Y1-Y3: Congress – Commissions and Boards


Y1.1 Miscellaneous Unclassified Publications of Both House and Senate L93 Purchase of the Territory of Louisiana, P96/1 Laws Relating to the Public Lands 1828
Y1.1/5 Senate Reports 88-934, 100-216/app.A, vol.1-2 app.B, vol.9-11, 14, 16, 19-20, 22-23, 26 app.D, vol.2
Y1.1/7 House Documents 94-664 Bicentennial Captive Nations Week, 937 Constitution, Jefferson’s Manual and Rules of the House of Representatives , 943 Constitution, Jefferson’s Manual and Rules of the House of Representatives


Y1.3 Miscellaneous Publications C28/3 Catalogue—Library of the United States Senate, C76/3 Constitution of the United States of America Revised and Edited, 1924, H35/2 Index of Congressional Committee Hearings 1935/Sup.3

Advisory Committee on Fiscal Relations Study

Y3.Ad9/1:1 Reports D63 Fiscal Relations Between the United States and the District of Columbia

Advisory Committee on Education

Y3.Ad9/2:2 General Publications F31 The Federal Government and Education, R29 Report of the Committee
Y3.Ad9/2:7 Staff Studies 1-19

Advisory Commission on Universal Training

Y3.Ad9/5:2 General Publications N21 A Program for National Security

Advisory Committee on Weather Control

Y3.Ad9/6:1 Annual Report 1957 (vol. I and II)

Advisory Commission on Information

Y3.Ad9/7:1 Annual Report 1956-67, 1969, 1972-73, 1977

Air Coordinating Committee

Y3.Ai7/3:2 General Publications C76 The Convertiplane, N22 International Symposium on the U.S. Domestic Short Distance Navigation System—VORTAC—and its relationship to the International Air Navigation System

Airways Modernization Board

Y3.Ai7/4:2 General Publications P94/957-958 Program Progress Report

Federal Reconstruction and Development Planning Commission for Alaska

Y3.Al1s/3:2 General Publications D63 Response to Disaster

Office of Alien Property Custodian

Y3.Al4:1 Annual Reports 1918-19
Y3.AL1s/4:2 General Publications N21 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*

American Battle Monuments Commission

Y3.Am3:2 General Publications Ar2 Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial, B32/938 American Armies and Battlefields in Europe, B77 Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial, C14 Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, C33/970 American Memorials and Overseas Memorial Cemeteries, F61 Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial, G94 American Battle Fields in Europe, H75 Honolulu Memorial National Cemetery of the Pacific, M31/967 Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, M57 Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial , N38/970 Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial, N81af/971 North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial, Sa2m St.Mihiel American Cemetery and Memorial, Si1/970 Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial, Su7 Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial, W89 Division Summary of Operations in the World War Divisions 1-5, 7, 26-30, 32, 33, 35-37, 42, 77-82, 89-93

American Samoan Commission

Y3.Am3/2:2 Publications R29 American Samoan Commission’s Visit to Samoa and Report

American Commission for Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas

Y3.Am3/4:2 Publications R29 1946 Report

American Revolution Bicentennial Administration

Y3.Am3/6:1 Reports First Report (vol. I), Second Report (vol. I-III), Final Report (vol. I-V)
Y3.Am3/6:2 General Publications Ac4 Call for Achievement, Ar2 Above Ground Archaeology, C12 Comprehensive Calendar of Bicentennial Events, C73 Communities Activities Directory (vol. I-II), D65 Documents of Democracy, Et3 National Bicentennial Ethnic Racial Council, Et3/2 Bicentennial Ethnic Racial Report January 1976 April 1976, H78 Horizons ’76 Ideabook, H78/3 Horizons on Display: Guide to the 200 sites, H78/4 Horizons on Display: Handbook for Involvement, J33 The American Bicentennial Jazz Celebration, M27 Magna Carta and the Tradition of Liberty, N21 National Calendar of Bicentennial Events, R26 Master Register of Bicentennial Projects, W27 Metropolitan Washington Area Bicentennial Calendar, W84 Women Involved: A Report on the Bicentennial Achievements of Women
Y3.Am3/6:7 Bicentennial Era 1,1 1,5 2,1, 1,4 1,6 2,5, Special Issue: Report to the President
Y3.Am3/6:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Ac2 Low Cost Accommodations, Sp3 Speakers Manual, Sy6 American Revolution Bicentennial Symbol

Anthracite Coal Strike Commission

Y3.An8:2 Publications R29 Report , Findings and Award of the United States Anthracite Coal Commission

Commission of Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System

Y3.Ap4/3:2 General Publications C49/973-2 The Geographical Boundaries of the Several Judicial Circuits

