W-WT: Department of War – War Trade Board

W1.1 Annual Reports 1871-1941
W1.2 General Publications Ai7, Am3, B32, C49/5 *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*, D35, Eu7/2, Eu7/3, M59/2, M59/3, M59/12, N23, P24, P26, P53/10, Un2/945-47, 142
W1.7 Customs Tariff and Regulation C89/5 Ports in the Island of Cuba
W1.8 Laws 907, 910, 911, 912, 914, 915, 915/2, 915/3, 921/1, 921/2, 929, 939, 939/supp.3
W1.12 Regulations, Rules and Instructions C89 Civilian Conservation Corps Regulations
W1.20 Records of World War A,6,vol.1, A,18,vol.1
W1.33 Field Manual and Field Regulations 5-6, 5-6/ch.1-5, 11-5, 11-22, 21-6, 21-20, 21-25, 21-26, 24-14, 24-18, 24-20, 24-75, 55-55, 55-60, 101-10
W1.35 Technical Manuals 1-205, 1031567, 1-208, 1-315, 1-410, 1-420, 1-423, 1-424, 1-425, 1-435, 1-470, 1-495, 11-1242, 11-2250, 11-250, 11-2602, 11-303, 11-358, 11-393, 11-403, 11-406, 11-431, 11-432, 11-513, 11-822, 11-853, 11-914, 11-928, 21-205, 22-4314, 3-250, 30-307, 30-310, 30-312, 30-313, 30-316, 30-326, 30-333, 30-334, 30-338, 30-339, 30-344, 30-544, 30-610, 30-631, 30-633, 30-634, 30-641, 30-644, 5-1060, 5-1150, 5-228, 5-271, 5-272, 5-274, 5-278, 5-285, 5-286, 5-296, 5-350, 5-4724, 5-602, 5-630, 5-661, 5-666, 5-9082, 5-9194, 8-220, 9-474
W1.40 Pre-Induction Training Course 331-333
W1.43 Pamphlets 20-4, 21-38, 21-29, 21-13/2, 31-122, 32-3
W1.71 Strategic Bombing Survey Publications A68, Ar3, At7, At7/2, B38, C49, C63, D99, El2, El2/4, El2/5, Eu7/3, H34/2, J27, J27/2, J27/3, J27/5, J27/6, J27/7, K94, L96, M18, M47/v.2, M79, M85, N13, Or2, Os1, P11/2, R13, R13/2, R29, R34/3, R34/4, St8/2, St8/3, T15, T57, T68, T68/2, Un2, Ut3
W1.71/2 Strategic Bombing Survey, Corporation Reports 20, 3
W1.72/2 Military Government of Germany, Special Report of Military Governor, U.S. Zone B32 Constitutions of the German Laender
W1.83 Monthly Report Prepared by Technical Staff, Fuel Committee Allied Control Authority 12

General Staff Corps

W2.1 Annual Reports 1939-44, 1945 and Suppl.
W2.2 General Publications L22/2 Rules of Land Warfare 1914 W21 The War With Germany

Adjutant General’s Department

W3.1/1 Annual Reports to Secretary of War 1921
W3.2 General Publications C81 Correspondence Relating to the War with Spain, L61 Protective Lighting, M46/6 Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, and the Distinguished Service Medal, M46/9 Decorations U.S. Army 1862-1926
W3.11 Army Register 1947-50
W3.20 Military Commands and Posts, Etc. 1902
W3.29 Basic Field Manual and Soldier’s Handbook 941
W3.33 Militia Affairs Division R26/910 Organized Militia

