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3D Drone Imaging

This session will focus on the planning and execution of aerial field studies using drone-based imagery, multispectral, and LiDAR sensors. The presentation will introduce sensor types, outline best practices for data and ground control point collection, and discuss post processing workflows to create 3D models and other products. Examples from several local projects will be presented, including a geomorphology study in Johnson Shut-ins State Park and bush honeysuckle mapping at the Shaw Nature Reserve.

Free and open to all, pre-registration required.


Alex Bradley studies the coevolution of life and the Earth. He is interested in using techniques from both geochemistry and biology to better understand the history of life and how biogeochemical cycles have changed through Earth history. Recent work includes using drones and remote sensing for investigation of ecosystems. Interested in applying machine learning to spatial dataset analysis. Application of 3D modelling, GNSS and GIS for teaching field science.