Architect of the Capitol

Y3.Ar2:1 Annual Report 1975-76

Atlantic-Pacific Interoceanic Canal Study Commission

Y3.At6:1 Report 1970

Atomic Energy Commission

Y3.At7:1 Annual Report to Congress 1959-1974, Indexes: 1960-62, 22/961 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*
Y3.At7:2 General Publications Ac2/963, R11/30, Ac2/2, Ac2/3, At 7/21, At7/14, At7/17, At7/22, At7/23, At7/24, At7/26, B52, B52/2, C18, C18/3, C18/4, C18/5, C42, C61, C73, C76/2/967, C76/3, C76/951, C83, D62, Em7, Em7/2, Em7/3, En2, F19, F48/3/961, F48/3/961/Supp.1, F48/3/961/Supp.2, F48/4, F95, F98, G14, G28, G28/2, H11, H34, H88, In2/2, In3/2, In3/958, Is 7/3/955, Is 7/957, Is7/7/957, Is7/954, L11/2, L62, M31, M53, M56/1, M56/2, N39/2/v.1, N426, N88, N88/11/964, N88/13/965, N88/15, N88/5, N88/5/v.2, N88/6, N88/9, Op5, Op5/2, P31/2964, P56/2/970, P74/970, P87/4, P87/4/app., P87/4/supp.967, P87/5/967 , P94/2/957-2, P94/2/966, P94/2/966, P94/3/969-70, R11/18/958, R11/22, R11/23, R11/24, R11/25, R11/26, R11/28/v.1, R11/28/v.2, R11/28/v.3, R11/28/v.4, R11/28/v.5, R11/28/v.6, R11/29, R11/31, R11/32, R11/33, R11/34, R11/36, R11/38, R11/4, R11/7, R22/4, R22/5, R22/6, R22/7, R22/8, R31, R31/2, R62, Sa1/2, Se4, Sh6, Sh8, So8/963, Sp3/967, Su1/2, T22/6, Un33/2/v1-4, W37, W37/962, W37/964,
Y3.At7:6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions Ae8 Handbook on Aerosols, C76 Methods for Obtaining Construction Economy, L61/964 Conditions and Limitations on the General License Provisions of 0 CRF 150.20, M56/955 Liquid Metals Handbook, Ur1/955 Manual of Analytical Methods for the Determination of Uranium and Thorium in Their Ores
Y3.At7:6-2 Atomic Energy Commission Rules and Regulations 1968, 1969
Y3.At7:6-3 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides Em7, N39 Neutron Absorber Materials for Reactor Control, P56/v.3 Naval Reactors Physics Handbook, P96 Pump Operating Procedure, R11/964 Interagency Radiological Assistance Plan, R11/2 Medical Aspects of Radiation Accidents, R11/3/69 Radiological Emergency Procedures for the Non-Specialist, R11/4 Low-Level Radioactive Wastes, R11/5/969 How to Get a License to Use Radioscopes, R31 Criteria and Procedures for Determining Eligibility for Access to, Restricted Data or Defense Information, T68/965 Handbook for Transportation of Radioactive Materials, Ur1 Uranium Dioxide, W45 Workmanship Manual for Welding
Y3.At7:6-4 AEC Licensing Guides M46/2/965 Medical Programs, M46/2/972 Medical Programs, Op2 Operators’ Licenses, R11/967 Industrial Radiography, R11/970 Industrial Radiography, T23/965 Teletherapy Programs
Y3.At7:8 Declassified Documents ANL-4153 Volatilization of Uranium From Uranium-Impregnated Graphite, ANL-4196 Energy of Activation of Dislocated Carbon Atoms , NYO-1315 The Roasting of Pitchblende Ore
Y3.At7:11 Abstracts of Declassified Documents 1947, vol.1
Y3.At7:12 Isotopes Branch Circulars A-2, A-3, A-6, A-7, B-4, B-5, B-6, C-5, C-6, C-8, C-11, D-5
Y3.At7:16-3 New Nuclear Data, Annual Cumulations 1957, 1959
Y3.At7:16-4 Nuclear Data Tables 1960
Y3.At7:17 Semiannual Reports 1-25/Index
Y3.At7:20 Radiation Instrument Catalog 2 (pt.1 and 2), Y3.At7:22 AEC Research and Development Reports, AECD-3352
Y3.At7:27 Isotopics 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 5-1, 5,2, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3
Y3.At7:28-3 AFC Technical Information Bulletin 1-8
Y3.At7:32 Nuclear Notes For Industry 1-3, 8-54, 9-54, 10-54, 11-54, 12-54, 1955; complete set, 1-13-56, 1-27-56, 3-56, 9-56, 10-56, 12-56, 1-57, 4-57
Y3.At7:34 Addresses B73 Radiation in Perspective, H31/6 Scientists and Society, R14/6 The Requirements Merry-Go-Round in Government Research and Development, Se1/16 The Creation of a Scientist, T72/6 The Nuclear Industry
Y3.At7:36 Reactor and Fuel Processing Technology 1-15
Y3.At7:37 Reactor Fuel Processing 1-9
Y3.At7:38 Reactor Materials vol. 1-12,13 (nos. 1-3 only)
Y3.At7:39 Annual Financial Report 1963, 1964, 1967-1971, 1972 & suppl., 1973 & suppl., 1974 & suppl., 1975
Y3.At7:42 Trilinear Chart of Nuclides 1957 and Revision sheets 3-10, 1958 Revision sheet 1, 1959 Revision Sheet 4, 1960 Revision Sheet 8
Y3.At7:43 Living with Radiation 1,2
Y3.At7:44 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications N47 AEC News Release Index Supplement 1955-57, N47 AEC News Release Index 1958-1967, R11 Radioscope Experiments in High School Biology, T22/965 Technical Books and Monographs, T22/3 Proceedings of Technical Meetings 1958, 1961, T22/4 Selected Technical Translations
Y3.At7:45 Nuclear Safety 1-15
Y3.At7:48 Atomic Energy Research in Life and Physical Sciences 1961-1970
Y3.At7:51 Research and Development Abstracts of USAEC, RDA 1-4, 6-8
Y3.At7:52 Isotopes and Radiation Technology vol. 7-9
Y3.At7:53 Nuclear Theory Reference Book 1957-62
Y3.At7:54 Understanding the Atom Series Ac2, Ac2/969, Ag8, An5, At7, At7, At7/2, B63, C18, C62, C73, C88, D45, En2, F19, F95, F95/2, F98, G28, ind/967, ind/970, L33, M58, N39/2, N66, N88/2, Oc2/968, P72, P73, P87, P87/2/966, P87/4, P87/5, R11, R11/3, R11/4/969, R11/5, R11/6, R11/7, R22, R22/2, Sa1, Sci2, Sn1, Sp3, T28,
Y3.At7:54-2 World of the Atom Series Booklets 008, 009, 013, 414
Y3.At7:56 Nuclear Industry 1966-1971

Aviation Advisory Commission

Y3.Au5:1 Report 1973

Y3.B32:1 Reports 815-865 Battle of New Orleans Sesquicentennial Celebration

Central Statistical Board

Y3.C33/2:1 Annual Reports 1933-1938

Census of Partial Employment, Unemployment and Occupations

Y3.C33/5:2 General Publications R29/3 Unemployment 1937 (vol. I-III)

Censorship Office

Y3.C33/6:2 General Publications W19/2/942-2 Code of Wartime Practices for the American Press

U.S. National Commission on the International Year of the Child

Y3.C43/3:1 Annual Report 1980

Civilian Conservation Corps

Y3.C49:1 Annual Report 1938, 1939
Y3.C49:2 General Publications Ac85/939 Activites of the CCC, C49 Objectives and Results of the Civilian Conservation Corps Program

Civil War Centennial Commission

Y3.C49/2:1 Reports 1968
Y3.C49/2:2 General Publications C49 Facts About the Civil War, C49/2 The Civil War, Em1 Emancipation Centennial, 1962, L22 The Origins of the Land-Grant Colleges and State University, Ob7 Chronological List of Planned Observances from July 1961-1965, Un3 The United States on the Eve of the Civil War, W84 Our Women of the Sixties
Y3.C49/2:9 Military Operations fo the Civil War, Guide Index to Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies a/A Military Operations of the Civil War: A Guide-Index to the “Official Records, Armies”

