Verfasser Datenbank–NEW DATABASE

verfasserdatenbank2The Libraries have acquired De Gruyter’s Verfasser-Datenbank, a German-language database of reference materials which provides comprehensive information about literary authors and works in German-speaking world from the Middle Ages to the present. It is comprised of content from these four reference works:

  • Die deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters: Verfasserlexikon
  • Deutscher Humanismus 1480-1520, Verfasserlexikon
  • Frühe Neuzeit in Deutschland, 1520-1620: literaturwissenschaftliches Verfasserlexikon
  • Killy-Literaturlexikon

With Verfasser-Datenbank, you can search all four reference works at once, conduct targeted searches by era, title of work, literary author, manuscripts, places of printing, and literature reference. Updated bibliographical references beyond what is included in the print versions are also available.

For more information  see the User Guide in German (PDF) or the User Guide in English (PDF)

Feel free to also contact Brian ( ; 5-4824 ; IM/chat ; Olin, rm. 124).

About the author

Brian Vetruba is Germanic Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature, and European Studies Librarian at Washington University in St. Louis