Voices and Visions Of St. Louis: Past, Present, Future

The Sam Fox School of Design at Washington University and Harvard University Graduate School of Design hosted a three day conference March 30-April 1, 2016 focused on St. Louis : Past, Present, and Future.Voices and Visions Of St. Louis: Past, Present, Future

The program aimed “to explore and debate issues of injustice, inequality, and racial exclusion in ways that have broader resonance for urban America and will open new terrains for constructive action.  Topics include the history of modernist planning, the urban impacts of post-civil war politics and governance, the social and spatial correlates of racial exclusion, and the planning and design responses that have been proposed to counter these conditions.” (Read more…)

Recordings of the panel discussions are available online:

Panel One: The Civil War(s) in St. Louis

Panel Two: Modernism and Its Discontents

Panel Three : Exposing Exclusion

Panel Four: Reconstructing a Better Future


About the author

Miranda Rectenwald is Curator of Local History, Washington University Special Collections. More info.