Coal Commission

Y3.C63:2 Publications R29 U.S. Coal Commission Report, parts I-V

Coordinator for Industrial Cooperation

Y3.C78:2 General Publications In2/2 Recommendations and Representation of the Council fro Industrial Progress

Cooperative Enterprise in Europe Committee

Y3.C78/2:2 General Publications R29 Report on the Inquiry of Cooperative Enterprise in Europe 1937

National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works

Y3.C79:1 Reports 1978
Y3.C79:2 General Publications Ev1 Evaluation Conference—Transcript of Proceedings 1977 and 1979

Council of National Defense

Y3.C83:1 Annual Report 1917-1920
WOMEN’S COMMITTEE Y3.C83:62 General Publications In83 An Interpretive Report 1917-1919, W19/4 Woman in the War. Bibliography.
RECONSTRUCTION RESEARCH DIVISION Y3.C83:92 General Publications R22/1-2 Readjustment and Reconstruction Information

Council of National Defense Advisory Commission

Y3.C831:102 General Publications Ad9 Functions and Activities, L11 Labor Speeds Defense

Y3.D63/2:1 Semiannual Report to the President and the Congress 1-2, 4-6, and Final

National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity

Y3.Ec7/2:1 Annual Report 1973-1975, 1977-1980

Economic Security Committee

Y3.74:2 General Publications R29 Report to the President, R29/supp. Supplement to the Report to the President

Economic Cooperation Administration

Y3.Ec74/3:2 General Publications Eu7/2 A Report on Recovery Progress and United States Aid, M35/9 The Marshall Plan: A Program of International Cooperation
Y3.Ec74/3:7 Public Advisory Board, Reports 1, 4, 6, 7, 10-19, 22, 23, 27-40
Y3.Ec74/3:8 Report to Congress on Economic Cooperation Administration 1 and Suppl. (for quarter ending June 30, 1948)
Y3.Ec74/3:9 Report to congress on United States Foreign Relief Program 4 (for quarter ending June 30, 1948)
Y3.Ec74/3:10 European Recovery Program, Country Study vol. I-II
Y3.Ec74/3:11 European Recovery Program, Commodity Study C63 Coal and Related Solid Fuels Commodity Study, N73 Nonferrous Metals, P44 Petroleum and Petroleum Equipment Commodity Study
Y3.Ec74/3:16 Recovery Guides, Participating Countries 17, 18, 19
Y3.Ec74/3:17 Marshall Plan News vol. 1, nos.1, 2, 4-9

President’s Advisory Commission on Universal Training

Y3.Ed 9/5: Reports 2N21 A Program for National Security (1947)

Eight Hour Commission

Y3.Ei4:2 Publications R29 Report of the Eight Hour Commission

Electoral Commission of 1877

Y3.El2 Publications P94/2 Proceedings and Count of Electoral Votes

Federal Election Commission

Y3.El12/3:11 Federal Election Commission Record, Index vol. 23, no.9

Emergency Conservation Work

Y3.Em3:1 Annual Report 1933/34, 1934, 1936/37
Y3.Em3:2 General Publications C15 Camp Stoves and Fireplaces, C49/8 CCC Forestry, R29/4/933-35 Report of the Director

Executive Council

Y3.Ex3/2 Publications R29 Report of the Executive Council 1934

Office of the Administrator of Export Control

Y3.Ex7/2:8 Comprehensive Export Control Schedules 1-10

Farm Tenancy Special Committee

Y3.F22:2 General Publications R29 Farm Tenancy

Federal Electric Railways Commission

Y3.F31 Publications P94 Proceedings, vol. I-III

Federal Home Loan Bank Board

Y3.F31/3:1 Annual Report 1933-1939
Y3.F31/3:2 General Publications Ac8/935 Federal Home Loan Bank Act, as Amended, H75/4 Safeguarding the Nation’s Homes, Sa9/2 Annual Report of Federal Savings and Loan Associations 1936-1938, Sa9/8 Federal Savings and Loan Associations
Y3.F31/3:8 Home Owner’s Loan Corporation Publications Ac8 Home Owners’ Loan Act of 1933 as Amended

Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

Y3.F31/4:2 General Publications C76/4 Miscellaneous Publications, Ed8 Miscellaneous Publications, El2 Municipally Owned Electric Utilities in the United States 1934, M69i Report of the Mississippi Valley Committee of the Public Works Administration 1934, N21 National Planning Board Final Report 1933-34, P69 Economies of Planning Public Works

Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

HOUSING DIVISION Y3.F31/4:11 General Publications P69 Unit Plans
Y3.F31/4:12 Bulletins 1-3

Federal Emergency Relief Administration

Y3.F31/5:2 General Publications Unemployment Relief Census, reports 1-3, R27/3 Statistical Summary of Emergency Relief Activities
Y3.F31/5:8 Monthly Reports May 1933-Dec 1934, Jan-June 1935, Jan-June 1936, Index: June 1933-June 1936
Y3.F31/5:37 Trend Relief in Continental United States Jan. 1936-Mar. 1937

Federal Coordinator of Transportation

Y3.F31/6:2 General Publications Ec7 Second Report on Economy Possibilities of Regional Coordination Projects, M53 Merchandise Traffic Report, T68 Report of Mechanical Advisory Committee to the Federal Coordinator of Transportation , T68/2 Federal Coordinator of Transportation Report 1935, T68/3 Public Aids to Transportation, 1-4

