Y4-Y9: Committees of Congress – Memorial Addresses

Commission on Administrative Review (House)

Y4.Ad6 Publications F49 Financial Ethics 1977, In2 Index to Hearings and Meetings, R29 Recommendations and Rationales, R29/2 Administrative Reorganization and Legislative Management

Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences (Senate)

Y4.Ae8 Hearings Ae8, Ae8/2, Ai7, Ap4, Ap4/2, Ap4/3, As8, At6, B75, C45, C73/2, C73/3, Ea7, Ed8, En2, En2/975, Eu7, F95, F95/2, G48, In8, J63, L23, L62, M31, M31/2, M56, N21, N21/2, N21/2/961, N21/2/961-2, N21/2/961-3, N21/960, N21a/2, N21a/3/968-70, N21a/4, N21a/5, N21a/6, N21a/961, N21a/962, N21a/962-2, N21a/963, N21a/964, N21a/965-77, N72, N72/961, N72/966, N72/968-969, N72/969-2, N72/969-3, N72/971, N72/976, N72/976-2, N88, Oz7, Oz7/2, Oz7/3, R11, R24, R31, Sa8, Sa8/2, Sk9, Sk9/2, So4, So4/2, So8, So8/2, So8/962-65, So8/971-75, Sp1, Sp1/11, Sp1/12, Sp1/13, Sp1/14, Sp1/15, Sp1/3, Sp1/4, Sp1/6, Sp1/7, Sp1/8, T22, T22/2, T23, T71,

Committee on Agriculture (House)

Y4.Ag8-1 Hearings Ag8-10 Agricultural Adjustment Program, Ag8-11 Admendments to the Agricultural Adjustment Act, Ex7-3 McNary-Haugen Bill

Committee on Agriculture and Forestry (Senate)

Y4.Ag8/2 Hearings F73/12 National Food Allotment Plan (1944), Ol2/1 Oleomargarine and Other Imitation Dairy Products, etc.

Special Committee to Study Problems of American Small Business (Senate)

Y4.Am3/5 Publications 2, 4-5, 7, B96, B96/5, In27

Committee on Appropriations (House)

Y4.Ap6/1 Hearings Ag8: 1953 (1-3), 1954 (1-5), 1955 (1-4), 1956 (1-4), 1957 (1-5), 1958 (1-5), 1959 (1-5), 1960 (1-4), 1960-2, 1961 (1-5), 1962 (1-5), 1963 (1-5), 1964 (1-5), 1965 (1-6), 1966 (1-3, 5), 1967 (1-5), 1968 (1-4), 1969 (1-4), 1970 (1, 5), 1976 (2-7), 1977 (1-6), 1978 (1-3), Ag8/1: R27-6a, Ai7/953-59, Ai7/2, Ai7/3, Ai7/2, Ap6/1: D36/939-3 D36/939-4 D36/940-1, Ap6/2: 1952-3, 1953 (3), 1953-2, 1954, 1955-2, 1955-3, 1955-4, 1956, 1956-2, 1956-3, 1957, 1957-2, 1957-3, 1957-4, 1957-5, 1958, 1958-2, 1958-3, 1958-4, 1959, 1959-2, 1959-3, 1960, 1960-2, 1961, 1961-2, 1961-3, 1961-4, 1962, 1962-2, 1963-1965, 1965-2, 1966, 1966-2, 1967, 1967-2, 1968, 1968-2, 1968-3, 1969-2, Ap6/4/969, Ar5/2/953-955, Ar5/2/957-959, Ar5/952, Ar5/953, Ar5/954, Ar5/955, Ar5/956, At7/2, At7/958, At7/960, B63/5/962/pt.3, B85/2, B85/3, B85/958, B85/960, B85/961, B85/966, B85/967, B85/968, C43, C73/2/953-55, C73/2/956, C73/2/957, C73/2/958, C73/2/959, C73/2/959-2, C73/2/960-67, C73/4, C73/4/956, C73/4/957, C73/4/965, C73/4/969, C96, D36/5: 1951 (1-5), 1951-2, 1951-3, 1951-4, 1952 (1-2), 1953 (1), 1954, 1955, 1956, 1956-2,, 1957, 1957-2, 1957-3, 1957-4, 1958 (1-2), 1958-2, 1958-3, 1959, 1959-2, 1959-3,, 1960 (1-6), 1961 (1-7), 1962 (1-6), 1963 (1-2, 4-6), 1964 (1-6), 1965 (1-5), 1965-2, 1966 (1-5), 1966-2, 1966-3, 1967 (1-7), 1967-2, 1967-3, 1968 (1-6), 1969 (1-6), 1979 (8), D36/6, D36/7, D36/8/961, D36/9, D36/953-2, D63/2/977, D63/5, D63/954 (1-2), D63/955-958, D63/958-2, D63/959-969, Ed8/2, Ed8/3, En2/2/955/pt.4, F65/5, F76/3/950-951, F76/3/962 (1-3), F76/3/963 (1-4), F76/3/964 (1-4), F76/3/965 (1-2), F76/3/966-969, G74/2, G74/2/957, G74/2/959, G74/2/959-2, G74/2/960, G74/2/961, G74/2/962 (1-2), G74/3/958, H34/2, H67, H81/2/974/pt.2, H34: 1955, 1956, 1957, 1957-2, 1958, 1958-2, 1959, 1959-2, 1960, 1960-2, 1961, 1961-2, 1962, 1962-2, 1963 (1-4), 1964 (2), 1965 (1-3), 1966 (1-4), 1967 (2-4), In2/2: 1953 (1-3), 1954 (1-3), 1955 (1-3), 1956 (1-2), 1956-2, 1957 (1-2), 1958 (1-2), 1959 (1-2), 1960 (1-2), 1961 (1-3), 1962 (1-2), 1963 (1-4), 1964 (1-3), 1965 (1-2), 1966 (1-3), 1967 (1-2), 1968 (1-3), 1969 (1-3), In8/6: 1945 (2), 1947 (1), 1953 (1-4), 1954 (1-4), 1955 (1-2), 1956-1965, 1966 (1-2), 1967 (1-3), 1968 (1-3), 1969 (1-3), In8/8, In8a/961, J89/956-67, J98/1953-67, J98/2, L11: 1953 (1-3, 6), 1954 (1-4), 1955, 1955-2, 1956, 1957, 1957-2, 1958, 1958-2, 1959, 1959-2, 1958-1959, 1960, 1960-2, 1961, 1961-2, 1962, 1962-2, 1963, 1963-2, 1963-4, 1964, 1964-2, 1964-3, 1965, 1965-2, 1966, 1966/2, 1967 (1, 5), 1968 (1, 3-6), 1969 (1-7), L52/953-969, M57, M59/4/952/pt.1, 3, M59/5/4-2
M52/963, M59/4/952/pt.1, M59/5/pt.1-4, M59/6: 1954, 1954-2, 1954-3, 1954-4, 1954-5, 1956, 1956-2, 1956-3, 1956-4, 1956-5, 1957, 1957-2, 1957-3, 1958, 1958-2, 1958-3, 1958-4, 1959, 1959-2, 1959-3, 1960, 1960-2, 1961 (1-2), 1962 (1-2), 1963 (1-3), 1964 (1-4), 1965 (1-3), 1966 (1-4), 1967 (1-3), 1968 (1-4), 1969 (2)

Committee on Appropriations (Senate)

Y4.Ap6/2 Hearings Ag8/958-962, Ag8/963, Ag8/963-2, Ag8/963-3, Ag8/964, Ag8/965/pt.1-2, Ag8/966/pt.1-2, Ag8/967-2, Ag8/967/pt.1-2, Ag8/968/pt.1-4, Ag8/969, Ai7, Ap6/2: 1951, 1952, 1952-2, 1952-3, 1953, 1953-2, 1953-3, 1954, 1954-2, 1954-3, 1955, 1955-2, 1955-3, 1956, 1956-2, 1957, 1957-2, 1957-3, 1958, 1958-2, 1958-3, 1958-4, 1958-5, 1959, 1959-2, 1960, 1960-2, 1961, 1961-2, 1961-2, 1961-3, 1961-4, 1962, 1962-2, 1963, 1963-2, 1964, 1965, 1965-2, 1966, 1966-2, 1967, 1967-2, 1968, 1968-2, 1968-3, 1969, 1969-2, Ap6/4/955, Ap6/5, Ap6/5/958, Ar5/952, Ar5/952-2, Ar5/953, Ar5/954/pt.1-2, Ar5/955, As9, At7/958, At7/960, C73/5/969, C73/6/956-961, C73/6/963, C73/7/976, C83/2, D36/956, D36/957, D36/957-2, D36/4: 1951-1955, 1955-2, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1958-2, 1959, 1960, 1961 (1-2), 1962-1966, 1966-2, 1967 (2), 1967-2, 1968 (1-2), D63/965/pt.2, D63/966-969, Ed8/3/976, El2, El5, F65, F65/3/978, F66, F76/3/950, F76/3/951, F76/7/962-969, G74/2/956-958, In2/953-954, In2/954-2, In2/955, In2/956-963, In2/963-2, In2/964-966, In8/952-969, L11/956-958, L11/958-2, L11/959-964, L11/964-2, L11/965, L11/965-2, L11/966, L11/966-2, L11/967-969, L52/956-959, L52/961-969, L59/960, M46, M52/963, M57, M58, M59/2, M59/3, M59/3/955, M59/3/955-2, M59/3/959, M59/3/961-962, M59/3/965-969, M59/4/960, M59/950, N21/ae/960, N21/ae/968, N21/p, P84/958, P94/2/953-2, P94/2/956, P96/2/955, P96/2/958, P96/2/961, P96/2/962, P96/2/963, P96/2/964, P96/2/965, P96/3/956, P96/3/957, P96/3/958, P96/3/959, P96/3/960, P96/3/961-963, P96/3/963-2, P96/3/964-966, P96/3/967, P96/3/968, P96/3/969, P96/962, P96/965, R26, Se2/955-961, Sp1/2/978, Sp8, St2/931-934, St2/936-938, St2/940-948, St2/950, St2/952-962, T68/2/968-969, T68/3, T71/954-69

Commission for the Extension of the United States Capitol Committee on Armed Services (House)

Y4.Ar5/2a Papers, Congress 1971-72/3

Art and Antiquities Commission (Senate)

Y4.Ar7 Publications Se5/810-59

Select Committee on Assassinations (House)

Y4.As7 Publications K38 Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, vol. I-XII, K58 Investigation of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., vol. I-XIII, L52 Legislative and Administrative Reform, vol. I-II, M47 Hearings Before the Select Committee—Ninety-fifth Congress, First Session, R21 Compilation of the Statements of James Earl Ray

Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration (House)

Y4.As8 Publications Ae8 Hearings Before the Select Committee on H.R. 13619, As8 Hearings Before the Select Committee on H.R. 11881, Sp1 Space Handbook: Astronautics and its Applications

Special Committee on Atomic Energy (Senate)

Y4.At7 Publications At7/953-55 Confirmation of AEC Commissioners June 1953 to March 1955, At7/2/pt.1 Atomic Energy Act of 1946. Hearings.

Joint Committee on Atomic Energy

Y4.At7/2 Hearings Ac2, Ac2/2, Ac2/3, Ac2/4, Ag8, Ai2, An8, As7, At7, At7/2, At7/5/pt.1, At7/7, At7/11, At7/12, At7/12/956-963, At7/12/965, At7/13, At7/15, At7/16, At7/17/959, At7/17/965, At7/18, At7/18/967, At7/18/969, At7/18/974, At7/17, At7/19, At7/20, At7/21, At7/22, At7/24, B49/960, B49/961, B49/963-64, B52, B74, B74/2/975, B74/3, C13, C42, C44, C49, C49/2, C73/5, C73/7, C73/8, C73/9, D35, D35/976, El2, El2/2, El2/3, En2/3/973, En3, En8, En8/4, Eu6/4, Eu7/2, Eu7/3, Ex7, Ex7/2, Ex7/4, F19, F19/2, F19/3, F19/4, F19/5, F73/2, F73/3, F73/4, F73/5, G21/2, G21/3, In2, In2/2/960, In2/2/962, In2/2, In2/3, In2/3/961, In2/4, In2/5, In2/5/974, In2/6, In8/2, In8/3, In8/6/967-68, N41, In8/5, In8/6, In8/6/963-64, In8/6/965, In8/6/966, In8/7, In8/8, It1, L11, L11/3, L11/4, L11/5, L11/955, L11/956, L11/958, L11/958-2, L11/958-3, L52/ind, L52/ind2, L52/960, L52/962, L52/963, L52/964-2, L52/965-75, L52/2/959, L52/2/961-66, L52/2/970-71, L52/2/974-75, L52/3/976-77, L52/4, L61, L66, L66/2, L89a/2, L89a/3, L89a/4, M13, M46, M51/970-73, M95, M98, M98/964 P93, P93/2, N81a, N88, N88/964, N88/2, N88/3, N88/4, N88/4/967-68, N88/4/969-76, N88/5, N88/7, N88/8/962, N88/9, N88/10, N88/11, N88/12, N88/13, N88/14, N88/15, N88/16, N88/17, N88/18, N88/19/975-77, N88/20, N88/22, N88/23, N88/25, P27, P27/2, N27/3, P56, P56/2, P63, P72, P87, P87/958, P87/960, P87/2, P87/3, P87/4, P87/5, P87/6, Sci2, Sci2/2, P93/3, P93/5, P96, R11, R11/2, R11/3, R11/4, R11/5, R11/6, R11/7, R11/8, R11/7,8/ind., R11/10, R11/12, R11/13, R11/14, R11/15, R11/16, R11/17, R11/18, R11/19, R11/20, R19/2, R22/4, R22/5, R22/6, R22/7, R22/9, R22/10, R22/11, R22/12, R22/13, R22/14, R26, R26/2, R26/3, R31, R31/2, R31/2/ind, R31/3, R31/4, Sci2/3, Se4, Se4/2, So4, So8, Sp1, Sp1/2, Sp1/2/ind, Sp1/3, Sp1/4, Su1, T34/pt.2, T41, Un2, Ur1, Ur1/3, Ur1/4, Ur1/5, Ur1/6, Ur1/7, Ur1/8, Ur1/9, Ur1/10, Ur1/11, Ut3, W19/2, W29, W37, W37/2, W37/3, W37/4, W37/5, W37/6/975

