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Michael Schaefer

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Michael Schaefer
Job Title
American Culture Studies; History; Religion; History of Science, Technology & Medicine; and Philosophy Subject Librarian
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(314) 935-7365
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American Culture Studies, History, Religious Studies, Medical Humanities, and Philosophy


Michael holds bachelor’s degrees in history and philosophy and a master’s degree in history from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. He earned a master’s degree in library and information science at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He started his career as an adjunct professor of history at a number of community colleges in the St. Louis metropolitan area and went on to serve as an adult services provider for 15 years at St. Louis Public Library. In 2015, he joined the staff of the Washington University Libraries as an electronic documents delivery assistant. He has been a subject librarian since 2018.

Selected projects, activities, and accomplishments

  • Humanities Digital Workshop participant since 2017.
  • Published “Interned for the Duration of the War,” an article about censorship at St. Louis Public Library during the First World War in Libraries: Culture, History, and Society in 2019.
  • Information Literacy Learning Community at Washington University (2020–2021).
  • With other staff members from Washington University Libraries, taught additional workshop “Libraries off Danforth Campus: Public Libraries, Archives, and MOBIUS Loans.”