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Y3.F31/8:1 Annual Report 1934-38, 1940, 1962, 1971
Y3.F31/8:2 General Publications Ac2/2/966 Summary of Accounts and Deposits in all Mutual Savings Banks, B22/6/965-55 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, B22/6/966-67 Changes Among Operating Banks and Branches, I68 Insurance Coverage of Bank Deposits. June 30, 1966, R29 Report of Operations, R29/4/940-2 Report of the Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation
Y3.F31/8:9 Report of Call: Assets, Liabilities, and Capital Accounts, Commercial and Mutual Savings Banks 4-64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86
Y3.F31/8:9-2 Report of Calls, Assets, Liabilities and Capital Accounts, Commercial and Mutual Savings Banks 1975-1974
Y3.F31/8:12 Cooperative Savings with Federal Credit Unions vol. 1-5
Y3.F31/8:14 Federal Credit Union, Annual Reports of Operations 1942-1944
Y3.F31/8:17 Report to Insured Banks 1963, 1969
Y3.F31/8:19 Bank Operating Statistics 1967-69, 1970-71, 1980-83
Y3.F31/8:20 Summary of Accounts and Deposits in All Commercial Banks Sa21/968 St. Louis District
Y3.F31/8:21 Summary of Accounts and Deposits in All Commercial Banks 1968
Y3.F31/8:22 Databook: Operating Banks and Branches, Summary of Deposits 1988, vol.1 1991, vol.1-6, 1989, vol.1-6 1992, vol.1-6, 1990, vol.1-6 1993, vol.1-6

Federal Surplus Relief Corporation

Y3.F31/9:1 Annual Reports 1933-38

Federal Alcohol Control Administration

Y3.F31/10:2 General Publications L52 Legislative History of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act

Federal Housing Administration

Y3.F31/11:1 Annual Reports 1934-38
Y3.F31/11:2 General Publications Ac2/2 Uniform System of Accounts for Large Scale Housing Projects, H81 European Housing Policy and Practice, L78 How Modernization Loans Benefit Property Owners, Business and Banks, P39 Analysis of Housing in Peoria
Y3.F31/11:4 Circulars 3 Low Cost Housing, 4 Operative Builders
Y3.F31/11:7 Rules and Regulations M31 Underwriting Manual
Y3.F31/11:9 Better Housing v.1-2 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-9*

Federal Committee on Apprentice Training

Y3.F31/12:3 Bulletins 1

Federal Inter-Agency River Basin Committee

Y3.F31/13:2 Reports Qualitative Aspects of Benefit-Cost Practices 1947, 1948
Y3.F31/13:8 Sedimentation Bulletins 4

Federal Inter-Agency Committee on Recreation

Y3.F31/14:2 General Publications F31 Role of the Federal Government in the Field of Public Recreation

Federal Council for Science and Technology

Y3.F31/16:1 Reports 1962, 1968, 1969
Y3.F31/16:2 General Publications C28, C73/3, Ed8, El12, F31, In3, L11, M31, M33, M33/2/973, M46, N69, P27, P27/2/v.1-4, R31/976, Sci2/963, T22, W29, W29/2
Y3.F31/16:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides In3 Guidelines for the Development of Information Retrieval Thesauri, St2 Guidelines to Format Standards for Scientific and Technical Reports
Y3.F31/16:8 ICO Pamphlets 7-10, 17, 18, 30, 30A
Y3.F31/16:9-2 ICO Informal Reports no.4, vol.1 and 2
Y3.F31/16:10 Proceedings of Symposium L11 Third Symposium on the Environment of the Federal Laboratory, T22 Second Symposium on the Environment of the Federal Laboratory
Y3.F31/16:11 Annual Report on Government Patent Policy 1965-1976
Y3.F31/16:12 ICAS Reports 10a, 18a
Y3.F31/16:13 Interdepartmental Committee for Meteorological Services Publications H94 National Hurricane Operations Plan
Y3.F31/16:14 Federal Excavation Technology Program Annual Report 1971-1973

Federal Radiation Council

Y3.F31/17:2 General Publications F19 Federal Radiation Council Position on Current Fallout Levels, T42/966 Pathological Effects of Thyroid Irradiation
Y3.F31/17:8 Reports 1-8

Federal Committee on Pest Control

Y3.F31/18:2 General Publications F31 FCPC What it is, What it does. , M74 Catalog of Federal Pesticide Monitoring Activities in Effect July 1967, P43 A Study of Federally Financed Research on Pests, Pesticides and Pest Control
Y3.F31/18:9 Pesticides Monitoring Journal 1-3

Federal Labor Relations Authority

Y3.F31/21-3:10-2 Decisions and Reports 8

Foreign Economic Policy Commission

Y3.F76/2 Reports R29 Report to President and Congress 1954—Majority Report, R29/2 Minority Report
Y3.F76/2:2 General Publications St1 Staff Papers

Commission on Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy

Y3.F76/5:1 Report 1975
Y3.F76/5:2 General Publications Or3/975 Appendices: Commission on the Organization of Government (vol.1-16)

Fuel Administration

Y3.F95:2 General Publications Ad6 Report of the Administrative Division 1917-1919 (pt.1), B96 Final Report of the Business Manager, D64 Report of the Distribution Division, pt.3, En3 Report of Engineer’s Committee 1918-1919, G21/3 Prices and Marketing Practices, P44 Prices of Petroleum and its Products During the War

Governments Security Commission

Y3.G74/2:2 General Publications R29 Report of Commission on Government Security

Great Plains Drought Area Committee

Y3.G79 Publications R29 Report of Great Plains Drought Area Committee

Great Plains Committee

Y3.G79/2:2 General Publications R29 Future of the Great Plains

Y3.H73:1 Annual Reports 1957-1959

Immigration Commission

Y3.Im6 Publications Reports of the Immigration Commission, vol.1-14

Indian Currency Commission (Great Britain)

Y3.In2/1 Publications R29 Report of the Indian Currency Commission

Industrial Commission

Y3.In2/2 Publications Report of the Industrial Commission, vol.1-19

Committee on Industrial Analysis

Y3.In2/5:2 N21 U.S. President’s Committee of Industrial Analysis Report

Indian Claims Commission

Y3.In2/6:1 Annual Reports 1969, 1971-77, and Final Report 1946-78
Y3In2/6:2 General Publications P4 General Rules and Procedures

International Exchange Commission

Y3.In8 Publications G56/1 Report of Commission on International Exchange 1903, G56/2 Gold Standard in International Trade

Interdepartmental Committee on Scientific Research and Development

Y3.In8/4:2 General Publications In8 The Interdepartmental Committee on Research and Development

International Development Advisory Board

Y3.In8/5:2 General Publications Ec7/2 A New Emphasis on Economic Development Abroad, P94 Partners in Progress

Interdepartmental Committee on Children and Youth

Y3.In8/6:1 Annual Report 1961-1965
Y3.In8/6:2 M58 When the Migrant Families Come Again, Y8 Youth—The Nation’s Richest Resource