Special Committee to Investigate the Incorporation of the Baltic States into the U.S.S.R (House)

Y4.B21 Publications B21 Select Committee on Communist Aggression H. of R. Interim Reports and Hearings

Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs (House)

Y4.B22/1 Hearings C86/18 Community Credit Needs Hearings

Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs (Senate)

Y4.B22/3 Hearings S.hrg.101-675 The Homeless Situation in Michigan
Y4.B22/4 Hearings H35 Investigation of Bankruptcy and Receivership Proceedings in the United States Courts pt. 1; pt. 2-9

Joint Committee on the Arrangements for the Commemoration of the Bicentennial

Y4.B47 Publications W84 Women in Congress

Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures

Y4.C15 Publications C15/2 Campaign Expenditures Hearings, C15/2/952, C15/4/970 Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures, C15/5, El2/958 Matter of Complaints Filed Relative to the Elections Held in Arkansas and Minnesota, P14 Pageant Magazine Article

Commission for the Extension of the United States Capitol

Y4.C17/2 Publications C17 Extension of the United States Capitol

Census Committee

Y4.C33/2 Publications H62 History and Growth of the United States Census

Select Committee to Study Censure Charges (Senate)

Y4.C33/4 Publications H35 Hearings on S. Res. 301

Joint Committee on the Dedication of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

Y4.C43 Publications D36 Dedication of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, M49 Melting Pot–Fact or Fiction

Committee on Commerce (Senate)

Y4.C49-1 Hearings R31-14 General Retirement
Y4.C73/2 Publications V55 Investigation and Control of Venereal Diseases

Special Committee to Investigate Communist Propaganda in the United States (House)

Y4.C73/3 Publications P94 Investigation of Communist Propaganda Pt.1-6

Select Committee on Communist Aggression (House)

Y4.C73/5 Publications C73 Communist Aggression Investigation: Fourth Interim Report, C73/5 Investigation of Communist Aggression, H89 Investigation of Communist Take-Over and Occupation of Hungary, J55 Treatment of Jews by the Soviet, L34/2 Communist Aggression in Latin America, P75 House of Representatives Interim Reports and Hearings, vol. II, R92 Investigation of Communist Takeover and Occupation of the Non-Russian Nations of the U.S.S.R.

Commerce Committee (House)

Y4.C73/8 Hearings, Prints and Miscellaneous Publications 104-72

Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War

Y4.C75 Publications P64/1 Reports—Fort Pillow Massacre, Returned Prisoners, R29/1 Senate Reports no.108—Conduct of the War, Pt.1, R29/2 Senate Reports, vol.3, no.108, pt.2, R29/3 Senate Reports, vol.3, no.108, pt.2, R29/4 Report on the Conduct of the War, R29/5 Report on the Conduct of the War, no.142, R29/6 Senate Reports, vol.3, no142, pt.2, Su7/1 Report of Major General W. T. Sherman, U.S.A., Su7/2 Conduct of the War Supplement, pt.2

Conference Committees (House and Senate)

Y4.C76/1 Publications M32 H.R. 10284 Medicare Deadline Amendments, P38 Summary of Differences Between the Senate Version and the House Version of, H.R.2 to Provide for Pension Reform, pt.1, 3 , So1/973 H.R. 3153—Social Security Amendments of 1973, So2 H.R. 10727—Social Security Appeals and Administrations
T19/2 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-9*

Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress

Y4.C76/3 Publications Or3 Organization of Congress, Pt.1-4, Or3/965 Organization of Congress, pt. 1-15, R86 Rules of Procedure

Select Committee on Contribution Investigation (Senate)

Y4.C76/4 Publications H35 Hearings Relative to Senate Resolution 205

Committee on the Congressional Operations (Joint)

Y4.C76/7 Publications B85 The Federal Fiscal Year as it Relates to the Congressional Budget Process, C73 Congress and Mass Communications, C73/2 Rules Adopted by the Committees of Congress, C73/3 Congress and Mass Communications, C73/3/app Congress and Mass Communications, Appendix, C83/4 Court Proceedings and Actions of Vital Interest to the Congress, C83/5 Court Challenges to Executive Branch Impoundments Appropriated Funds, C83/971-2 Report , Cumulative to December 1, 1971, F52 Fiscal and Budgetary Information for the Congress, F85 The Franking Privilege of Members of Congress, Im6 Constitutional Immunity of Members of Congress, In8 Leading Cases on Congressional Investigatory Power, R31 Congressional Research Support and Information Services, R86/975 Rules Adopted by the Committees of Congress

Special Committee on Official Conduct (Senate)

Y4.C76/8 Publications C64 Senate Code of Conduct, C83 Report of the Select Committee—Cumulative to May 15, 1978

Select Committee to Investigate Alleged Credit Mobilier Bribery (House)

Y4.C86 Publications W69 Report, Wilson Committee

Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce (Senate)

Y4.C86/2 Publications C86/1-A Crime Investigation—Florida, C86/5 Crime Investigation—Illinois, C86/6 Crime Investigation—Ohio and Kentucky, C86/7 Crime Investigation—New York and New Jersey, C86/8 Crime Investigation—Louisiana, C86/9 Crime Investigation—Michigan, C86/10 Crime Investigation—Nevada and California , C86/11 Crime Investigation—Pennsylvania , C86/12 Crime Investigation—Government , C86/1-12/ind Crime Investigation—Index , C86/13 Investigation of Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce—Miscellaneous Witnesses, C86/14 Investigation of Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce—Narcotics , C86/17 Investigation of Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce—Maryland and, District of Columbia , C86/18 Investigation of Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce—New York and New Jersey, C86/19 Investigation of Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce—Pennsylvania

Select Committee on Crime (House)

Y4.C86/3 Hearings C86 Crime in America—Views on Marihuana, C86/2 Crime in America—Illicit and Dangerous Drugs, C86/3 Crime in America—Drug Abuse and Criminal Justice, C86/4 Crime in America—A Mid-America View, C86/5 Crime in America—Why 8 Billion Amphetamines?, C86/6 Crime in America—Aspects of Organized Crime, Court Delay and Juvenile Justice, C86/7 Crime in America—Response of a Midsouth Community, C86/8 Crime in America—Organized Crime—Techniques for Turning Worthless Securities into Cash, C86/9 Crime in America—In the Nation’s Capital, C86/10 Crime in America—Youth in Trouble, C86/11 Crime in America—Heroin Importation, Distribution, Packaging and Paraphernalia, C86/12 Crime in America—Youth Gang Warfare, C86/14 Crime in America—The Heroin Paraphernalia Trade, C86-15 Organized Crime in Sports (Racing), pt.1-4, D84/2 Drugs in Our Schools—New York City, D84/3 Drugs in Our Schools—Miami, Florida, D84/4 Drugs in Our Schools—Chicago, IL, D84/5 Drugs in Our Schools—San Francisco, D84/6 Drugs in Our Schools—Kansas City, Kansas, D84/7 Drugs in Our Schools—Los Angeles, L41 The Improvement and Reform of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in the United States , P93 American Prisons in Turmoil, pt.1-2, Se2 Conversion of Worthless Securities into Cash, St8 Street Crime in America (the Police Response), pt.1-3, 92-1/pt.2

Joint Committee on Defense Production

Y4.D36 Hearings Au8 Defense Production Act, Regulation W—Automotive, C49 Civil Preparedness and Limited Nuclear War, C49/2 Civil Preparedness Review, C76 Conflict of Interest and the Condor Missile Program, C76/2 DoD—Industry Relations: Conflict of Interest and Standards of Conduct, C82 Cost Accounting Standards, Waivers and Compliance, D48 Deterrence and Survival, Em3 Federal, State, and Local Emergency Preparedness, Em3/2 Emergency Preparedness in the Electric Power Industry and the Implications of the New York Blackout for Emergency Planning, H65 Defense Production Act—Hoarding and Strategic Materials, In2 Defense Industrial Base DoD Procurement Practices, M41 Federal Material Policy Pt. I, M71/960 Defense Mobilization Organization Directory 1960, M71/962 Defense Mobilization Organization Directory 1962, M71/965 Defense Mobilization Organization Directory 1965, M71/966 Defense Mobilization Organization Directory 1966, P93 Defense Priorities System, P94 Defense Production Act Progress Reports: 1-7, 9-10, 16-19, 21, 23, 26-28, 30-35, 38-39, 41-50, P97 Purpose and Organization of Economic Stockpiling

Temporary Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction

Y4.D36/2 Publications Se6 Initial Sequestration Report for Fiscal Year 1987

Committee on District of Columbia (House)

Y4.D63/1 Hearings 101-10, 101-S-1, 93-1, 93-12, 93-12-2, 93-13, 93-15 through, 93-20 , 93-22, 93-25, 93-28 through, 93-3, 93-34 , 93-37, 93-38, 93-8, 93-A, 93-B, 94-1 through 94-6, 94-8 through 94-26, 94-S-1, 94-S-2, 94-S-6 through 94-S-9, 95-1 through 95-9, 95-11, 95-12, 95-13A, 95-13B, 95-14 through 95-16, 95-18, 95-19, 95-20, 95-S-11, 96-1 through 96-16, 96-16A, 96-18, 96-21, 96-S-1, 96-S-3, 96-S-7, 97-1, 97-4 through 97-26, 97-S-1 through 97-S-4, 98-4, 98-S-1, 98-S-2
Y4.D63/1 Committee Prints 101-10, 93-38, 93-5-4-chap.1-2, 93-A, 93-B, 94-S-1, 95-19, 95-20, Ac2/3, Ad6, Ai7/2, Al1/10/962, Al1/11, All/10/963, All/10/966, All/10/967, An8/3, An8/4, An8/5, An8/6, B15, B76, B96, C11, C15, C17/3, C36, C36/2, C37, C43/2, C43/3, C68, C68/2, C73/2, C81/3, C81/4, C81/5, C83, C83/10, C83/3/963, C83/6/4, C86/4/965, C86/5, D35/2, D35/2/969, Ed8/5/967, Ei8, El2/2, F51/6, G29/2, G51, G74/4, G74/5, H34/4, H53/2, H53/3, H75/2/965, H75/3, H75/4, H75/4/965, H75/4/970, H75/4/972, H75/5, H75/6, H79/2, H79/3, In7/8, In8, J89/4, L41, L41/2, L52, L52/965, L52/966, L52/968, L78/4, L78/4/969, M46, M46/2, M46/3, M85/2, M85/3, M85/4, Oi5/2, Op7/966, Op7/967, Op7/969, Or3/32, P22, P75/10, P75/11, P75/4, P75/4/966, P75/4/968, P75/8, P75/8/968, P84/2, P93, P93/2, P94/2, P95, P97/12, R11/2, R11/4, R11/5, R32/2, R32/965/supp, R32/965/supp2, R32/968, R32/969, R32/970, R32/971, Sa1, Sa3/3, Sa3/4, Sch6/10, Sch6/11, Sch6/12, Sch6/13, Sch6/14, Sch6/7, Se2/963, Se8, Sp1, St1, St2, Su1/2, T19/9, T22, T22/2, T22/968, T63/3/supp, T68/3, T68/4, T68/6, T68/7, T76, T77, Ur1/963 (1-6), Ur1/965/pt.1, V85, W12/3, W12/4

Committee on District of Columbia (Senate)