W6.1 Annual Reports 1922-25, 1927-38
W6.2 General Publications C49/1 Civil Government Under Military Occupation 1902, G25 A Pronouncing Gazetteer and Geographical Dictionary of the Philippine Islands, P53/7 People of the Philippines, P53/14 *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*, P53/20 Insular Affairs Bureau Special Report on the Philippine Islands, P53/24 Internal Revenue Laws of Philippine Islands
W6.6 Translations C73 The Code of Commerce in Force in Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines, C89 Criminal Procedure Cuba and P.R. and Penal Code, C89/2 Cuban Pacification, El2 Adaption of the Electoral Law of June 26, 1890, P37/2 The Penal Code in Force in the Philippines, P96/1 Translation of the General Instructions for Drafting Public Documents Subject to, Record in the Spanish Colonial Provinces, P96/3 General Law of Public Works of the Island of Cuba, R13/1 Execution of the Police Law of Railroads of the Island of Cuba, Se4 Self-Government in the Islands of Cuba and Porto Rico
W6.7 Monthly Summary of Commerce of Porto Rico 3-10
W6.8 Quarterly Summary of Commerce of Philippine Islands 1-9/2
W6.9 Monthly Summary of Commerce of Cuba 1-8/2-3
W6.12 Acts of Congress, Treaties and Proclamations Relating to Noncontiguous Territory 60

Dominican Customs Receivership

W6.13/1 Annual Reports 1918-38

Haitian Customs Receivership

W6.15/1 Annual Reports 1920-23

Engineer Department

W7.1 Annual Reports vol.2-5, 1906-1948
W7.1/2 Indexes to Annual Reports 1880-1892, 1866-1900
W7.2 General Publications B76, C93, D88, Eg9, F77p, G79/2, H99/2, M69/2, M69/8/935, M69/8/939, On3/2, On3/4, P83, Sa3, So8/1-5 *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversized*, St4, W54/1-2
W7.5 Explorations and Surveys Em6 Notes of a Military Reconnaissance from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, F88 Freemont’s First and Second Expeditions 1842-44, Iv3/2 Colorado River Exploring Expedition 1861, J72 Northwestern Wyoming Including Yellowstone National Park, L96 Black Hills of Dakota, M91 Mullan’s Military Road Report, Si8 Zuni and Colorado Rivers, St2 Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, Sy6 Upper Columbia River
W7.9 Special Orders 1914/2
W7.10 Professional Papers 13, 13/2, 22-26, 28, 29/5, 31, 32/2, 32, 34, 3/Atlas/c.1-2 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-7*
W7.11 Regulations August 1946 – Part V
W7.14 Explorations and Surveys for Railroad from Mississippi River to Pacific Ocean 1-12

Engineer School

W7.16/2 Occasional Papers 29, 31

Engineer Department (Continued

W7.23 Transportation Series Eng/v.3-5
W7.25 Lake Series 1-6
W7.26 St. Mary’s Falls Canal, Michigan, Statistical Report of Lake Commerce 1930
W7.27 Hydrologic Pamphlets 1
W7.29 Beach Erosion Board, Technical Reports 1-3
W7.35 Engineering Manual for Civil Works Pt.3, ch.5, Pt.6, Pt.10,ch.18

Geographical Surveys West of 100th Meridian

W8.2 General Publications G29 United States Geographical Surveys, St2 Mean Declination of 2018 Stars
W8.5 Final Reports or Monographs 1, 2, 7
Judge Advocate General’s Department
W10.2 General Publications C49 Use of the Army in Aid of the Civil Power, G31/1 American Military Government in Occupied Germany vol. 1-4, G31/2 American Representation in Occupied Germany vol. 1-3 , M59/4 Military Reservations, Etc.—Title Jurisdiction, Etc., M59/5 Military Reservations, Etc.—Title Jurisdiction, Etc. 1916 Revision, W19 State War Laws
W10.3 Bulletins 1-7 and Index, 8, no. 1-3
W10.5 Manual for Courts-Martial 1928/3
W10.8 Digest of Opinions of Judge-Advocate-General, Army 1924-28

Military Academy

W12.2 General Publications C33 The Centennial of the United States Military Academy vol.I-II
W12.6/1 Regulations for Military Academy 1924

Department of Cuba

W25.2 General Publications H29 Annual Report—Military Governor of Habana
W25.8 Civil Reports 1899, 1901 (1-15), 1902 (1-6)

War Plans Division

W26.3/1 Bulletins Old Series 25, 34
W26.3/2 Bulletins New Series 8 (pt.1-5), 11-12, 15, 17, 22

