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Image displays the yellowing title page of Pindar (1599). Text is written in Greek with an image of Pindar (Pindar was from Thebes and was one of the nine canonical lyric poets of ancient Greece) beneath an olive tree.
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Classic Elements: Ancient Greece & Rome in Washington University’s Special Collections

The page text is written in Latin and is surrounded in detailed drawings, the largest of which depicts what looks like a crowning ceremony.
Herodotus’ “Histories” (1494).

This exhibition includes a sampling of the numerous works in Washington University’s Julian Edison Department of Special Collections that are of interest to those studying Ancient Greece and Rome.

The University owns a collection of over 400 papyri from Greco-Roman Egypt, including both literary and documentary texts; early editions, including incunabula, of several ancient authors; important works by early Humanists; illustrated editions of mathematical and architectural works; editions of ancient authors from the library of Thomas Jefferson; and unusual responses to Greek and Roman literature by modern poets.