Y4.D63/2 Hearings Ai7/2, Ai7/3, Ai7/4, Ai7/5, Al1/2, Al1/3, Al2, An1/2, An8/6/970/supp, Au8, B15, B64, B96/2, B96/3, C15, C15/2, C36, C38/962, C49/2, C64, C68, C68/2, C73, C73/2, C73/969, C76, C76/2, C83/11, C83/2, C83/4, C83/5, C83/6, C83/7, C83/9, C86/4, C86/4/967, C86/4/969, C86/5, C86/8, D49, D63/7, D83, D84/2, D84/970, D89, El2/2, El2/3, Em7/2, Es8/2, Es8/3, Ey3, F31, F32, F52/2, F52/3, G51, H34/2, H75, H75/969, H75/971, H79/5, H79/5, H79/973, H81/3, In2/4, In7/4, In7/5, In7/6, In7/7, J88/2, J89, Jn8, L41, L52/2, L52/971-72, L52/973, L52/975, L52/975-76, M29/2, M46/2, M46/4, M74, M85/4, N21/4, N31, N72, N72/2, P22, P72/3, P75/3/966, P75/3/972, P75/4/969, P75/5, P75/6, P75/7, P84/2, P94/4, P94/5, P94/6, P94/8, R13/3, R26, R29/7, R31/3, R32/2, R32/2/960, R32/2/968, R32/2/969, R32/2/971, R32/2/975, Sch6/10, Sch6/8, Sch6/9, Se2/2, Se2/3, Se4, Si1, So4, St1, Su1, Su7/2, Su7/3, Su7/4, T19/2/966, T19/5, T19/6, T19/7, T22/3/972, T68/2, T68/3, T68/4, Un2/4, Un2/5, Un3/4, V55, V81, W12/2, W12/2/965, W12/3, W22, W29/4, W29/5, W29/6, Y8
Y4.D63/2 Legislative Calendar 3

Joint Economic Committee

Y4.Ec7 Hearings Em7/3 Employment, Growth, and Price Levels, Em7/3-1 Recent Inflation in the United States , Em7/3-2 Steel and the Postwar Inflation, Em7/3-3 An Analysis of the Inflation on Machinery Prices, Em7/3-4 Analysis of the Rising Costs of Public Education, Em7/3-5 Trends in the Supply and Demand of Medical Care, Em7/3-8 Employment, Growth and Price Levels, Em7/3-10 Potential Public Policies to Deal with Inflation Caused by Market Power, Em7/3-11 A Brief Interpretive Survey of Wage-Prices Problems in Europe, Em7/3-12 Low Income Population and Economic Growth, Em7/3-13 The Adequacy of Resources for Economic Growth in the United States , Em7/3-16 International Effects of U.S. Economic Policy, Em7/3-17 Prices and Costs in Manufacturing Industries, Em7/3-18 National Security and the American Economy in the 1960’s, Em7/3-19 Debt Management on the United States , Em7/3-21 Postwar Movement of Prices and Wages in Manufacturing Industries, Em7/3-22 An Evaluation of Antitrust Policy, Em7/3-23 The Structure of Unemployment in Areas of Substantial Labor Surplus, M74/3/pt. 1-2 Monetary Policy and the Management of Public Debt, M74/4 Monetary Policy and the Management of the Public Debt, P93 Relationship of Prices to Economic Stability and Growth, P93/8 Government Price Statistics—Hearings

Committee on Education (House)

Y4.Ed8/2 Publications Ai2/2 Federal Aid to the States for the Support of Public Schools, C49 To Establish a Civilian Conservation Corps, C49/2 Termination of Civilian Conservation Corps and National Youth Administration, Ed8 Education Bill, Ed8/2 Proposed Department of Education, Ed8/9 Federal Aid to Education Act of 1939, Ed8/10 Educational Finance Act of 1941, Ed8/11 Educational Finance Act of 1943, Ed8/12 Federal Aid for Education, Em7/2 Fair Employment Practice Act

Committee on Education and Labor (House)

Y4.Ed8/3 Publications H34 To Establish a National Health Program, H34/3 National Health Program, L11/7 Fair Labor Standards Act of 1937, L11/10 Amendment of the Fair Labor Standards Act, L11/12 Labor Fact-Finding Boards Act, L11/12 Labor Disputes Act of 1946, N21/2 To Create A National Labor Board Hearings, N21/3 National Labor Relations Board Hearings, N21/4 National Labor Relations Act and Proposed Amendments, pt.1-2, 4, N21/5 To Amend the National Labor Relations Act, P96/4 Establishment of Administration of Public Works, W84 Equal Pay for Equal Work for Women

Select Committee to Investigate Educational and Training Program Under the GI Bill (House)

Y4.Ed8/4 Publications G34 Investigation of GI Schools, V64 Investigation of Veterans’ Educational Program, V64/2 Investigation of Veterans’ Loan Guaranty Program

Committee of the Election of the President, Vice-President and Representatives (House)

Y4.El2/1 Publications T27/8 Four-Year Term for Members of Congress

Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunities (Senate)

Y4.Eq2 Publications C43 Justice for Children, C83 Selected Court Decisions Relating to Equal Educational Opportunity, D83 The Effects of Dropping Out, Ed8 Federal Aid to Public Education: Who Benefits?, Eq2 Equal Educational Opportunity, Pts: 1A, 1B, 2, 3A-3E, 4-6, 8, 9A-9B, 10-15, 16C,, 16D-1, 16D-2, 16D-3, 17, 19A-1, 19A-19C, 21-22, Eq2/2 Toward Equal Educational Opportunity, M66 Goals and Alternatives for the Education of Minority Group Students in Elementary, and Secondary Schools, Sch6 Issues in School Finance, Sch6/2 Emergency School Assistance Program: Background and Evaluations

Select Committee on the Investigation of Executive Agencies of the Government (Senate)

Y4.Ex3/3 Publications R29 Investigation of Executive Agencies of the Government

Special Committee to Investigate Executive Agencies (House)

Y4.Ex3/4 Publications Ex3/pt.1-2 To Investigate Executive Agencies, Ex3/2/pt.7 To Investigate Executive Agencies

Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Commerce and Labor (House)

Y4.Ex7/2 Publications F76/2-2 Investigation of Fur Seal Industry in Alaska, vol.1, F76/3 Investigation of Fur Seal Industry in Alaska

Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments (House)

Yr.Ex7/13 Publications B64/2 Bonding of Federal Employees, B85/3 Budgeting and Accounting Procedures Act of 1950, H75 Investigation of the Home Loan Bank Board, L62 National Service Life Insurance, M33/2 Audit Report of Comptroller General on Maritime Commission for the Fiscal Year 1949, M41 Utilization and Redistribution of Critical Materials and Aircraft Parts, M59 Investigation of War Department Publicity and Propaganda in Relation to Universal Military Training, M59/2, N21c National Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, Or3/2 Legislation Pertaining to Recommendations Made by the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, Ov2 A Commission to Study Overseas Activities of the Federal Government, R20/11 Reorganization Plan No.5 of 1950, R29/2 Reorganization Plans Nos. 1, 2, and 3 of 1946, R29/3 Reorganization Plans Nos. 1 and 2 of 1947, R29/4 Reorganization Plan No.3 of 1947, R29/5 Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1948, R29/6 Reorganization of Government Agencies, R29/7 Reorganization Plan No.2 of 1949, R29/8 Reorganization Plan No.6 of 1950, R29/8 Reorganization Plan No.12 of 1950, R29/10 Reorganization Plan No.18 of 1950, R29/12 Reorganization Plan No.7 of 1950, R29/14 Reorganization Plan No.24 of 1950, R29/15 Reorganization Plan No.27 of 1950, R29/18/952-1 Reorganization Plan No.1 of 1952, Su7/6/pt.1 Disposition of War Surplus Property, Su7/10 Federal Supply Management, Su7/11 Federal Supply Management: Textiles and Clothing, ASPR Conference, Su7/12 Federal Supply Management: Air Force Supply—Munitions Board, Su7/13 Federal Supply Management: Implementation of Military Supply Regulations, V64/3 Consolidation of Veteran’s Administration

Committee on Expenditure in the Executive Departments (Senate)

Y4.Ex7/14 Publications Ag8 Reorganization of the Department of Agriculture, B85/2 To Improve Budgeting, Accounting, and Auditing Methods of Federal Government, C76/2 Organization and Operation of Congress, Em3 Emergency Powers of the President, In89/pt.4 Operatons of the United States Office of Education, P94 Influence in Government Procurement, P94/2 Influence of Government Procurement, R29/2 Reorganization Act of 1949, R29/3 Reorganization Act of 1949, R29/4 Reorganization Plans Nos. 1 and 2 of 1949, R29/5 Reorganization Plans No. 12 of 1950, R29/6 Reorganization Plans No. 1 of 1950, R29/7 Reorganization Plans No. 5 of 1950, R29/8 Reorganization Plans Nos. 7, 8, 9, and 11 of 1950, R29/9 Reorganization Plans No. 21 of 1950, R29/10 Reorganization Plans No. 17 and 18 of 1950, R29/11 Reorganization Plans No. 4 of 1950, R29/12 Reorganization Plans No. 24 of 1950, R29/13 Reorganization Plans No. 22 of 1950, R29/14 Reorganization Plans No. 27 of 1950

Select Committee on Export Control

U4.Ex7/15 Publications Ex7 Investigation and Study of the Administration, Operation, and Enforcement of the Export and Control Act of 1949, and Related Act

Committee on Finance (Senate)

Y4.F49 Hearings B64/6, C66/4, H79/4, Im7/1-2, In27/1-3, In8/x/pt.1-2, In85, L66/pt.1,2,3, M46/19, N21, P53, R32/8/926, R32/8/928, R32/8/932, R32/8/934, R32/8/935, R32/8/936, R32/8/936/supp, R32/8/938, R32/8/938, R32/8/940, R32/8/940-2, R32/8/941, R32/8/942, R32/8/943/rev., T17/66/1-18, T17/67, T17/68, T17/69, T17/71, T17/72, T67/3, T67/5

Committee on Flood Control (House)

Y4.F65 Publications Ar Arkansas, Black, Red, Ouachita, and White River Systems and their Tributaries, B73/2 Control of Flood Waters of the Brazos River, Tx. , C33 Central Valley Project of California, C76/3 Flood Control, C76/4 A Permanent System of Flood Control, C76/5 Comprehensive Flood Control Plans, M55 Merrimack River Valley and Connecticut River Valley, M69/9 Flood Control on the Mississippi River, M69/10 Flood Control on the West Side of the Mississippi River…, M69/11 Set-Back Levees on the Mississippi River, M69/11/supp Flood Control in the Mississippi, M69/12 Flood Control in the Mississippi, M69/13 Control of Floods on the Mississippi River, Oh3 Comprehensive Flood Control Plan for Ohio and Lower Mississippi Rivers , P22 Parker Dam on the Colorado River and Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River, R47 Control of Flood Waters on the American Side of the Rio Grande in the State of Texas, Sa9 Improvement and Extension of the Levees on the Savannah River at Augusta, GA, Su8/2 Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania (West Branch), W11/2 Wabash and White Rivers and their Tributaries, Y8 Control of Floods of the Youghiogheny River Watershed, PA

Select Committee to Investigate the Use of Chemicals in Food Products (House)

Y4.F73/2 Publications C42/2 Chemicals in Food Products, Pt.1-3
Y4.F76/1 Report T49 Tin Investigation

Special Committee to Study Foreign Aid Program (Senate)

Y4.F76/6 Publications F76/2 The Foreign Aid Program, F76 Central America and the Caribbean Area, St9/1 The Objectives of United States Economic Assistance Programs, St9/2 Personnel for the Mutual Security Program, St9/3 The Role of Foreign Aid in the Development of Other Countries, St9/4 The Use of Private Contractors in Foreign Aid Programs, St9/5 Agricultural Surplus Disposal and Foreign Aid, St9/6 Administrative Aspects of United States Foreign Assistance Programs, St9/7 American Private Enterprise, Foreign Economic Development and the Aid Programs, St9/8 Foreign Assistance Activities of the Communist Bloc and Their Implications for the United States, St9/9 The Foreign Aid Programs and the United States Economy, St9/10 The Military Assistance Program of the United States, St9/11 Foreign Aid Activities of Other Free Nations