Intergovernmental Relations Commission

Y3.In8/7 Publications Ag8 Federal Aid to Agriculture, Ai7 Federal Aid to Airports, D36 Civil Defense and Urban Vulnerability, Ed8 Federal Responsibility to the Field of Education, G76 The Impact of the Federal Grants-in-Aid, G76/2 The Administrative and Fiscal Impact of Grants-in-Aid, G76/3 Twenty-Five Grants-in-Aid Programs, H34 Federal Aid to Public Health, H53 Federal Aid to Highways, L78 Local Government, P29 Payment in Lieu of Taxes and Shared Revenue, R29 Report to the President 1955, R31 Natural Resources and Conservation, Un2 Unemployment Compensation and Employment Service, W45 Federal Aid to Welfare

Interagency Committee on Water Resources

Y3.In8/8:2 General Publications R52 Proposed Practices for Economic Analysis of River Basin Projects
Y3.In8/8:7 Notes on Hydrologic Activities, Bulletins 10, 13
Y3.In8/8:9 Joint Hydrology-Sedimentation Bulletins 8

Interdepartmental Committee for the Study of Jurisdiction Over Federal Areas Within the States

Y3.In8/10:1 Reports 1956

Commission on International Rules of Judicial Procedure

Y3.In8/15:1 Annual Report 1959, 1961, 1962

Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Federal Urban Area Assistance Programs

Y3.In8/17:2 General Publications L11 Federal Programs of Assistance to Labor Surplus Areas

Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women

Y3.In8/21:1 Report on Progress in Status of Women 1963/64, 1965, 1966
Y3.In8/21:2 Am3, C76/966, C76/968, Em7, E92, F21, G74, H34, L11, W84/970, W84/971, W84/972, W84/973, W84/974, W84/975

Interdepartmental Committee on Mexican American Affairs

Y3.In8/23:1 Reports 1967-68
Y3.In8/23:2 General Publications J63 The New Focus for Opportunity, M41 A Guide to Materials Relating to Persons of Mexican Heritage in the United States, M57 Testimony Presented at the Cabinet Committee Hearings on Mexican American Affairs

Inter-American Foundation

Y3.In8/25:1 Annual Report 1996 (Spanish)

Jamestown—Williamsburg—Yorktown Celebration Commission

Y3.J32 Publications R29 Jamestown 1607-1957

Joint Publications Research Service

Y3.J66:9 JPRS/DC Reports DC-372 History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Y3.J66:13 JPRS 3,419, 4,658, 4,935, 6,404, 8,149, 8,532, 8,814, 10,683, 11,222, 11,898, 11,589, 12,321, 12,627, 12,985, 13,005, 12,985, 15,182, 18,080, 18,890, 22,202

Interagency Land Acquisition Conference

Y3.L22:8 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides Ap6/973 Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions

Lewis and Clark Trail Commission

Y3.L58:1 Reports 1968, 1969
Y3.L58:2 General Publications L58 An Interim Report to the President and to the Congress

Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission

Y3.L63:1 Reports 1960
Y3.L63:2 General Publications In3 Lincoln Sesquicentennial Handbook of Information, L633 Abraham Lincoln Through the Eyes of His High-School Youth

Lowell Historic Canal District Commission

Y3.L95:1 Report 1977
Y3.L95/2:2 General Publications P92 Preservation Plan, P92/details Details of Preservation Plan

National Commission for Manpower Policy

Y3.M31:1 Annual Report 2, 5, 6 (vol. I-III), 7,8
Y3.M31:2 General Publications Sch6 From School to Work
Y3.M31:9 Special Reports 1, 3-17, 19-34

Merchant Marine Commission

Y3.M53 R29 Report of the Merchant Marine Commission, v.1-3

United States Metric Board

Y3.M56:1 Annual Report 1979, 1980
Y3.M56:2 General Publications Au8 Automotive Metrics, B12 Backgrounder, K64 Metrics in the Kitchen, L71 Understanding Liter Measurement, M56 A Study of Metric Measurement and Legislation Final Report—vol. I and II, M56/2 Providing a Metric Option, M56/4 Summary Report July 1982, M56/5 Perspectives on Future Metric Conversion, M56/6 Metric Conversion Card, M56/7 All You Will Need to Know About Metric, M56/8 Going Metric—A Planning Model for Small Manufacturing Companies, M56/8/management Going Metric—A Management Model for Small Manufacturing Companies , P94 Federal Procurement Metrication Appropriateness Methods—Final Report

Missouri Basin Inter-Agency Committee

Y3.M69:1 Annual Report on Progress 1959-64, 1966-71
Y3.M69:2 General Publications D49 Development Program, D62 Directory 1962, 1969-72, F66 Adequacy of Flows in the Missouri River, F66/suppl., M66 Minutes no.108-159, 161-167, 169 and index, M69 The Missouri, M69/3 A Framework Plan for the Missouri River Basin
Y3.M69:8 Annual Report on Programming 1960-62, 1966-73
Y3.M69:9 Comprehensive Framework Study, Missouri River Basin 1-7

Monetary Commission

Y3.M74 Publications R29 Report of the Silver Commission, v.1-2

Muscle Shoals Commission

Y3.M97 Publications R29 Muscle Shoals

National Waterways Commission

Y3.N21/3:2 Publications M69 A Traffic History of the Mississippi River System, n.16-20 Railway Freight Rates Inland Waterways and Canals in France

National Forest Reservation Commission

Y3.N21/6:1 Annual Reports 935
Y3.N21/6:2 General Publications W89

National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement

Y3.N21/7:5 Publications 2-14

National Recovery Administration

Y3.N21/8:3 Bulletins 1, 3-7
Y3.N21/8:19 Blue Eagle **Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-9* v.1, v.2
Y3.N21/8:22 Consumer (a newsletter) vol. 1
Y3.N21/8:25 Work Materials 86-87

National Emergency Council

Y3.N21/9:1 Annual Reports 935
Y3.N21/9:2 General Publications H75, So8

National Resources Committee

Y3.N21/12:1 Annual Reports 936-939
Y3.N21/12:2 General Publications C49, C76, C76/2, C76/3, D78, D78/2, Ec7/1-2, En2, F76, H99/2, N39, P27, P69/2/1-11, P69c.2, P81/2, P81/3, P96/2, P96/2A, R26, St2, St2supp., St2/2, St2/4, Sy6, T22, Ur1, Ur1/3, W29/1-2, W29/937, W29/4,5, Z7
Y3.N21/12:12 Drainage Basin Committee Reports 1-116 complete
Y3.N21/12:14/2 National Youth Administration N31 The Tenth Youth, P94 Facing the Problems of Youth, Y8/2 Youth: A World Problem
Y3.N21/12:14/3 Housing Monograph Series parts 1-6

