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Introduction to Photogrammetry

This session will cover the process for creating 3D models from photography. We will discuss initial photography, structure from motion (SfM) processing using Metashape, and then the presentation of results via SketchFab, an online platform. Attendees will learn best practices for image capture, how the SfM process works, tips for efficient processing using Metashape, and options in SketchFab for display and model annotation.

Free and open to all, pre-registration required.

This event has passed.


  • Bill Winston is a GIS and Data Visualization Analyst with the Data Services department. Bill has been working with GIS for more than 12 years providing consultation, support, and analysis for the WashU community. Data Visualization is also part of his duties and a current project involves using photogrammetry to create 3D models of set design “maquettes” from the John Ezell Collection in our holdings. The content of this session is based on workflows developed for capturing and presenting digital models of the Ezell materials.
  • Ian Lanius is the Exhibitions Preparator in the Julian Edison Department of Special Collections. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in photography from Illinois State University, where he focused on architectural photography and video art. He is a process-oriented artist with interest in focus stacking and other digital compositing. Lanius has experience in close-range photogrammetry and enjoys working with drone photography.