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A Reading List on Israel/Palestine

Much has been written, debated, and published on questions surrounding Israel and Palestine. The following list contains non-fiction titles speaking to the current moment and discussions on the nature of Israel/Palestine, the conditions enabling Hamas rule over Gaza, and the role of the International community. Please find these titles and more in the Washington University Libraries collections.

Understanding Israel and Palestine

The One State Reality: What Is Israel/Palestine? edited by Michael N. Barnett, Nathan J. Brown, Marc Lynch, and Shibley Telhami

The One State Reality

Social Justice and Israel/Palestine: Foundational and Contemporary Debates edited by Aaron J. Hahn Tapper and Mira Sucharov

Social Justice and Israel/Palestine

Histories Behind Hamas

Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom by Norman G. Finkelstein

Gaza: An Inquest Into Its Martyrdom

Hamas: A Beginner’s Guide by Khaled Hroub

Hamas: A Beginner's Guide

Light in Gaza: Writings Born of Fire edited by Jehad Abusalim, Jennifer Bing, Michael Lotz, and American Friends Service Committee

Light in Gaza


Except for Palestine: The Limits of Progressive Politics by Marc Lamont Hill and Mitchell Plitnick

Except for Palestine

For questions about the listed books or other reading recommendations, please contact  AJ Robinson, subject librarian at Washington University Libraries.

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