Y4.G74/6 Hearings Ac2, Ac7/2, Ac7/3, Ad9, Ad9/2, Ad9/2/974, Ad9/3, Ad9/3/971, Ad9/5, Ad9/7, Ad9/8, Ad9/9, Am1, Am3, Am3/2, Am3/3, Am3/4, An1, Ap6, Ap6/2, Ar5, Ar5/2, At6, At6/2, At6/3, At6/3/967, At6/4/pt.1-7, At6/5, At6/6, At7, Au7, B22, B52, B52/2, B85, B85/10, B85/11, B85/2, B85/2/957, B85/3, B85/4, B85/5, B85/6, B85/7, B85/8, B85/963, C15, C16, C27, C35, C42, C44, C44/2, C49, C73, C73/10/pt.2, C73/11, C73/12, C73/2, C73/3, C73/4, C73/5, C73/6, C73/7, C73/8, C73/9, C76, C76/2, C76/3, C76/4, C76/4/973, C76/5, C76/7, C76/969, C81, C81/2, C81/3, C82, C83, C83/2, C86, C86/2, C86/2/973, C88, C93, C99, D63/2, D63/963, D84, D84/2, D84/3, D84/4, D84/5, Ec5, Ec7, Ec7/2, El2, El4, El5, El5/2, Em7, Em7/2, En2, En2/10, En2/11, En2/13, En2/14, En2/2, En2/3, En2/4, En2/5, En2/6/974, En2/6/975, En2/7, En2/8, En2/9, Ex3/2, Ex3/3, Ex3/4, Ex3/6, Ex3/968/chart, Ex3/969/chart, Ex3/971/chart, Ex3/976/chart, Ex3/no.27, Ex3/no.27/chart, Ex7/975, Ex7/976, Ex8/no.19, Ex8/no.19/chart, Ex8/no.20, Ex8/no.20/chart, F19, F22, F31, F31/10, F31/11, F31/12, F31/13, F31/14, F31/15, F31/16, F31/17, F31/18, F31/2/966, F31/3, F31/4, F31/5, F31/6, F31/7, F31/7/supp, F31/7/supp2, F31/9, F52, F53, F6a, F73, F73/2, F76, F76a, F76s, F84, F86, F86/2, F86/2/973, F96, G14, G28, G28/2, G28/3, G28/4, G74, G74/3, G74/4, G74/5, G74/6, G74/7, G76, G76/2, G76/3, G76/4, G76/5, G76/6, G76/7, G76/7/975, G91/970-71, H19, H34/2/pt.3, H34/3, H34/4, H34/5, H34/6, H34/7, H34/8, H34/9, H35, H35/2, H62, H67, H76, H81, H88, H88/2, H92, Im6, Im7, Im7/2, In3, In3/2, In3/3, In3/4, In3/5, In3/5, In8, In8, In8/10, In8/10, In8/11, In8/11, In8/12, In8/12, In8/13, In8/13, In8/15, In8/15, In8/16, In8/16, In8/17, In8/17, In8/18, In8/18, In8/2, In8/2, In8/3, In8/3, In8/4, In8/4, In8/5, In8/5, In8/6, In8/6, In8/6/969, In8/6/969, In8/6/972, In8/6/972, In8/7, In8/7, In8/8, In8/8, In8/9, In8/9, K28, K28, K75, K75, K84, K84, K96, K96, L11, L11, L48, L48, L48/2, L48/2, L52/2, L52/2, L52/3, L52/3, L52/970, L52/970, L78, L78, L85is, L85is, L95, L95, L99, L99, L99/2, L99/2, M12, M12, M41, M41, M41/2, M41/2, M41/3, M41/3, M41/4, M41/4, M41/5, M41/5, M41/6, M41/6, M41/7, M41/7, M41/8-2, M41/8-2, M41/9, M41/9, M46, M46, M46/10, M46/10, M46/2, M46/2, M46/3, M46/3, M46/5, M46/5, M46/6, M46/6, M46/7, M46/7, M46/8, M46/8, M46/9, M46/9, M56, M56, M56/2, M56/2, M56/2/963, M56/2/963, M56/3, M56/3, M56/4, M56/4, M56/4/964, M56/4/964, M56/5, M56/5, M56/6, M56/6, M59, M59, M59/2, M59/2, M59/3, M59/3, M66, M66, M66/2, M66/2, M69, M69, M69/2, M69/2, M69/3, M69/3, M85, M85, N21e/23, N21e/23, N21ec, N21ec, N21em, N21em, N21em/2, N21em/2, N21f, N21f, N21r/pt.3, N21r/pt.3, N21s, N21s, N21se, N21se, N21se/10, N21se/10, N21se/11, N21se/11, N21se/12, N21se/12, N21se/13, N21se/13, N21se/14, N21se/14, N21se/15, N21se/15, N21se/16, N21se/16, N21se/18, N21se/18, N21se/19, N21se/19, N21se/2, N21se/2, N21se/20, N21se/20, N21se/22, N21se/22, N21se/3, N21se/3, N21se/4, N21se/4, N21se/5, N21se/5, N21se/6, N21se/6, N21se/7, N21se/7, N21se/8, N21se/8, N21se/9, N21se/9, N21se/960, N21se/960, N31, N31, N31/10, N31/10-2, N31/11, N31/2, N31/2, N31/3, N31/3, N31/4, N31/4, N31/5, N31/5, N31/6, N31/6, N31/7, N31/8, N31/9, N81, N81a, N88, N88/2, N88/3, N88/4, N88/5, Of2, Oi5/2, On1, Ou7, Ou7/app, Ov2, Ov2/2, P17, P18, P19, P26, P26/2, P26/3, P29, P29/2, P29/3, P29/965, P36, P36/2, P41, P42, P44, P44/2, P44/3, P44/4, P44/5, P44/6, P69, P69/11, P69/12, P69/13, P69/2, P69/3, P69/4, P69/5, P69/6, P69/7, P69/8, P69/9, P73, P75, P81, P81/2, P81/3, P81/966, P81/967, P83, P92, P92/2, P92/3, P92/4, P92/5-2, P94, P94/2, P94/3, P94/4, P94/5, P94/6/975, P96/, P96/2, P96/3, P96/947-60, R11, R14, R26, R26/2, R26/3, R26/4, R26/5, R27, R29/2, R29/3, R29/3/970, R29/4, R29/5, R29/6, R29/7, R29/953, R29/956, R29/958, R29/961, R29/965, R29/966, R29/967, R29/969, R29/970, R29/971, R29/973, R31, R31/2, R31/3, R32, R32/2, R32/3, R32/4, R32/5, R47, R47/2, R47/3, R92, Sa1, Sa4, Sci2, Sci2/2, Sci2/4, Sci2/5, Sci2/6, Sci2/8, Se2, Se2/2, Se2/3, Se2/4, Se2/5, Se6/2, Se8, Sh6, Sm1, So1, So8, So8/2, So8/3, So8/5, So8/6, So8/7, Sp2/2, Sp3, St1, St2, St2/3, St4/ind, St4/pt.13-71, St9, St9/2, Su1, Su7/2, Su7/4, Su7/5, Su7/6, Su7/6/966, Su7/7, Su7/7/969, T11, T11/970, T14, T19, T19/2, T19/3, T19/4, T19/5, T19/6, T19/7, T19/8, T21, T22, T22/969, T31, T67, T67/2, T67/3, T67/3/app, T67/5, T67/964, T67/965, T68, T69, Un3/2, Ur1, Ur1/2, Ur1/3, Ur1/4, Ur1/962, Ut3, Ut3/14/974, Ut3/14/975, Ut3/2, Ut3/3/971, Ut3/4/974, Ut3/4/975, V55, V63, V66, V67, V87, W22, W26, W29, W29/2, W78

Committee on Human Resources (Senate)

Y4.H88 Publications Ad7, Ad7/2, Ag3, Al1/2, Al1/3/977, Al1/4/977, Al1/5/978, Al1/6/978, Al1/7/978, Al1/8, Al1/977, B46/978, B52, B52/2/977, B56/977, B66, C16/977, C18/977, C43/2/977-78, C43/3/978, C43/977, C61, C68, C73, C82/977, C84/977, D63/2, D63/977, D71, D84, D84/2/977, D84/3, D84/4, Ec7, Ec7/2/977-78, Ed8/2/977, Ed8/2/978, Ed8/3/978, Ed8/4, Ed8/977, El2/977, Em3/977, Em7/2, Em7/3, Em7/4, Em7/977, F21, F21/2/978, F31/978, F73, H19/977, H34, H34/2/977, H34/3, H34/4, H34/5, H34/6/978, H88/2, H88/977, In2, In2/3/977, In2/4, In3/2, In3/978, L11, L11/2, L11/3, L12, L52, L52/2/977, L52/3/977, L61, L86, M36, M66, M66/2, M79, N21a, N21i, N21s, N21s/2, N21w, N72, N72/977-11, N72/977-11/app, N72/977-12, N72/977-13, N72/977-14, N72/977-15, N72/977-16, N72/977-17, N72/977-18, N72/977-19, N72/977-2, N72/977-20, N72/977-21, N72/977-22, N72/977-23, N72/977-24, N72/977-25, N72/977-26, N72/977-27, N72/977-28, N72/977-29, N72/977-3, N72/977-30, N72/977-31, N72/977-4, N72/977-5, N72/977-6, N72/977-7, N72/977-8, N72/977-9, N72/978-10, N72/978-4, N72/978-5, N72/978-6, N72/978-7, N72/978-8, N72/978-9, N93/978, Ob7/978, Oc1, Oc1/2, Ol1, Ol1/2, P49, P52, P91/977, P96/977, R24/977, R26/977, R88, Sa1/977, Su2/978, T81/978, V88, V88/978, Y8, Y8/2/978

Select Committee on Hunger (Senate)

Y4.H89 Publications Ag8, B22, C86, D63, Ed8, Er1, F73, F73/2, F73/3, F76/977-86, H34, H75, H89, H89/3, In2, N95, P31, P81, Sa8, Se4, St8, V83 H89 Sa8
Y4.H89 Hearings 99-5 through 99-10, 99-12 through 99-15, 99-16/pt.2, 99-18, 99-20 through 99-24, 100-1, 100-3 through 100-9, 100-11 through 100-19, 100-21 through 100-32, 101-1 through 101-12, 101-14 through 101-15, 101-18 through 101-26, 102-19 through 102-30, 102-31 through 102-39, 103-1 through 103-2

Committee on Immigration and Naturalization (House)

Y4.Im6/1 Publications Al4/22 Deportation of Alien Seamen, Al4/23 Shorten Temporary Stay and Deportation of Alien Subversive Propagandists, Al4/24 Deportation of Aliens, Al4/25 To Exclude and Deport Alien Habitual Commuters, Al4/26 To Exclude and Expel Alien Fascists and Communists, Al4/27 To Deny Admission to the United States of Certain Aliens and to Reduce Immigration Quotas, C43/4 To Provide a Temporary Haven from the Dangerous Effects of War for European Children Under the Age of Sixteen, C49/3 Documentary Evidence of Citizenship, D44/11 To Authorize the Prompt Deportation of Criminals and Certain Other Aliens, F47 Naturalization of Filipinos, F76 Statistics on Foreign-Born Persons in the United States , Im6 Immigration Investigation, Im6/20/pt.2 Study of Immigration and Naturalization Laws and Problems, Im6/21/pt.4 , Im6/21/pt.5 Study of Problems Relating to Immigration and Deportation and Other Matters, Im6/21/pt.6 , In2/2 India-Born Residents of the United States Request for Naturalization, L44/3 Proposed Codification of Laws Relating to Immigration Naturalization and Citizenship, N21/5 To Amend the Nationality Act of 1940, N21/13 Codification of the Nationality Laws of the United States, N21/16 Loss of Nationality and Citizenship because of Convection of Desertion from the Armed Forces, N21/19 To Revise and Codify the Nationality Laws of the United States into a Comprehensive Nationality Code, N73/2 Extend Nonquota Status to Husbands of Ministers and Professors, P29 Statutory Pay and Promotion for Employees of Immigration and Naturalization Service, P53/2 To Return to the Philippine Islands Unemployed Filipinos, R25/3 Admission of German Refugee Children, R27/4 Non-Quota Status to Certain Alien Relatives of Lawfully Admitted Alien, Residents who Have Filed Valid Declarations of Intent, R27/5 Private Relief Bills Regarding Irregular Admission Documents at Time of Entry, W89/2 Permit Certain Resident-Oriental Veterans in Armed Forces of, United States During the World War to Apply for Citizenship, W89/3 Permit Certain “Blue Discharge” Veterans in Armed Forces of the United States During the World War to Apply for Citizenship Under Veterans’ Naturalization Acts

Select Committee on Improper Activities in Labor or Management Field (Senate)

Y4.Im7 Publications L11 Investigation of Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field Parts:, 1-37, 39-58, index, index 2,

Senate Impeachment Trial

Y4.Im7/2 Report of the Senate Impeachment Trial Committee Senate Hearings: 99-812, 101-194, 101-247

Committee on Indian Affairs (Senate)

Y4.In2/2 Publications L44 Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties

American Indian Policy Review Commission

Y4.In2/10 Publications Al1/2 American Indian Policy Review Commission, Ed8 Report on Indian Education, F31 Report on Federal Administration and Structure of Indian Affairs, F31/2 Report on Federal, State, and Tribal Jurisdiction, H34 Report on Indian Health, L41 American Indian Policy Review Commission, M31 Bureau of Indian Affairs Management Study, R29 American Indian Policy Review Commission, R31 Report on Reservation and Resource Development and Protection, T27 Report on Terminated and Non federally Recognized Indians, T73 Report on Tribal Government, T77 Report on Trust Responsibilities and the Federal-Indian Relationship: Including Treaty Review, Ur1 Report on Urban and Rural Non-Reservation Indians

