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A book is open to display two pages - one is near illegible due to light damage while the other, protected from the light, is perfectly crisp and readable.
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John M. Olin Library, Level 1, Kagan Grand Stair

Inherent Vice: Preserving Vulnerable Collections

A University Libraries Preservation staff member is wearing nitrile gloves and using a specialized tool to remove mold from one of the items within the University Libraries' Collections.
Mold remediation tools in use within the University Libraries Preservation Department.

Libraries and archives are stewards to immense collections threatened by building leaks, pest infestations, and their own inherent vices.

The Inherent Vice exhibition showcases damaged items from Washington University Libraries’ collections to explain the science behind their disrepair and what conservation efforts can be undertaken to restore them to usability.

This exhibition was organized by Danielle Creech, Head of Preservation, Digitization & Exhibitions.