Women in Pop Culture at the Modern Graphic History Library

We’ve created a new research guide about mid-century depictions of women in popular culture. Women as girlfriends, wives, single girls, mothers, homemakers, workers, consumers, rebels, femme fatales, even superheroes…they’re all here. The guide provides an overview of what kind of materials and images we have in our collections and how to find them, recommended books, and an image gallery. It will be particularly helpful to users interested in 20th century ideas about gender roles, domesticity, consumerism, sexuality, and feminism. A few highlights are included below. Check out the Women in Popular Culture at MGHL research guide to see more.


Al Parker ad for American Airlines, from Ladies’ Home Journal, September 1950, from the Al Parker Collection

mghl_women 2

Al Parker illustration for Ladies’ Home Journal, August 1946, from the Al Parker Collection

mghl_women 3

Ladies’ Home Journal, August 1912, from the Periodicals Collections

mghl_women 4

Wonder Woman #137, from the Center for the Humanities Comics Collection (A new collection we’re currently preparing for public use. We’ll have more information about it very soon!)

mghl_women 5

Edwin Georgi illustration from The Saturday Evening Post, December 1944, from the Charles Craver Collection

About the author

Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.