fees or subscription costs

If the submission is a student journal and published through WashU, the journal should be actively supported by a WashU faculty or staff advisor. Even if it is published elsewhere, authors may want to consider having faculty or departmental support for the publication.

What Does Active Support Mean?

  • The advisor would serve as a point of contact beyond the student editors, who would turn over every few years.
  • The advisor would also provide domain expertise regarding best practices in the field. This may also include other universities or areas to target when requesting journal submissions.
  • The advisor would be able to advise student editors on the content of the journal and would possibly have editorial experience they could share with students.
  • The advisor would be familiar with the Libraries’ publishing services and relevant contacts for new students

Please see the Campus Life Finding a Student Group Advisor page for information on finding a student group advisor, including the Advisor Role Checklist (PDF), which helps students imagine the role an advisor would have. This is provided as an additional resource; the University Libraries are not affiliated with Campus Life.

Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing Services invites proposals to publish open-access journals through its service Open Journals. Working with editors, the University Libraries provide the technical infrastructure, planning support, and access to training.

Those affiliated with the University and interested in starting a new journal or transferring a journal to our platform are encouraged to submit a Journal Proposal Form. This form will allow interested parties to think through the elements required for a journal and will assist us with resource planning.

Please consult the Journal Proposal Questions (PDF) and view our template Agreement for Journal Hosting and Publishing Services before submitting the form through Qualtrics.

Please do not hesitate to contact Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing Services by email at to schedule a consultation if there are any questions.

The University Libraries provide open journal hosting services to the Washington University community. Journals are published using Janeway, an open-source scholarly publishing platform. Janeway’s digital platform offers workflows for submission, review, editing, and publication.

  • Open Journals | The Washington University journal platform
  • Janeway Documentation | A technical guide from the Janeway group on configuring journals and using different workflows
  • Janeway Training Videos | Recorded training videos from Janeway on configuration and workflow
  • Janeway Training for Editors | A Box folder with information on using Janeway, including design options, the manager dashboard, and instructions on specific workflows

Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing Services will work with editors during the onboarding process, including additional training in the Janeway platform. Please see the following links for information on the onboarding process:

  • Onboarding checklist (PDF) | Steps for onboarding. Journals can receive a custom checklist depending on their requirements.
  • Editor Workflow | Steps for editors using Janeway to manage journal submissions
  • Peer Review | Process for sending articles out for peer review within Janeway
  • Importing Back Content | This section covers how to add completed articles or issues without going through the submission process. This includes archival content.
  • Get URLs for Batch Upload | How to set up a Google Drive folder to import content into Janeway.

Web Publishing

The University Libraries provide the WashU community with free web space to develop and host their own digital publishing projects through reclaim hosting. Training is available for setting up a website and building an Omeka digital exhibition.