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The 2023 Open Education Week global event banner. Open Education is abbreviated to OE and the banner reads "OE Week March 6-10, 2023" with the hashtag OEWeek (#oeweek).
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John M. Olin Library, Lobby

2023 Open Education Week: An Exhibition on WashU Student Advocacy for Access to Affordable Textbooks

The 2023 Open Education Week exhibition includes an interactive board that invites undergraduates to show how much they paid for their textbooks this semester by subject area. It also traces the history of student concerns and advocacy about the high cost of textbooks over the past two decades, which includes the emergence of the student group Washington University for Undergraduate Socio-Economic Diversity (WU/FUSED). WU/FUSED advocates for socio-economic diversity and affordability issues.

Open Education Week allows practitioners, educators, and students to build a greater understanding of open educational practices and be inspired by the wonderful work being developed by the community around the world.