National Security Training Commission

Y3.N21/19:1 Semiannual Reports 951, 956, 957
Y3.N21/19:2 General Publications L61, T91

National Capital Transportation Agency

Y3.N21/21:1 Annual Reports 965-966
Y3.N21/21:2 General Publications C 46/967

National Commission on Food Marketing

Y3.N21/22:1 Annual Reports 966
Y3.N21/22:9 Technical Studies 1 6, 1/supplement 7, 2 7/supplement 1,2, 3 8, 3/supplement 1 9, 4 10, 4/supplement 1,2,3 10/supplement 1, 5 10/supplement 1/errata

National Visitor Facilities Advisory Commission

Y3.N21/23:1 Report 967

National Water Commission

Y3.N21/24:1 Report 973
Y3.N21/24:2 General Publications L44/2 A Summary—Digest of State Water Laws, P 75
Y3.N21/24:9 Interim Reports 1-3

National Commission on Product Safety

Y3.N21/25:1 Reports 970
Y3.N21/25:2 General Publications C 76, Su7/vol. 1,2,3

National Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws

Y3.N21/26:1 Report 971
Y3.N21/26:2 General Publications C 86, C 86/vol. 1.1, C 86/vol. 1.2

National Commission on Neighborhoods

Y3.N31:1 Report 979

Nicaragua Canal Commission

Y3.N51 Publications R 29/1,2

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Y3.N88:8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides N 88
Y3.N88:15 Licensed Operating Reactors, Status Summary Reports Shelved in West Campus Storage: 20-N-4 , 5-7 through 5-12, 6-1 through 6-12, 7-1 through 7-12, 8-1 through 8-12, 9-1 through 9-12 , 10-1 through 10-12, 11-1 through 11-12, 12-1 through 12-12, 13-1 through 13-12, 14-1 through 14-3, 15, 16
Y3.N88:16 Constructions Status Report, Nuclear Power Plants, Data for Decisions 3-3, 4, 5-1 through 5-4, 6-1 through 6-2
Y3.N88:18 Water Reactor Safety Research, Buff Book 4-1, 18-2/4-3
Y3.N88:19 Approved Task Plans for Category “A” Generic Activities 1-1, 978
Y3.N88:20 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences 9, 10, 19, 1-1 through 1-4, 10-1 through 10-4, 11-1 through 11-4, 12-1 through 12-4, 13-1 through 13-4, 14-1 through 14-4, 15-1 through 15-4, 16-1 through 16-4, 17-1 through 17-4, 18-1 through 18-4, 2-1 through 2-2, 2-4, 3-1 through 3-4, 4-1 through 4-4, 5-1 through 5-4, 6-1 through 6-4, 7-1 through 7-4, 8-1 through 8-4, 9-1 through 9-4
Y3.N88:21-2 Title List of Documents Made Publicly Available Shelved in West Campus Storage: 20-M-4, 1-1 through 1-12, 10-1 through 10-12, 11-1 through 11-12, 12-1 through 12-12, 13-1 through 13-12, 14-1 through 14-7, 2-1 through 2-12, 3-1 through 3-12, 4-1 through 4-3, 4-3 supplement, 4-4 through 4-12, 5-1 through 5-12, 6-1 through 6-12, 7-1 through 7-12, 8-1 through 8-12, 9-1 through 9-12
Y3.N88:22-3 Regulatory and Technical Reports 5-1 through 5-4, 6-1
Y3.N88:24 License Contractor and Vendor Inspection Status Report 4-3, 5-1, 6-1 through 6-4, 7-1 through 7-4
Y3.N88:25 Contractor Reports, NUREG/CR Series *SHELVED IN WEST CAMPUS STORAGE 38-D-3 THRU 38-P-3*, 0002-5645 incomplete,, 6392
Y3.N88:26 Program Summary Report 2-7 through 2-12, 3-1 through 3-12, 4-1 through 4-5
Y3.N88:27 NUREG/CP Series (Conference Proceedings) *SHELVED IN WEST CAMPUS STORAGE 38-Q-3 THRU 38-R-3*, 0001, 0003, 0004v.1-3, 0005-0010, 0010 addendum, 0011, 0013, 0014v.13, 0015-0020, 0023v.1-4, 0024v.1-3, 0025-0026, 0027v.1-3, 0028v.1-2, 0030, 0031 v.1-2, 0032, 0034 v.1-2, 0039, 0041 v.1-6, 0043
Y3.N88:27 NUREG/CP Series (Conference Proceedings) 996/4-9-10
Y3.N88:28 Licensed Fuel Facility Status Reports v.1, no. 1, 4-7, v.3, no. 1,2, v.4, no. 1,2, v.5, no. 1,2, v.6, no. 1, v.8, no. 1, v.9, no. 1
Y3.N88:29 Systematic Evaluation Program, Status Summary Reports 2-2, 3-1 through 3-14, 4-1 through 4-12, 5-1 through 5-11
Y3.N88:30 Unresolved Safety Issues Summary, Aqua Book v.2, no. 2-4, v.3, no. 1-4, v.4, no. 1-4, v.5, no. 1-4, v.6, no. 1-4, v.7, no. 1-3
Y3.N88:38 Licensee Even Report Compilation 1-1 to 1-9, 1-12, 2-1 to 2-3, 2-5, 2-7 to 2-9, 2-11, 2-21, 3-1, 3-2 to 3-4, 3-6 to 3-12, 4-1 to 4-5, 4-7 to 4-11, 6-3, 6-5, 6-8, 6-12, 7-1 to 7-12, 8-1 to 8-12, 9-1 to 9-5
Y3.N88:41 Summary Information Report v.2 no. 4
Y3.N88:43 NRC-TLD Direct Radiation Monitoring Network v.3, no. 1
Y3.N88:45 NRC Regulatory Agenda 3-1, 3-3, 1-1, 1-3 through 1-4, 2-1, 2-3, 3-1, 3-4, 4-1 through 4-4, 5-1
Y3.N88:46 LPDR Update v.5, no. 2
Y3.N88:48 Safety Research Programs Sponsored by Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research v.9, no. 4
Y3.N88:52 Directories C76, Se6
Y3.N88:53 International Agreement Reports 0011, 0022
Y3.N88:54 Research News 1-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-1, 5-1
Y3.N88:59 Forms 445

Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1947-1949)

Y3.Or3:7 Task Force Reports, Appendixes Appendix A-R

Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1953-1955)

Y3.Or3/1: Reports 954, 955
Y3.Or3/2: General Publications B85, B96, B96/2, D44, Ec7, F73, In2, In8, L52, L54, M46, Or3, P29/pt.1-2, P33, P43, R31, Su7, T68/2, W29/v.12
Y3.Or3/8: Task Force Reports B85, B96/2, D44, Ec7, F73, L52, L54, M46, P19pt.1-2, P43, P43/2, P94, R22, R31, Su7, T68, W29/v.1,2,3

Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission

Y3.Ou8:1 Reports 961
Y3.Ou8:2 General Publications R 24
Y3.Ou8:10 ORRC Study Reports 1-25, 27

Ozarks Regional Commission

Y3.Oz1:1 Annual Reports 966-977 complete
Y3.Oz1:2 General Publications 2 Oz 1

Panama Canal Commission

Y3.P19:1 Annual Reports 977
Y3.P19:2 General Publications C76, C76/2, C76/3, Ed8, Em7, Em7/2, Em7/3, En2, En8, En8/c.2, F31, F31/2, F31/4, F49, H34, H81, In3, In3/2, P94, P96, R24, St2, R25, R25/2, R29, R86, Se6, Sm1, T19, W45
Y3.P19/2:2 General Publications H75

Petroleum Administration for War

Y3.P44:2 General Publications H62/941-945

Philippine War Damage Commission

Y3.P53/2:1 Semiannual Reports 946
Y3.P53/2:2 General Publications 947

Commission on Political Activity of Government Personnel

Y3.P75:1 Reports 968/v.1-3

Commission on Postal Service


President’s Organization on Unemployment Relief

Y3.P92:2 General Publications In2, T68, Un22, W58, W58/2
Y3.P92:5 Community Plans and Actions 12, 13
Y3.P92:6 Administration of Relief Committees R31
Y3.P92:7 Employment Plans and Suggestions Committee R24

President’s Committee on Administration Management

Y3.P92/3:1 Report 7
Y3.P92/3:2 General Publications Ad6/2, Ad6/3

President’s Committee on Civil Service Improvement

Y3.P92/4 Publications C49 vol.1,2,3

President’s Committee on Religious and Moral Welfare and President’s Committee on Religion and Welfare in the Armed Forces

Y3.P92/5:1 Annual Reports 2
Y3.P92/5:2 General Publications C73

Printing Investigation Commission

Y3.P93 R29 v.1,2

Price Commission

Y3.P93/4:2 General Publications R29

National Center for Productivity and Quality of Working Life

Y3.P94:1 Annual Reports 976, 978
Y3.P94:2 General Publications G74, In7, L11/v.1-2, L11/4, L11/5, L11/6, L11/2/978, P94/1, P94/3, P94/4, P94/5, P94/6, P96x, T22
Y3.P94:9 Productivity and Job Security At8, R31

Public Land Commission

Y3.P96/1 Publications P96/3

Committee on Public Information

Y3.P96/3:7 War Information Series 1, 5, 7/15 Why Americ Fights Germany (1918), 10

Public Land Law Review Commission

Y3.P96/7:2 General Publications D56, On2

United States Radiation Policy Council

Y3.R11/2:2 General Publications Oc1, R11, R29/981-983, W28

Railroad Securities Commission

Y3.R13 Publications R29

Railroad Administration

Y3.R13/2:1 Annual Reports 920, 924, 935-937
Y3.R13/2:2 General Publications M14, W12
Y3.R13/2:8 Papers in RE 1919 or no.1

Commission on Railroad Retirement

Y3.R13/3:2 General Publications St 1/v.1-3

United States Railway Association

Y3.R13/4:2 General Publications Sy 8/v.1,2, Sy 8/supplement, Sy 8/2/v.1,2/errata supplement, Sy 8/2/v.1,2/maps, Sy 8/2/v.2, Sy8/2/supplement

Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932-1939, 1947-1954)

Y3.R24:2 General Publications Ac 8/938, Ac 85/934-935, Ac 85/939, R 82/3

National Study Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials (1974-1976)

Y3.R24/2:1 Reports 977, 977/c.2

Resettlement Administration

Y3.R31:1 Annual Reports 936

Resolution Trust Corporation

Y3.R31/2:15 Real Estate Asset Inventory 989/v.1, 989/v.1/c.2, 989/v.2 pt. 2, 989/v.2 pt. 2/c.2, 989/v.2 pt.1, 989/v.2 pt.1/c.2, 989/v.3, 989/v.3/c.2, 989/v.4, 990-2/v.1, 990-2/v.2 pt.1-4, 990-2/v.3, 990-3/v.1, 990-3/v.2 pt.1-3, 990-3/v.2 pt.4, 990-3/v.3, 990/v.1, 990/v.2 pt 1-4, 990/v.3 pt.1,2, 991-2/v.1, 991-2/v.2 pt.1-5, 991-2/v.3, 991/v.1, 991/v.2 pt.1-4, 991/v.3, 992-2/v.1, 992-2/v.2 pt.1-5, 992-2/v.3, 992/v.1, 992/v.2 pt.1-5, 993-2/v.1-3, 993/v.1-3, 994-2/v.1, 994/v.1-3, 995/v.1
Y3.R31/2:16 The Silver Lining [Quarterly] 2/4, 3/1-4, 4/1-2, 5/1-4
Y3.R31/2:17 RTC Review [Monthly] 4/5-12, 5/1-7,9-11,13, 6/2-13

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission

Y3.R67:2 General Publications C 73/2, C 73/2/charts, M 51

Rural Electric Administration

Y3.R88:1 Annual Reports 937-938
Y3.R88:2 General Publications El 2

Rural Development Program Committee

Y3.R88/2:2 General Publications C76, W31
Y3.R88/2:10 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides R88 [handbook]

Saint Augustine Quadricentennial Commission (1962)

Y3.Sa2/2:1 Reports 955-958,, 959-963,, 965

Santo Domingo Commission (1871)