Select Committee on Indian Affairs

Y4.In2/11 Hearings Ag4 Federal Aging Programs Oversight, B56 Distribution of Blackfeet, Gros Venter, and Assiniboine Tride Judgment Funds, B85/4/982 Impact of Fiscal Year 1982 Budget Reductions on Indian Health Service, C52 pts.1-2 Oversight of Indian Claims Affected by Federal Statue of Limitations, C52/2 Clallam Judgment Funds, D69 Dolly Akers Relief Bill, F96/2 To Amend the Judgment Funds Distribution Act, H81/4 Oversight of Budgets of Indian Programs in Departments of HUD, Education and HHS, In2/11/983 Oversight of Fiscal Year 1983 Indian Impact Aid Budget, K13 Partitioning of Certain Restricted Land in the State of Kansas, L11 Disbursal of Lac Courte Oreilles Band Trust Funds, L22/4 Chitimacha and Mashantucket Pequot Indian Land Claims, N21 pt.3 Development of Native American Culture and Art, N22/2 Navajo-BLM Land Exchange, N22/3 Vanderwagen-Navajo Nation Land Exchange, N22/4 Conferring of Jurisdiction on the U.S. Court of Claims with Respect to Certain Claims of the Navajo Tribe, N22/4 Conferring of Jurisdiction on the U.S. Court of Claims Over Claims of the Navajo Tribe, Oi 5/2 Oil Removal from Blackfeet Lease, Os 1 Army Acquisition of Subordination of Osage Mineral Rights, P19 Water Claims of the Papago Tribe, S.hrg.100-939 Arizona-Florida Land Exchange Act of 1988, S.hrng.100-949 Hoopa-Yurok Indian Reservation, S.hrng.100-983 Settlement of the Water Claims of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Maricopa County, S.hrng.100-989 Child Abuse and Neglect, S.hrng.101-514 Religious Freedom Act Amendments, S.hrng.103-543 Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians Act and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, S.hrng.103-916 Indian Self-Determination Contract Reform Act fo 1994, S.prt.102-51 Compilation of selected Indian legislation, Sch6 Closing of Off-Reservation Boarding Schools, Si3/3 Permanent Improvements on Siletz Indian Reservation Lands, Si7 Devils Lake Sioux Tribe land Transactions, Sm6 Nomination of Kenneth L. Smith, St3 Steelhead Trout Protection Act, T73/4 Proposed Reauthorization for the Tribally Controlled Community College Program, W27 Trust Lands for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California

Information and Facilities Commission (House)

Y4.In3 Publications Au8 Automated Information Resources for the U.S. House of Representatives, M91 Multiple Letter Center, Sp1 A Proposal to Build Additional Office Space in the Interior Courtyards of the Cannon and Longworth House Office Buildings, St1 The Feasibility of a Congressional Staff Journal as a “Process for Communication”

Joint Select Committee to Inquire into Affairs in the Insurrectionary States

Y4.In7/2 Publications In7/1 Ku Klux Conspiracy Report of the Committee
Committee on Interoceanic Canal (Senate)

Y4.In8/1 Publications Is7/2 Isthmian Canal May 31, 1902m, P19/10 Panama Canal Hearings 1912

Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce (Senate)

Y4.In8/3 Publications A1.1/10, F49/2, F53/2, F53/6, 8/pt.2 F53/8, Ac2/4, Ai7/11, Ai7/13, Ai7/14, Ai7/15, Ai7/16, Ai7/17, Ai7/18, Ai7/19, Ai7/20, Ai7/21, Ai7/22, Ai7/23, Ai7/24, Ai7/25, Ai7/26, Ai7/27, Al1/10/959, Al1/11, Al1/4, Al1/5, Al1/8, Al1/8/960, Al1/9, Ar2, Au2, Au8/2, Au8/2/95, Au8/2/957, Au8/3, Au8/4, Au8/5, Au8/6, Av5/2/960, Av5/2/960-2, Av5/4, B22, B29, B48, B63/3, B64/2, C19, C19/2, C23/10, C33, C33/955, C44, C49/10/955, C49/11, C49/8, C49/9, C49/9/955, C62, C63/8, C63/9, C73/1, C73/2, C73/28/pt.2 , C73/30, C73/32, C73/33, C73/34, C73/34/958, C73/34/959, C73/34/960, C73/35, C73/36, C86, D36, D67, D67/2, F11/6, F31/4, F31/5, F31/6, F31/6/959, F317/2/955, F317/2/958, F317/954, F31a, F32, F52, F53/10, F53/10/959, F53/12, F53/3, F53/4, F53/5, F53/5/958, F53/9, F76, F76/2, F76/2/960, F76/2/960-3, F76/2/960-4, F76/2/960-5, F76/3/960, F76/3/960-2, F76/3/960-3, F88/10, F88/11, F88/9, G1/4, G14/2, G21/4, G21/5, G21/6, G21/6/955, G317/2/959-2, G79/3, G79/4, G96, H14, H22, H33, H66, H67, H83, H87, H97/2, In8/18, In8/19, In8/20, In8/22, In8/23, In8/24, In8/26, In8/30, In8/31, In8/32, In8/33, In8/34, In8/34/956, In8/35, K45, K96, K96/957, L51, L61, L62/2, L62/3, L66/7/954, L66/7/956, L78/2, M13, M13/955, M27, M33/2, M33/3, M33/3/961, M33/4/961, M46, M53/10, M53/11, M53/12, M53/13, M53/14, M53/14/958, M53/14/958-2, M53/14/959, M53/15, M53/16, M53/16/959, M53/16/959-60, M53/16/960, M53/17, M53/17/961 Sh6/6, M53/5, M53/6, M53/7, M53/8, M56, M59/2, M59/2/956, M59/4, M66/20, M66/3, M66/4, M75, M76, M82, M84/5, M85/10, M85/9, M95, N16, N21/3, N38, N47, N72/2, N72/2/961, N72/3, N72/3/960, N72/3/961, N72/4, N72/5, Ow4, P19, P19/2, P26/2, P73, P75, P83/5, P92, P93, P93/3, P96/4, R11/13, R13/56/1-29, R13/69, R13/70, R13/71, R13/72, R13/73, R13/74, R18/3, R18/4, R25, R52, R82, Sa1/10, Sa1/3, Sa1/5/961, Sa1/8, Sa1/9, Sa3/4, Sh2, Sh6/11, Sh6/12-Sh6/16, Sh6/4, Sh6/5, Sh6/7, Sh6/8, Sh6/9, St2, St3/2, St4, St8/3, Sw5, Sw6, T15, T235/9, T237/11, T237/12, T237/13, T237/4, T237/4/958, T237/4/959, T237/4/961, T237/5, T237/7, T237/8/pt.1-8, T27, T31, T31/2, T31/2/961, T67/2, T67/37, T67/4/959, T68/1, T68/19, T68/21, T68/22, T68/23, T68/24, T68/25, T68/26, T68/27, T68/28, T68/29, T68/30, T69/2, T73, Un3/2, V63/10, V63/3, V63/4, V63/7, V63/8, V63/9, W27, W29/4, W29/5, W41, W64/3, W64/4, W65/5, W69

Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce (House)

Y4.In8/4 Hearings C73/15, P19/27, P44/7, P96/21, P96/24, R11/4, R11/5, R13/54, R13/61/2, R13/69, R31/76, Se2/12, T19/2, T23/12, T31/5, T687/20, Ac2, Ac2/963, Ad6, Ad6/2, Ad6/3, Ag3, Ag8, Ai7/14, Ai7/15, Ai7/15/952, Ai7/18, Ai7/19, Ai7/20, Ai7/21, Ai7/22, Ai7/23, Ai7/23/957, Ai7/24, Ai7/25, Ai7/26, Ai7/26/960, Ai7/26/961-62, Ai7/26/963, Ai7/27, Ai7/28, Ai7/28/964, Ai7/29, Ai7/30, Ai7/31, Ai7/32, Ai7/33, Ai7/34/975-2, Ai7/34/976, Ai7/34/977, Al1/3, Al1/3/956, Al1/4, Al1/4/959, Al1s, Als/2, Am8, Am8/2, Am8/3, Am8/4, Am8/5, An/5, Ar1, As3/2, At6, At8, Au8/2, Au8/3, Au8/4, Au8/5, Au8/6, Au8/7, Av5/3, Av5/4, B21, B22/2, B27, B44, B52, B56, B61, B62/3, B78, B78/10, B78/3, B78/4, B78/4/962, B78/5, B78/6, B78/7, B78/8, B78/9, B78/960, B85, B85/2/978, B91, B91/2, C12, C16, C16/2, C16/3, C16/4, C23/2, C33, C33/2, C33/3, C33/955, C42, C43/7, C48/addendum, C49/10, C49/12, C49/13, C49/7/954, C49/7/956, C49/8, C49/9, C63/26, C71, C71/2, C73/11/961, C73/13, C73/15/955, C73/15/955, C73/16, C73/16, C73/17, C73/17, C73/17/960, C73/17/960, C73/17/962, C73/17/962, C73/17/964, C73/17/964, C73/17/964-2, C73/17/964-2, C73/18, C73/18, C73/19, C73/19, C73/20, C73/20, C73/21, C73/21, C73/21/977, C73/21/977, C73/22, C73/22, C73/22/979, C73/22/979, C73/23, C73/23, C73/25, C73/25, C76, C76, C76/3, C76/3, C76/3/980, C76/3/980, C81/2, C81/2, C89, C89, D37/5, D37/5, D43/3, D43/3, D47, D47, D63/3, D63/3, D63/4, D63/4, D83, D83, D83/2, D83/2, D84/3, D84/3, D84/4, D84/4, Ec7/2, Ec7/2, El2/3, El2/3, El2/4, El2/4, El2/5, El2/5, El2/6, El2/6, El5, El5, Em7, Em7, En2/10, En2/10, En2/11, En2/11, En2/12, En2/12, En2/13, En2/13, En2/14, En2/14, En2/15, En2/15, En2/16, En2/16, En2/17, En2/17, En2/18, En2/18, En2/19, En2/19, En2/2, En2/2, En2/20, En2/20, En2/21, En2/21, En2/22, En2/22, En2/23, En2/23, En2/3, En2/3, En2/5, En2/5, En2/6, En2/6, En2/7, En2/7, En2/7/979, En2/7/979, En2/9/976-85, En2/9/976-85, Ep4, Ep4, Et3, Et3, Ex7/16, Ex7/16, F31/6, F31/6, F31/7, F31/7, F317/10/954, F317/10/954, F317/10/958, F317/10/958, F317/10/959, F317/10/959, F317/10/961, F317/10/961, F317/12, F317/12, F317/13, F317/13, F317/14, F317/14, F317/15, F317/15, F317/16, F317/16, F317/17, F317/17, F317/18, F317/18, F317/19, F317/19, F317/20, F317/20, F317/21, F317/21, F317/22, F317/22, F317/23, F317/23, F49, F49, F51/4, F51/4, F52/2, F52/2, F61, F61, F61/2, F61/2, F64, F64, F64/2, F64/2, F67, F67, F73/11, F73/11, F73/12, F73/12, F73/5, F73/5, F73/6, F73/6, F73/7, F73/7, F73/8, F73/8, F73/9, F73/9, F88/7, F88/7, F88/8, F88/8, F95/6, F95/6, G14, G14, G14/962, G14/962, G21/10, G21/10, G21/11, G21/11, G21/12, G21/12, G21/13, G21/13, G21/14, G21/14, G21/16, G21/16, G21/17, G21/19, G21/22, G21/23, G21/9, G21/9, G22/961, G28, G29, G56/3, G76p, G94, G95, H22, H33, H34/10, H34/11, H34/12, H34/13, H34/13/960, H34/14, H34/15, H34/16, H34/17, H34/19, H34/20, H34/21/973, H34/22/973, H34/23, H34/26/errata, H34/28, H34/29, H34/30, H34/5, H34/7, H34/8, H34/9, H34/971, H34/973, H62, H62/971, H67, H75/2, H78/2/971, H79/2, H79/2/958, H79/2/964, H79/3, H79/4, H79/4/supp, H79/5, H79/6/976-77, H79/7, H79/8/976-77, H81/7, H99, H99/2, I23/9, Im6, In2/3, In3, In3/974, In8/20, In8/21, In8/22/954, In8/22/961, In8/23/958, In85/3, In9/2, In9/3, L62, L62/15, L62/16, L66, L78, L78/2, L78/3, L78/3/add, L85/5, M34/4, M46/11/973, M46/12, M46/14/975, M46/15, M46/16/966-76, M46/16/966-77, M46/17, M46/4, M46/5, M46/6, M46/7, M46/8, M46/9, M52, M52/3, M59/6, M59/6/960, M59/6/961, M85/10, M85/11, M85/12, M85/13, M85/14, M85/16, N16, N21/10/958, N21/12, N21/13, N21/5, N21/9, N47/2, N47/2/958, N69, N69/2, N93/6, Oi5/10, Oi5/11/979, Oi5/11/979-2, Oi5/12, Oi5/14, Oi5/6, Oi5/6/963, Oi5/7, Oi5/8, Oi5/9, Op3, Op7, Ov2/2, Ov2/3, P22, P26/3, P37, P38, P38/2, P43, P44/14-2, P44/16, P44/17, P44/20, P56, P75/2, P75/3, P75/3/963, P75/3/963, P75/961, P83/8, P94/3, P96/10/963, P96/15, P96/17, P96/18, P96/2/966, P96/20, P96/21/959, P96/22, P96/23, P96/25, P96/26/966, P96/27, P96/28, P96/29, P96/30, Q2/963, Qu2, R11/2, R11/3, R11/6, R11/7, R11/8, R11/9, R13/40, R13/46, R13/46, R13/48, R13/52, R13/52/961, R13/53, R13/54/957, R13/54/958, R13/54/959, R13/54/96, R13/55, R13/55/956, R13/56, R13/57, R13/66, R13/67, R13/68, R25/2, R26/2, R26/3, R26/3/961, R26/4, R26/8, R26/961/no.1, 2, R26/indes, R26/pt.1-14, R31/6, R31/7, R31/70, R31/71, R31/73, R31/74, R31/75, R31/75/977-2, R31/77, R31/78, R31/79, R31/8, R31/9, R32/6, R76/2, R76/6, R95, S32/24, Sa1/11, Sa1/11/963, Sa3/4, Se10/pt.1, Se2/11, Se2/13, Se2/14, Se2/15, Se2/16, Se2/17, Se2/20, Se2/21, Se2/22, Se2/23, Se6, Si3/5, So4/2, So5, Sp1, Sp3, Sp3/2, St2, St3/2, St8, Su7, Sw6, T11, T13/956, T19, T23/10, T23/11, T23/13, T23/15, T23/16, T23/5, T23/6, T23/7, T23/7/959, T23/7/959-2, T23/8, T23/9, T27/2, T31/6, T48/3, T48/4, T48/5, T51, T55/2, T64, T66, T67/10/958, T67/12, T67/13, T67/13/959, T67/14, T687/10/962, T687/10/963, T687/17, T687/18, T687/19, T687/21, T687/22, T687/23, T687/24, T687/25, T73, T73/2, Un3/2, Un3/979, Up7, Ur1, V83, W19/13, W19/14/954, W19/17, W19/18, W19/18/961, W27, W27/2, W28, W29/6, W37/2, W37/3, W85
Y4.In8/4 Legislative Calendar 89-1 to 89-54 (missing volumes: 89-27 and 89-52), 90-1 to 90-51 (missing volumes: 90-19), 91-1 to 91-100 (missing volumes: 91-7, 91-96), 92-1 to 92-111 (missing volumes: 92-3, 92-94), 93-1 to 93-115 (missing volumes: 93-61, 93-63, 93-78, 93-84, 93-89, 93-108), 94-1 to 94-150 (missing volumes: 94-39, 94-60, 94-112, 94-116, 94-136, 94-141), 95-1 to 95-201 (missing volumes: 95-7, 95-30, 95-51, 95-103, 95-172, 95-141, 95-190,, 95-197), 96-1 to 96-239 (missing volumes: 96-18, 96-45, 96-73, 96-75, 96-78, 96-88, 96-92,, 96-111, 96-138, 96-161, 96-196 to 96-199, 96-201,, 96-211)

Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation

Y4.In8/11 Publications B96, C68, C81, D21, El2, Ex2/3/959, Ex2/4, Ex2/5, Ex2/6, Ex3/3/965, F22, F76, F84 (see C68), G31 (see C68), In2/3, In2/5, In2/6, In2/9, In8/10, In8/11, In8/12, In8/13, In8/14, In8/16, In8/2, In8/21, In8/5/954, In8/5/961, In8/7, In8/8/960, In8/8/962, In8/8/967, In8/8/969, In8/8/971, In8/9, L44/2, M62 (see C68), M98, P75, R24/966-67, R24/967-78, R29 (see C68), R29/3, R29/4, R29/4/956, R29/4/959, R32/4, R32/5, St2/2/972, Sw3 (see C68), T27, T77

Tax Cases Decided With Options By The Supreme Court

T19/3/949-53, T19/3/954-55, T19/3/957-58, T19/3/959, T19/3/960, T19/3/961, T19/4/971, T19/5, T19/6, T19/7, T19/8, T19/10, T19/12/972, T19/7, T19/21

Select Committee to Investigate the Interstate Migration of Destitute Citizens (House)

Y4.In8/12 Publications M58 Interstate Migration, Pts. 4-10

Committee on Internal Security (House)

Y4.In8/15 Hearings B56/pt.1-4, C73/970, C73/971/pt.1-3, C73/972/pt.1-2, C73/973/pt.1-6, Em3, F31, In8, In8/2, In8/3, In8/4, L95, N21p/pt.2-4, N42m, N42m/2, Oa8/pt.1-A and 1-B, P37/pt.1-4, P75/968-73, P94, St9/pt.1-A, St9/pt.1-B, St9/pt.2, St9/pt.3-A, St9/pt.4, St9/pt.5, St9/pt.6-A, St9/pt.6-B, St9/pt.7-A, St9/pt.7-B, Su1/pt.1-4, Sy6, T27, T27/2, T69, T69/973, T75, W89

Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (Senate)

Y4.In8/17 Publications In8/12 Intelligence Activities, vol. 2, 6-7

Committee on Irrigation and Reclamation (Senate)

Y4.Ir7/1 Publications Ar4/1 Irrigation and Reclamation of Arid Lands, M69/2 To Establish a Missouri Valley Authority, M69o Control and Use of the Water Resources of the Missouri River Basin

Committee on the Judiciary (House)

Y4.J89/1 Committee Prints 82/21, 84/1, 84/12, 84/14, 84/16, 84/17, 84/18, 84/19, 84/23, 84/24, 84/4, 84/5, 84/8, 88/8, 89/11, 89/12, 89/15, 89/18, 89/19, 89/20, 89/3, 89/6-1, 89/6-2, 90/12, 90/14, 90/15, 90/2, 90/6, 90/7, 90/9, 91/1, 91/11, 91/12, 91/15, 91/2, 91/20, 91/25, 91/29, 91/30, 91/6, 91/9, 92/19, C57-3, C86/1
Y4.J89/1:D63/24 District of Columbia Code 924

Committee on the Judiciary (Senate)

J89/2 Hearings Ap6/955, Ar5, B22/4, B22/ll, B75, C15, C44/2, C76/2, C95, C96, D35/2, D63/9/967, E12/956, Em7/11, F31/12, In2/7, In8/5, J89/10, J89/16-967, J98/31, K14, L66/4/pt.1, L96, M31, M36, M69, M74p, N56, N88, Oi5/5, Ot8, P34/14, P56/2, Q4, R23, R25/2, R27/2, R29/4, St9, T14, T31/955, Un34/3, V67/2, V94/2

Committee on Labor and Public Welfare (Senate)

Y4.L11/2 Hearings Ac8, Ag3/3/pt.3,6, Ag3/6, Ag3/7, Ag3/v.2-6, 9-10, Ag4, Ag4/2, Ag4/3, Ag4/4, Ag4/5, Ag4/6/972, Ag4/6/973, Ag4/7/973, Ag4/8/973, Ag4/9/974, Ag8, Ag8/2/974, Ai7, Al1, Al1/10, Al1/11/976, Al1/12/976, Al1/2, Al1/2/971, Al1/3/973, Al1/3/976, Al1/5, Al1/6, Al1/7, Al1/7/973, Al1/9/975, Am3/2, Am7, An5, Ar2, Ar3, Ar7, Ar7/2, Ar7/3, Ar7/4, Ar7/5, Ar7/6, Ar7/7/975, B23/2/973, B39, B47/2/976, B47/975, B56/2/972, B56/2/976, B56/971-72, B61/974, B69, B74/976, B81, B81/2, B85, B85/2/977, B86, C12, C16, C16/3, C16/4, C16/5, C37, C37/2, C42, C43, C43/10/974, C43/10/975, C43/11/975, C43/13/975, C43/14/975, C43/2, C43/3, C43/4, C43/5, C43/6/972, C43/7, C44/2, C49/975, C51, C61/975, C63, C63/2, C63/2/970, C63/4, C63/5, C63/959, C63/965, C67, C67/2, C67/965, C67/967, C68, C73, C73/10/975, C73/3, C73/4, C73/5/972, C73/7, C73/8, C76/2/972, C76/3/975, C76/4, C81/972, C82, C82/2, C86/975, C89, D29, D34, D34/2, D34/3, D34/965, D43, D49, D49/974, D56, D56/975, D63/2, D63/3/975, D65, D84, D84/10, D84/11/971, D84/11/971-2, D84/12/971, D84/13/972, D84/14/972, D84/15/974, D84/16/974, D84/19/975, D84/2, D84/3, D84/4, D84/4/974, D84/6, D84/7, D84/8, D84/9/971, D93, Ec7, Ec7/2, Ec7/2/968, Ec7/2/970, Ec7/2/973, Ec7/4, Ec7/5, Ec7/966, Ec7/969, Ec7/971, Ed8, Ed8/10, Ed8/10/960, Ed8/11, Ed8/12, Ed8/13, Ed8/14, Ed8/15, Ed8/16, Ed8/16/961, Ed8/17, Ed8/18, Ed8/18/963-64, Ed8/18/965, Ed8/18/966, Ed8/18/967, Ed8/18/968, Ed8/18/969, Ed8/19, Ed8/2, Ed8/20, Ed8/21, Ed8/22/963, Ed8/22/967, Ed8/22/968, Ed8/22/973, Ed8/23, Ed8/24, Ed8/26, Ed8/27, Ed8/28, Ed8/29, Ed8/30, Ed8/31, Ed8/32/975, Ed8/33/975, Ed8/34/976, Ed8/5, Ed8/8, Ed8/982, El2, El2/10, El2/10-2, El2/2, El2/2/966, El2/2/969, El2/3, El2/4, El2/5, El2/6, El2/7, El2/9, Em3/2, Em3/3/971-72, Em3/4, Em3/6, Em3/7, Em7, Em7, Em7/10, Em7/11, Em7/12, Em7/12/app, Em7/14, Em7/16, Em7/16/971, Em7/17, Em7/18, Em7/19/972, Em7/2/962, Em7/2/964, Em7/2/964, Em7/2/966, Em7/22/974, Em7/23/974, Em7/24/975, Em7/26/976, Em7/27, Em7/28, Em7/4, Em7/5, Em7/6, Em7/6/967, Em7/7, Em7/8, En2/2/974, En2/3/974, En2/4/974, En2/973, En8, Et3/3/974, Eu7/971, F15/3/974, F15/4/971, F15/5, F15/6/971, F15/7/972, F15/8/974, F15/949, F15/955, F15/956, F15/959, F15/961, F15/965, F15/971, F15/973, F21, F21/2, F21/2/973, F21/3, F21/3/972, F21/4, F21/5, F21/5/974, F21/5/975, F21/6, F22, F22/2, F22/3, F22/4/974, F31, F31/2, F31/3, F31/4/973, F31/955, F48, F67/976, F73, F73/2/975, F73/3, F73/965, F76/2, F81, F81/2/975, F81/3, F87, G28, G28/975, G29/2/976, G36, G39, G56, H19, H19/2, H19/3/973-74, H19/3/975, H19/5, H19/977, H34, H34/10, H34/11, H34/11/966, H34/12, H34/13, H34/14, H34/15, H34/16, H34/17/969, H34/18, H34/19, H34/20, H34/21, H34/22, H34/24/972, H34/26, H34/27, H34/28, H34/29/972, H34/3, H34/30, H34/33/973, H34/33/974, H34/34/973, H34/35, H34/38, H34/39, H34/40/974, H34/42/975, H34/44/976, H34/45/976, H34/5, H34/6, H34/8, H34/9, H35, H35/3, H35/4/972, H35/5/975, H36, H37, H53, H53/2, H53/3, H53/4, H53/5/974, H53/966, H53/970, H55, H55/2, H65, H75, H79/2, H79/3, H79/4, H79/4/973, H79/4/974, H89, H89/2, H89/3, H89/968, Im7, In2, In2/2, In2/2/969, In2/3, In2/4, In2/6/975, In2/7/975, In3/973, In8, In8/2, In8/3, In8/4, In8/5, J57, J57/3, J57/4/976, J98/2, J98/2, J98/3, J98/3/967, J98/4, J98/4/965, K12, L11, L11/11, L11/12, L11/13, L11/14, L11/15, L11/16, L11/2, L11/3, L11/5, L11/6/959, L11/6/961, L11/6/961-62, L11/6/962, L11/6/963, L11/7, L11/8, L51, L52/2, L52/3, L52/6, L52/7/973-74, L55, L61/2, L61/4, L61/4/970, L61/5, L62, L86, L86/2, L86/2/958, L86/2/961, L86/2/968, L86/2/972, M31, M31/10, M31/11, M31/11/962, M31/11/967, M31/11/970, M31/12, M31/13/970, M31/14, M31/15, M31/16/972, M31/16/ind, M31/17/972, M31/18/974, M31/3, M31/4, M31/5, M31/6, M31/7, M31/7/966, M31/8, M31/9, M33/3/972, M33/3/975, M33/4, M42, M46/10/963-68, M46/11, M46/12, M46/13, M46/14, M46/15, M46/16, M46/4, M46/5, M46/6, M46/8, M46/9, M56/6, M58, M58/11, M58/3, M58/4, M58/4/969, M58/5, M58/7, M58/8, M58/9, M59, M59/10, M61, M66/2, M66/4, M66/5/973, M66/5/975, M66/5/976, M69, M86/4, M91, M97/973, N16, N16/2, N21/13, N211/6, N211/7, N211/7, N21ac, N21ce, N21co, N21d, N21d/3, N21d/5, N21d/6, N21d/961, N21di, N21dia/2/976, N21dia/973, N21ed/2, N21ed/3, N21f/973/pt.1, N21h3, N21i, N21L1/4, N21s, N21sc/2/970, N21sc/2/971, N21sc/2/972, N21sc/3/973, N21sc/4/971, N21sc/4/973, N21sc/4/974, N21sc/4/975, N21sc/4/976, N21sc/968, N21si, N21w, N27/7, N31/2, N72, N72/2, N72/3, N72/4, N72/5, N72/5/958, N72/5/959, N72/5/959-2, N72/5/959-3, N72/5/959-4, N72/5/960, N72/5/961, N72/5/961-2, N72/5/962, N72/5/962-2, N72/5/963, N72/5/963-2, N72/5/963-3, N72/5/964, N72/5/964-2, N72/5/965, N72/5/965-2, N72/5/965-3, N72/5/965-4, N72/5/965-5, N72/5/966-2, N72/5/966-3, N72/5/966-4, N72/5/966-5, N72/5/966-6, N72/5/966-7, N72/5/966-8, N72/5/966-9, N72/5/967, N72/5/967-2, N72/5/967-3, N72/5/967-4, N72/5/967-5, N72/5/967-6, N72/5/968, N72/5/969, N72/5/969-10, N72/5/969-11, N72/5/969-12, N72/5/969-13, N72/5/969-14, N72/5/969-15, N72/5/969-16, N72/5/969-17, N72/5/969-18, N72/5/969-2, N72/5/969-3, N72/5/969-4, N72/5/969-5, N72/5/969-6, N72/5/969-7, N72/5/969-8, N72/5/970, N72/5/970-10, N72/5/970-11, N72/5/970-12, N72/5/970-13, N72/5/970-2, N72/5/970-3, N72/5/970-4, N72/5/970-5, N72/5/970-6, N72/5/970-7, N72/5/970-8, N72/5/970-9, N72/5/971, N72/5/971-10, N72/5/971-11, N72/5/971-12, N72/5/971-13, N72/5/971-14, N72/5/971-15, N72/5/971-16, N72/5/971-17, N72/5/971-2, N72/5/971-3, N72/5/971-4, N72/5/971-5, N72/5/971-6, N72/5/971-7, N72/5/971-8, N72/5/971-9, N72/5/972, N72/5/972-10, N72/5/972-11, N72/5/972-12, N72/5/972-2, N72/5/972-3, N72/5/972-4, N72/5/972-6, N72/5/972-7, N72/5/972-8, N72/5/972-9, N72/5/973, N72/5/973-10, N72/5/973-11, N72/5/973-12, N72/5/973-13, N72/5/973-14, N72/5/973-15, N72/5/973-16, N72/5/973-17, N72/5/973-2, N72/5/973-3, N72/5/973-4, N72/5/973-5, N72/5/973-6, N72/5/973-7, N72/5/973-8, N72/5/973-9, N72/5/974, N72/5/974-2, N72/5/974-3, N72/5/974-4, N72/5/974-5, N72/5/975, N72/5/975-10, N72/5/975-12, N72/5/975-13, N72/5/975-2, N72/5/975-3, N72/5/975-4, N72/5/975-5, N72/5/975-6, N72/5/975-7, N72/5/975-8, N72/5/975-9, N72/5/976, N72/5/976-2, N72/5/976-20, N72/5/976-3, N72/5/976-4, N72/5/976-6, N72/5/976-7, N72/5/976-8, N72/5/976-9, N72/5/977, N93, N93/2, N93/3, N93/4, N93/5, N95/19/974, N95/19/974/pt.4, N95/2/974, Oc1, Oc1/2/976, Oc1/app, Ol1/2, Ol1/2/96, Ol1/2/968, Ol1/2/969, Ol1/2/972, Ol1/3, Ol1/4, Ol1/5/972, Ol1/5/973, Ol1/7/975, Ol2, On8/4/pt.5, Op5/976, Ov2, P16, P16/2, P16/972, P29, P38, P38/2, P38/3, P38/4, P38/6/976, P43, P49/973-74/pt.2-6, P492/976/pt.3, P53, P56, P58, P75, P79, P81, P84/2, P86, P86/3, P86/4/pt.1-5, P86/5/pt.6-8, P86/6, P95, P96/2, R11/974, R13/10, R13/11, R13/12, R13/13, R13/13/970, R13/13/970-2, R13/14, R13/15, R13/15/972, R13/16, R13/18/926-66, R13/20, R13/22, R13/23/976, R13/24, R13/3/966, R13/5, R13/8, R13/9, R13/9/953, R13/9/956-59, R13/9/97, R13/9/973, R15, R15/973, R22/2, R22/973, R26/3, R26/4, R26/5, R26/5/973, R26/5/974, R26/6, R31, R31/10, R31/2, R31/2, R31/5, R31/5, R31/7, R31/8, R31/9, R76, R86, Sa1/2, Sa1/3/970, Sa1/5, Sa1/6, Sa1/8, Sch6/10, Sch6/11, Sch6/12, Sch6/13, Sch6/14/pt.3, Sch6/15, Sch6/16, Sch6/17, Sch6/18, Sch6/18/971, Sch6/19/974, Sch6/2, Sch6/20/975, Sch6/21/975, Sch6/3, Sch6/4, Sch6/5, Sch6/6, Sch6/8, Sch6/9, Sci2, Sci2/2/974, Sci2/2/975, Sci2/3, Sco8, Se1, Se1/2, Se4, Se6, Se6/4, Se6/6, Se6/7, Se9/975, Si1, Si1/2, Si2, Sm7/976, So4, So4/2, Sq5, St3, St8/2, St9/2, St9/3, St9/3/982, St9/4, St9/6, St9/7, St9/9/974, Sw6/976, T12, T19, T22, T25, T68, T77, T77/2/974, T81, Un1/2, Un2, Un2/3, Un2/4/975, Un2/5, Un2/5/975-76, Un2/6/976, Un3, Un3/3, Un3/4, V13, V64/12, V64/14, V64/15, V64/16, V64/17, V64/17/963, V64/18, V64/19, V64/21, V64/22, V64/23, V64/24, V64/25, V64/26, V64/26/970, V64/27, V64/6, V64/7, V64/9, V64/963-2, V64/964, V64/965, V64/966, V85, V85/2, V85/2/967, V85/2/968, V85/3, V85/4, V85/5/972, V85/6/975, V85/972, V88, W12, W12/2, W12/4, W12/6, W27, W43, W45, W45/2, W45/3, W45/6, W45/7, W45/8, W45/9/972, W56, W58, W58/2, W58/3-4, W58/5/975, W63, W65, W84, W89, W89/2, W89/3, W89/5, W89/6/976, W89/7/976, W89/7/976-2, W89/976, Y8, Y8/2, Y8/2/963, Y8/3, Y8/5

