WU Libraries to Host “The Political Librarian”

PoliticalLibrarian17-490x300The Washington University Libraries are happy to announce a publishing partnership with EveryLibrary to host The Political Librarian, a journal of local public policy and tax policy for libraries.

Series editor Lindsay C. Sarin says, “The Washington University Libraries have an excellent platform for scholarly communications and publishing. We are excited to begin hosting The Political Librarian with an institution whose commitment to open and accessible scholarship is robust and consistent.”

The Political Librarian publishes a wide range of opinion pieces, research, and peer-reviewed materials on public policy and tax policy issues for libraries. The editors plan to bring in a variety of perspectives and will not limit contributors to those working in the field of library and information science. They are actively seeking submissions from researchers, practitioners, community members, or others dedicated to furthering the discussion, promoting research, and helping to re-envision tax policy and public policy on the extremely local level.

“The Washington University Libraries are excited to partner with EveryLibrary to host publication of The Political Librarian,” says Trevor A. Dawes, associate university librarian at Washington University. “Not only do we believe in the work of EveryLibrary, but we support the opportunity for our colleagues to share ideas that will lead to better library services and better communities.”

Following the self-publishing debut in September 2015 of Issue 1 of The Political Librarian, EveryLibrary applied for and was granted an ISSN for the journal. Issue 1 will be remastered and hosted with the Washington University Libraries. EveryLibrary will publish Volume 1, Issue 2 of The Political Librarian in April 2016. For editorial guidelines, please visit http://everylibrary.org/editorial-team-guidelines-political-librarian/.

For more information about The Political Librarian, contact series editor Lindsay C. Sarin at lindsay.sarin@everylibrary.org or 312-574-0316.


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