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A two-page art piece done in a book. The splay is a closeup on a monochromatic painting of an eye with the text "I was alone" painted over it.
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John M. Olin Library, Ginkgo Reading Room

The Monster Challenge

The Monster Challenge was a contest sponsored by the Frankenstein Bicentennial. The challenge encapsulated Washington University’s ongoing celebration of Mary Shelley’s novel and its enduring legacy.

Students created sculptures, paintings, books, musical compositions, and works of fiction that reimagined Frankenstein’s monster for the 21st century. Their work was displayed in an exhibition in Olin Library’s Gingko Room.

The grand prize was a musical composition by Ethan Evans entitled "Dialogue."
Grand Prize – Visual, “Dialogue” by Ethan Evans.
The second place winner was Sarah Adcock, who presented "Vacuus," a visual piece showcasing a white wedding dress alongside a thick chainlink.
Second place – Visual. “Vacuus” by Sarah Adcock.

Sponsored by the Center for the Humanities, the Monster Challenge contest judges were Patricia Olynyk, director of the Graduate School of Art; Buzz Spector, professor of art, Jan Tumlir, lecturer, both at the Sam Fox School; and David Schuman, director of Creative Writing in the English Department. 

A movie-poster art piece drawn for the challenge. The poster reads "Mary Shelly in 'The Author of Frankenstein.' Warning: The reanimated author demands justice!"
Work on display in the exhibition: “The Author of Frankenstein” by Will Jamison Eucker.
Two books in the "Frankenstein Experimental Book Design" submission by Gillian Fink. One book is open and displays artwork done on a green page; the other book is closed with the front cover displaying "FRANKENSTEIN" written repeatedly with a backdrop of a woods.
Artist books in the exhibition. “‘Frankenstein’ Experimental Book Design” by Gillian Fink (left), Third Place – Visual, “‘Frankenstein,’ Chapter12” by Jack Frischer (right).
A two-page art piece done in a book. The splay is a closeup on a monochromatic painting of an eye with the text "I was alone" painted over it.
Artist book in the exhibition. “Visual Excerpt of ‘Frankenstein’ Chapter 15” by Kevin He.
A two-page art piece with prose on the left page. The art shows a lone figure standing with the letter "I" painted around both pages.
Artist book in the exhibition. “‘Frankenstein’ Book,” by Gabi Restrepo.
Three 3D printed works on display. One is a human figure printed in patch-work colors to represent Frankenstein's monster; another is a cartoonish depiction of a small, green version of Frankenstein's monster; and the last is the bust of Frankenstein's monster's head, depicted with sharp angles and harsh lines.
3D printed works from the Student Technology Services (STS) team.