Committee on Labor and Human Resources (Senate)

S.hrg.100-803 Drug Abuse–Prevention, Education, and Treatmen

Select Committee to Study Law

Y4.L41 Hearings L41 Law Enforcement Undercover Activities

Joint Committee on the Library

Y4.L61/2 Publications B65 History of the United States Botanic Garden 1816-1991, C76 Annual Reports: 1972, 1975, 1978-1980, G76 Impact of Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Budget Reductions on the Library of Congress, L53 Legislative Libraries and Developing Countries, L61 State of Our Nation’s Libraries, L61/2 Testimony of Congress Security Proposals and Policies, N21 Joint Committee on the Library of Congress, R68 Rochambeau, R86 Rules of Procedure

Special Committee To Investigate Lobbying Activities (Senate)

Y4.L78/2 P96 Investigation of Lobbying Activities

Congressional Mailing Standards Commission (House)

Y4.M28 Publications R26 Regulations on the Use of the Congressional Frank

Committee on Manufacutures (Senate)

Y4.M31/2 Publications Un2 Unemployment Relief, Un2/2 Federal Cooperation in Unemployment Relief, Un2/3 Federal Emergency Measures to Relieve Unemployment, Un2/4 Emergency Financing for Unemployment Workers, Un2/5 Federal Aid for Unemployment Relief, Un2/6 Relief for Unemployment Transients

Committee on Military Affairs (House)

Y4.M59/1 Publications Ai7/4 Sale of Air Service Property, R31/5 Research and Development

Committee on Military Affairs (Senate)

Y4.M59/2 Publications Al8 Aluminum Plant Disposal, M59/2 Compulsory Military Training and Service, M71 Hearings—Parts 1-6, M75/2 Wartime Technological Developments, M75/2/supp, Sci2 Scientific and Technological Mobilization—Parts 6 and 9, S.Prt.100-10/rev Rules of Procedure, T22 Technological Mobilization—vol.3, W19/12 War Mobilization, W26 The Government’s Wartime Research and Development, 1940-44, Part 1

Select Committee on Missing Persons in Southeast Asia (House)

Y4.M69/3 Publications Am3 Americans Missing in Southeast Asia

Special Committee Investigating the Munitions Industry (Senate)

Y4.M92 Publications Ar5 International Regulation of the Trade in and Manufacture of Arms and Ammunition, C31 The Chaco Arms Embargo, C83 Minutes of the Council of National Defense, G28 Minutes of the General Munitions Board 1917, H35 Munitions Industry—Hearings—Part 1-39 and Index , In2 Industrial Mobilization Plan, R29 Report 944—Parts 1-7, W14 Final Report, W19/2 Minutes of the war Industry Board 1917-18, W19/3 Minutes of Price Fixing Committee of War Industries Board 1918

Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control (House)

Y4.N16 Committee Print 95-1-1, 95-1-3 to 95-1-5, 95-1-9, 95-1-13 to 95-1-16, 95-2-1, 95-2-2, 95-2-4, 95-2-6, 95-2-7, 95-2-12, 95-2-13, 95-2-16, 95-2-18, 95-2-22 to 95-2-27, 96-1-1, 96-1-3 to 96-1-9, 96-1-11 to 96-1-16, 96-2-1 to 96-2-4, 96-2-6 to 96-2-9, 96-2-11, 96-2-13 to 96-2-16, 96-2-18, 97-1-1 to 97-1-9, 97-2-1 to 97-2-5, 98-1-1

Special Committee to Investigate the N.L.R.B (House)

Y4.N21/4 Publications N21 National Labor Relations Act, vol.1-30

Select Committee Investigating the National Defense Migration (House)

Y4.N21/5 Publications M58 Hearings on Interstate Migrations Parts 1-34, M58 National Defense Migration

Special Committee Investigation the National Defense Program (Senate)

Y4.N21/6 Publications D36 Investigation of the National Defense Program Parts 1-4

Select Committee to Conduct the Study and Survey of the National Defense Program in its Relation to Small Business (House)

Y4.N21/7 Publications D36 A Study and Investigation of the National Defense Program in its Relation to Small Business vol.1-2, D36/3 A Study and Investigation of the National Defense Program in its Relation to Small Business vol.5-7

Select Committee on National Water Resources (Senate)

Y4.N21/8 Publications W29 Water Resources, Parts 1-23 and Index, W29/2 Supplemental Information on Subjects Covered by the Committee’s Studies , 86/1 to 86/32 Water Resource Activities in the United States

Special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency (Senate)

Y4.N21/9 Publications Em3 Emergency Powers Statutes , Em3/2 Summary of Emergency Power Statutes, Em3/3 Brief History of Emergency Powers, Ex3/2 Summary of Executive Orders in Times of War and National Emergency, Ex3 Executive Orders, Ex3/2/974 Executive Replies—Pt.1-3, Ex3/3 Executive Replies Pt.1-2, N21 National Emergency Pt. 1-3

Committee on Naval Affairs (Senate)

Y4.N22/2 Publications R31/6 Establishing a Research Board for National Security

Joint Committee on Navajo-Hopi Indian Administration

Y4.N22/4 Publications L52 Legislation Concerning the Navajo Tribe

Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs (Senate)

Y4.N95 Publications C43/2, D43, D56, D56/977-2, D56/supp, D63, D63/2, D63/977, D69, El2, El2/977, Em3, F73, F73/10, F73/11, F73/12/975, F73/14, F73/15, F73/16, F73/17, F73/2/975, F73/2/pt.1-7, F73/20, F73/21/pt.13, F73/4/973-74, F73/5, F73/6, F73/9, H88, H89, H89/3/973, In8, L52, M46, M46/3, M62/2, N75/971, N95/10, N95/11, N95/12, N95/13, N95/14, N95/15-2, N95/16, N95/17, N95/18-2, N95/19/974, N95/2/972, N95/23, N95/28, N95/3/973, N95/3/973/pt.3, N95/3/974/pt.4, N95/4, N95/5/pt.3, N95/6, N95/7, N95/8, N95/970/pt.1-8, N95/972, N95/pt.2-15, P86, P94, P94/972, P96/2, Sch6, Sch6/2, Sch6/3/975, T53/977, Un2, Un2/supp, Un3, Un3/2

Select Committee to Investigate Old Age Pension Plans (House)

Y4.Ol1 Publications H35 Old-Age Pension Plans and Organizations Vol.1-2, Ol1 Old-Age Pensions

Select Committee on Heavy and Projectiles Ordnance (Senate)

Y4.Or2/1 Publications R29 Report on Ordnance and War Ships

Ad Hoc Select Committee on Outer Continental Shelf (House)

