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The Rogers Broadside on display in the Declaration of Independence Chamber of Olin Library.
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John M. Olin Library, Level 1, Declaration of Independence Chamber

Rogers Broadside

Known as the Rogers Broadside, this original Declaration of Independence was printed by John Rogers in the shop of Ezekiel Russell in Salem, Massachusetts, between July 14-16, 1776.

The framed Rogers Broadside traveling through Special Collections to be on display within the Declaration of Independence Case in Olin Library.

While most broadside editions, including the Southwick Broadside, were printed by government decree, the Rogers Broadside was printed without government involvement and was meant to meet the public demand for information. It was the first broadside printed in Massachusetts, with the official Massachusetts broadside printed by the same print shop shortly after.

Please see the Olin Library Hours page for the Declaration of Independence Case hours.

The Rogers Broadside is on loan to the University Libraries from an anonymous donor, who wishes to be known as a grateful American

A well packaged archival crate holding the Rogers Broadside donated for a time to the Washington University Libraries Julian Edison Department of Special Collections.
A framed Rogers Broadside just removed from its travel crate on a table within Special Collections.