Y3.Sa5 Publications R29

Selective Service System

Y3.Se4:1 Annual Report to the Congress of the United States, from the Director 40-64
Y3.Se4:2 General Publications Oc1/2, St2, St2/2/940-943, St2/2/945-947
Y3.Se4:5 Laws Ad 9
Y3.Se4:6 Selective Service Regulations 940-948
Y3.Se4:7 Selective Service System 67-1 thru 67-12
Y3.Se4:8 Medical Circulars a
Y3.Se4:9 Selective Service v.1-3
Y3.Se4:10-2 Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides C93, R24/974, W62
Y3.Se4:24 List of Local Boards of the Selective Service System 975
Y3.Se4:25 Draft Information Series Al4, D78, H22, Se4
Y3.Se4/960: Outline of Historical Background of Selective Service 1960

Cabinet Committee on Opportunity for the Spanish Speaking Peoples (1970-1974)

Y3.Sp2/7:1 Annual Reports 971, 973
Y3.Sp2/7:2 Publications Am3/970 American College Graduates with Spanish Surnames, Am3/971-72 pt. 1,2, D 62, G 94, N 42, R 32

National Commission on Student Financial Assistance

Y3.St9:9 Reports no.1

Subversive Activities Control Board (1950-1973)

Y3.Su1:1 Annual Reports 951, 970, 971, 972
Y3.Su1:6 Regulations, Rules, Instructions Or 3/963
Y3.Su1:8 Decisions, Orders and Reports C 73
Y3.Su1:8-2 Reports of Subversive Activities Control Board v. 1-4, index and digest for v.1-4

National Commission on Supplies and Shortages

Y3.Su 7/2:2 General Publications Am 3 c.1,2,3, Am3/appendix/v.1 , Am3/appendix/v.1 c.2, Am3/appendix/v.2 , Am3/appendix/v.2 c.2, Am3/appendix/v.3 , Am3/appendix/v.3 c.2, B 12 , B 12 c.2, G 74-hardback (2?), In3, In3 c.2, M 41, P 69, Sh8/973-74, St 6

Tariff Commission (1882)

Y3.T17 Publications R92 v.1,2 (1882)

Board of Tax Appeals (1924-1942)

Y3.T19:7 Rules of Practice 929, 932
Y3.T19:8 Reports, Table of Proceedings Reported 1-15

National Commission of Technology, Automation, and Economic Progress (1964-1966)

Y3.T22:2 General Publications T22/v.1, T22/appendix v.1, T22/appendix v.2, T22/appendix v.4, T22/appendix v.5, T22/appendix v.6

Tennessee Valley Authority (1933-present)

Y3.T25:1 Annual Reports 1936-39, 1941-71, 1973/v.1, 1973/v.2 (appendices), 1974, a/R524 A River Controlled 1957
Y3.T25:1a T256/2 Contains principal text of Annual Reports (for public distribution) T256/2/966 TVA-1966, T256/2/968 TVA-1968
Y3.T25:1-2 Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 962-963, 967-968
Y3.T25:1-3 Municipal and Cooperative Distributors of TVA Power 963, 966-968, 971
Y3.T25:1-4 Division of Forestry Development, Annual Report 963
Y3.T25:1-6 Report of Chief Engineer for Fiscal Year 955, 957
Y3.T25:1-7 Power Annual Report (1960-1981) 966, 968, 970-971
Y3.T25:1-9 Division of Health and Safety, Annual Report 967
Y3.T25:1-16 Summary of Financial Statements and Sales Statistics, Distributors of TVA Power 987/v.2
Y3.T25:2 General Publications B 47/2/supp., Ed 8/3, F 41, G 91, H 62/2/933-963, L 22, M 32/965, N 22/4, Op 2/960-961, 964, 967 Facts about TVA Operation, P 96, T 25/28/966 T 25/2 TVA Power, T 25/22 TVA Power, W 29/5/966
Y3.T25:4 Circulars Z 169
Y3.T25:17 Technical Reports 1-4, 5 v. 1,2, 6-9, 11-14, 16, 21-23, 24 v.1-3, 26, 31, 33-35
Y3.T25:19 Chemical Engineering Reports 1, 3-10
Y3.T25:27 Forestry Relations Division, Publications F 76/2/967, F 76/13
Y3.T25:30 Power Office, Publications In 27/963-967, P 87/963-64, 966, 968, P 87/3
Y3.T25:31 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications Ar 3, F 65/967, 969, 973,, T 25/2, T 25/2/967, 969, T 25/958, 963, 966 bibliographies
Y3.T25:35 Engineering Laboratory Research 969-970, 965-966

National Tourism Resources Review Commission

Y3.T64:1 Reports 973/v.3-6

East-West Foreign Trade Board (1975-1981)

Y3.T67:1 Reports 975 v.1

Investigation of Ukranian Famine (1932-1933)

Y3.Uk 7:F21 988, 990/v.1-3 supp.

National Commission on Unemployment Compensation (1976-1980)

Y3.Un 2:1 Reports 978
Y3.Un 2:2 General Publications In 7, Un 2/v.1-3, final

United States Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission (1935-1941)

Y3.Un 3:2 General Publications Un 3, W 27

United States-Puerto Rico Commission on the Status of Puerto Rico (1964)

Y3.Un 3/5:1 Report 966
Y3.Un 3/5:2 Publications C 76/3, St 9

Y3.V 55 Publications R 29/1 v.1-3, R 29/2

War Industries Board (1918)

Y3.W 19/2:2 General Publications Am 3
Y3. W 19/2:4 Circulars 7/1, 7/3-57

War Finance Corporation (1918-1939)

Y3.W 19/3:1 Annual Reports 920, 923-926

War Contracts Price Adjustment Board

Y3. W 19/6:5 Renegotiation Regulations for Fiscal Year 1943

Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion

Y3. W 19/7:8 Problems of Mobilization on Reconversion, Reports to the President, Senate And House of Representatives by Director of War Mobilization and Reconversion, 946/4

War Claims Commission (1948-1954)

Y3. W 19/9:1 Semi-Annual Reports to Congress 1

Water Resources Council

Y3. W 29:2 The Nation’s Water Resources As7

The White House Conference on Child Health and Protection

Y3. W 58:1 956/Summ

Works Progress Administration

Y3. W89/2 General Publications 2H81/2 Urban Housing: A Summary of Real Property Inventories Conducted as Work Porjects, 1934-1936 (1938), 2W12 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*

Yorktown Sesquicentennial Commission

Y 3.8/2: C 33/2 The Yorktown Sesquicentennial (1932)