Y4.Ou8/2 Publications Ou8 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Amendment of 1975, Ou8/977 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Amendment of 1977, Ou8/2 Outer Continental Shelf Briefings, Oi5 Offshore Oil and Gas, Ou8/3 O.C.S. Amendments of 1978—Oversight, Ou8/4 O.C.S. Oversight of 1978 Amendments

Joint Committee Investigating the Pearl Harbor Attack

Y4.P31 Publications P31 Pearl Harbor Attack nos. 1-39

Special Committee Investigating Petroleum Resources (Senate)

Y4.P44 Publications Oi5 Oil and Gas Division of the Department of the Interior, P44 Investigation of Petroleum Resources, P44/3 American Petroleum Interests in Foreign Countries, P44/4 Wartime Petroleum Policy Under the Petroleum Administration for War, P44/5 The Independent Petroleum Company, P66 War Emergency Pipe-line Systems and Other Petroleum Facilities

Special Committee to Investigate Political Activities, Lobbying and Campaign Contributions (Senate)

Y4.P75 Publications C15 Campaign Contributions, Political Activities and Lobbying, Oi5 Oil and Gas Lobbying Investigation

Select Committee Population (House)

Y4.P81 Publications 95/1 through 95/12

Special Committee on Post-War Economic Policy and Planning (Senate)

Y4.P84/7 Publications P84 Post -War Economic Policy and Planning, P84/2 Post-War Economic Policy and Planning

Select Committee on Post-War Military Policy (House)

Y4.P84/8 Publications Ar5 Proposal to Establish a Single Department of Armed Forces, M59 Universal Military Training

Special Committee on the Post-War Economic Policy and Planning

Y4.P84/9 Publications P84 Post-War Economic Policy and Planning

Committee on Post Office of Civil Service (House)

Y4.P84/10 Hearings 98-7, 98-9, 101-20

Committee on Post Office and Civil Service (Senate)

Y4.P84/11 Hearings F31/4, Ag8, Ag8/967, Ai7/2, Ai7/3, Ai7/4, Al1s/2, Al1s/3/974-76, An7/4, An7/5, An7/6, At8, B62, B64/960, B64/962, B64/964, C33/2, C33/3/974, C33/4, C33/5, C33/6, C33/965, C33/969, C49/3/963, C73/4, D85, Em7/2, Em7/3, Em7/4, Em7/5, Em7/6/969, En8, Ex3/2, F31/2, F31/3, F51, F51/2, F85, F85/2, F86, G74/2, G89, H18, H21, H28, H34/10, H34/3, H34/4, H34/5, H34/6, H34/7, H34/8, H34/8/971, H34/9, H34/963, H81, In2, In4, Ir8, J83, L11, L52, L62/2, L62/3, M25, M27, M283/5, M283/6, M283/7-9, M35, M72, N21g, N72/962, N72/963, N72/964, N72/964-2, N72/965, N72/966, N72/966-2, N72/967, N72/968, N72/969, N72/969-2, N72/969-3, N72/971, N72/972, N72/973, Ob7, Og2, Ov2/3, P19, P21, P29/10/975, P29/4, P29/6, P29/6/965, P29/6/970, P29/7, P29/8, P29/9, P296/967, P43/3, P75/973, P81, P84/12, P84/13, P84/14, P84/15, P84/17, P84/19, P84/20, P84/21, P84/22, P84/23, P84/24, P84/25/973, P84/25/975, P84/26, P84/27, P84/28, P84/4/968, P84/7, P84/8/967, P95, R13, R13/2, R13/2/969, R13/5/963, R31/10, R31/10/966, R31/10/970, R31/11, R31/12, R31/13, R31/14, R31/15, R31/15, R31/16, R31/16/969, R31/17, R31/19, R31/9, R31/9/964, R32/2, R54, Re1/18, Sa3/3966, Sa3/6, Se4, Sh4, Sp1, Su7, Su7/2, Su7/2/967, Su7/2/968, Su7/2/969, T22, T22/4, Un3/2/975, Un3/2/977, Un3/3/976, V94, V94/2, V94/3, V94/973, W12, W12/2, W12/970, W33, W58 and W84

Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads (Senate)

Y4.P84/2 Publications P21/2 Parcel Post I, P21/3 Parcel Post II

Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (Senate)

Y4.P92/4 Publications El2 Election Reform: Basic References, P92 Presidential Campaign Activities of 1972, P92/2 Presidential Campaign Activities of 1972

Joint Committee on Printing

Y4.P93/1 Publications G74/1 Descriptive Catalog of the Government Publications of the United States, G74/2 Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Establishment of the Seat of Government in the District of Columbia, T17/2 Tariff Acts of the United States

Committee on Public Lands (Senate)

Y4.P96/1 Publications C33 Investigation of Mine Explosion at Centralia, Ill., N41/4 Investigation of Natural Resources

Committee on Public Lands

Y4.P96/2 Publications 80-1/no.11

Joint Committee on Reconstruction

Y4.R24/1 Publications R29/1 Report of the Joint Committee

Joint Select Committee on Retrenchment

Y4.R31/2 Publications C49 The Civil Service—Report of Mr. Jenckers of Rhode Island

Joint Committee on Reduction of Federal Expenditures

Y4.R24/4 Publications B85/2, B85/2/970/no.1, B85/2/970/no.10, B85/2/970/no.11, B85/2/970/no.12, B85/2/970/no.13, B85/2/970/no.15, B85/2/970/no.2, Em7/2/954-59, Em7/2/954-64, Ex7/pt.3, Ex7/pt.4, Ex7/pt.7, Ex7/pt.8, St6

Special Committee to Study the Reorganization of Courts of the United States and Reform of Judicial Procedure (Senate)

Y4.R29/2 Publications J89/pt.1 Additional Federal Judges 1939

Committee on Rules (House)

Y4.R86/1 Publications 955

Temporary Select Committee to Study the Senate Committee System

Y4.Se5/4 Publications C73 Senate Committee System Pt.1-2, S.hrg. 98-981/pt.1-2 Senate Resolution 127, S.prt. 98-254 Report Together with Proposed Resolutions

Special Committee on the Investigation of Silver

Y4.Si3 Publications H35/pt.1-9 Hearings Before a Subcommittee

Select Committee on Small Business (Senate)

Y4.Sm1/2 Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Monopoly D84/pt.5 Competitve problems in the drug industry

Special Committee on Space and Astronautics (Senate)

Y4.Sp1 Publications Ae8/pt.1 National Aeronautics and Space Act, N72 Nominations

Speaker’s Commission on Pages (1982)

Y4.Sp3 Publications P14 Hearings Before the Speaker’s Commission on Pages, P14/2 Final Report to the Speaker

Select Committee on Professional Sports (House)

Y4.Sp6 Publications L41 Professional Sports and the Law, Sp6 Inquiry into Professional Sports, Sp6/977 Inquiry into Professional Sports

Select Committee to Investigate the Disposition of Surplus Property (House)

Y4.Su7 Publications Su7 Investigation, Disposition of Surplus Property

Select Committee on Survivors Benefits (House)

Y4.Su7/2 Publications Su7 Study of Survivors Benefits, Su7/2 Servicemen’s and Veterans’ Survivors

Select Committee on the Investigation of the Tariff Commission (Senate)

Y4.T17 Publications H35 Investigation of the Tariff Commission, Part 1-10 and Index

Special Committee on the Taxation of Governmental Securities and Salaries (Senate)

Y4.T19/2 Publications H35 Taxation on Governmental Securities and Salaries

Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations (House)

Y4.T19/3 Publications F82 Tax-Exempt Foundations, F82/954 Tax-Exempt Foundations, Part 1, In2 Composite Index

Temporary National Economic Committee

Y4.T24 Publications Ec7 Investigation of Concentration of Economic Power, Parts 1-17 and 19-31A, Ec7/2 Description of Hearings and Monographs, Ec7/3 Investigation of Concentration of Economic Power, M75 Monographs 1-43

Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Tennessee Valley Authority

Y4.T25 Publications T25 Investigations, Parts 1-14

Select Committee on Transportation Routes to Seaboard

Y4.T68 Publications R29/1 Transportation Routes to the Seaboard, vol.1-2, R29/2 Report of the Select Committee, Including Appendix

Select Committee on Un-American Activities (House)

Y4.Un1/2 Publications C73/40, Ai7, Am3/2, An8/2, Ar7/2, Ar7/3, At7/3, B28, C12/2, C27, C44, C67, C73/10, C73/100, C73/101, C73/103, C73/103/959, C73/104/pt.1, C73/105, C73/106, C73/107, C73/109, C73/110, C73/111, C73/112, C73/113, C73/114, C73/115, C73/116, C73/117, C73/119, C73/12, C73/120, C73/16, C73/17, C73/20, C73/21, C73/25, C73/27, C73/29, C73/30, C73/31, C73/32, C73/33, C73/34, C73/35, C73/35/958, C73/36, C73/37, C73/37/955, C73/37/956, C73/38, C73/39, C73/4, C73/41, C73/42, C73/43, C73/43/957, C73/44, C73/45, C73/45/957, C73/46, C73/46/959, C73/46/965, C73/47, C73/48, C73/49, C73/50, C73/51, C73/53, C73/54, C73/55, C73/56, C73/57, C73/58, C73/58/957, C73/58/958, C73/6, C73/60, C73/61, C73/62, C73/63, C73/64, C73/65, C73/67, C73/68, C73/69, C73/71, C73/72, C73/73, C73/73, C73/76, C73/77, C73/81/1, C73/82, C73/83, C73/84, C73/85, C73/85/964, C73/89, C73/9, C73/90, C73/91, C73/92, C73/95, C73/99, D39, D62, En2, Es6, F74, F76, F76/2, F76/3, F87, F87/2, F87/2/965, F91, F96, F96/2, In2/955-960, In8/962, In8/962-2, J28, J41, J63, J98, K52, K84, K86, K86/2, K95, K95/ind, L26, L52/960, L89, M22, M72, N21se, N35, Ox5, P26, P26/2, P31, P68, P92, P94, P94/2/961, P94/2/965, R27, R47, R56/2, Sa5, Sm6, So8/3, So8/4, So8/5, So8/7, So8/8, Sp4, St2, Su1, Su1/2/961, Su1/2/961-2, Su1/2/968, T17, T17/3, T97, Un1/11, Un1/6, Un1/7, Un1/app/pt.3-4, 7-8, Un1/index, Un1/v.17, Un1/v.7, V67, W62, Y8

Special Committee to Investigate Unemployment and Relief (Senate)

Y4.Un2/2 Publications P96 Department of Public Works—Amending Social Security Act, Un2 Unemployment and Relief, Un2/1 Unemployment and Relief

Special Committee on Unemployment Problems (Senate)

Y4.Un2/3 Publications R22 Readings in Unemployment, Sh9 Too Old to Work—Too Young to Retire, Un2 Unemployment Problems

Joint Committee on Metropolitan Washington Problems

Y4.W27/2 Publications Ec7, Ec7/2, G74, G74/2, C74/4, L22, N73, R25, Se3, St2, T68, T68/2, T68/3, T68/5, T68/6, T68/8, W29, W29/2, W29/3, W29/4

Committee on Ways and Means

Y4.W36 Committee Prints D21/5, Ad6/x, Ag3/vol.1-4, Av5, C63/3/rev., C68, C76/4, C96/27, C96/28, C96/29/954, C96/29/955, C96/30/1-4, C96/7, D35/3/970, D63/9, D95, Ec7/4, Ec7/5, Ec7/6, Em3/971-2, En2, En2/2, En2/3, F76tr/7/pts.1-11, H34/7/976 , H34/7/976 , H53, H53/2, H53/2, In8/30 , M46/3/pt.1-5 , P29/2 , P53/10 , R29/959 , R29/968 , So1/27/pt.1-7 , So1/v.1 , T17/11, T17/12, T17/172-73, T17/178/pt1-16, T19/26/967, T67/10, T67/10-11, T67/14, T67/14/958, T67/17, T67/19/1-2, 5-6, T67/3, T67/5, Un2, Un2/2/945/rev, Un2/3/951, Un2/3/953, Un2/6, Un2/6/962, Un2/7, Un2/7/969
Y4.W36 Hearings 10-3/951, 10-3/954, 10-3/956, 10-3/958, 10-3/962, 10-3/064, 10-3/965, 10-3/968, 10-4/990

Select Committee to Conduct an Investigation and Study of the Financial Position of the White County Bridge Commission (House)

Y4.W58 Publications W58 Investigation of the White County Bridge Commission

Select Committee on the conservation of Wildlife Resources (House)

Y4.W64/2 Publications C76/5 to C76/9 Conservation of Wildlife, C76/12 Conservation of Wildlife

Special Committee to Investigate the Production, Transportation and Marketing of Wool (Senate)

Y4.W88 Publications In8 Investigation of the Production Transportation and Marketing of Wool

Y7.1 Memorial Addresses H393, K39x, St72
Y7.2 Addresses on Acceptance of Statutes B44, C23, G76, M35, R63, Sh5
Y8.34 Messages and Documents 1, 2
Y9 Speeches M471/2