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Qualitative Data Sharing

Data sharing provides many benefits to science, researchers, and trainees. However, qualitative data sharing (QDS) is uncommon, and the often-sensitive nature of qualitative data poses significant ethical and practical challenges that must be overcome prior to sharing qualitative data.

During this presentation on Qualitative Data Sharing: Roadmap and Resources to Facilitate Responsible and Ethical Data Sharing, we discuss the outcomes of a 5-year, National Institute of Health-funded project aimed at identifying barriers and facilitating QDS. These include: a toolkit with guidelines to help research teams incorporate QDS, a web-based de-identification support tool called the QuaDS Software, and guidance from data repositories to help researchers share qualitative data in a responsible, ethical manner.

About Love Data Week

During Love Data Week we celebrate all things data, sharing resources and making connections to help ensure that all students and scholars at WashU are able to access, analyze, and utilize data.