Historical Branch

W26.15/5 Monographs 1-2, 7, 13, 16

Mississippi River Commission

W31.1 Annual Reports 1881-84, 1890, 1893
W31.2 General Publications D45 Descriptions, Elevations and Geodentic Positions of Permanent Marks, D63 Results of Discharge Observations—Mississippi River and its Tributaries and, Outlets 1838-1923, 1931-37, M32/2/2*, M32/2*, Maps of Dredging Operations Cairo, ILL to St. Paul, MN*, St1/2 Stages and Discharge Observations Lower Valley of the Mississippi River , January 1-June 30, 1937, *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*
W31.5 Stages of the Mississippi River and its Principal Tributaries 1947
W31.10 The Experiment Station Hydraulics Bulletin *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-9*, v.1/3 v.3/1, v.2/2 v.3/2, v.2/3 v.4/1, v.2/4

Missouri River Commission

W32.6 Stages of the Missouri River 1872-85
Northern and Northwestern Lakes Survey
W33.3 Bulletins 20, 24, 42 and Suppl.2-7, Supplements 2-7 for volume 43, 44 and Suppl. 1-6, Supplements 1, 3-6 for volume 45, 46 and Suppl. 1-7, Supplements 1-7 for volume 47

Ordnance Department

W34.1/2 Indexes to Annual Reports 1867-87
W34.2 General Publications Ar7/3 Handbook of American Coast Artillery Material, B21/7 Exterior Ballistic Tables v.1, C16 Strength and Other Properties of Metal for Cannon, G95 Gun Making in U. S., M56 Ordnance Department Miscellaneous Publications, N43 Fixation Utilization of Nitrogen, P99 Military Pyrotechnics v.1-3
W34.10 Ordnance Memoranda 14, 17-18, 20-21, 25-27, 29
W34.14 Tests of Metals at Watertown Arsenal Shelved in West Campus Storage 20-Q-1, 880/2-918
W34.34 Firing Tables 1945

Provost Marshal General

W37.1 Annual Reports 1918-1919

Signal Office

W42.1 Annual Reports 1881, 1919
W42.2 General Publications Ir7 Letter from the Secretary of War Relating to Irrigation and Water Storage in, Arid Regions May 23, 1890
W42.5 Arctic Series 1-5
W42.11/1 Professional Papers of Signal Service 1, 3, 4, 13, 15
W42.11/2 Professional Papers of Signal Corps M91 Multiplex Telephony and Telegraphy
W42.14 Signal Service Notes 9
W42.29 Radio Communication Pamphlets 9
W42.30 Wire Communication Pamphlets 40

Medical Department

W44.1 Annual Reports 1865-68, 1880-84, 1886-95, 1897-99, 1902-03, 1905-10, 1912, 1914-17, 1919-22, 1924-41
W44.2 General Publications D18 Defects Found in Drafted Men, N39 Manual of Neuro-Surgery, T98 Report on the Origin and Spread of Typhoid Fever During the Spanish War of 1898,, vol.1-2 *Vol.2 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-8*
W44.3 Bulletins 1-10
W44.19 Medical Department of United States Army in World War 1-15

War Records Office

W45.5 War of Rebellion, Compilation of Official Records of Union and Confederate Armies

Gettysburg National Military Park Commission

W46.1 Annual Reports 1893-1904
W46.2 General Publications M76/2 Monuments, Markers and Tablets of the Battlefield of Gettysburg

Cuban Census Office

W47.2 General Publications R29 Census of Cuba 1899

Porto Rico Census Office

W48.2 General Publications R29 Census of Porto Rico
W48.3 Bulletins 1

Philippine Islands

W49.1 Annual Reports 1902-1903, 1904 (1-4), 1905 (1-5), 1906 (1-3), 1920-33

Civil Service Bureau

W49.5/6 Manual of Information 1903-1

Forestry Bureau

W49.9/2 General Publications R29 Special Report of Captain George P. Ahern

Customs Bureau

W49.10/1 Annual Reports 1915-19

Government Laboratories Bureau

W49.17/3 Bulletins *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize* 7

Ethnological Survey

W49.29/5 Ethnological Survey Publications 1, 2 (pts. 1-3), 4 (pt.1-2 *pt.2 Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*)

Philippine Islands Census

W49.51/1 Annual Reports 918, 918/app., 918/v.2, 918/v.3, 918/v.4/1, 918/v.4/2

Pacific Division

W51.2 General Publications Ea7 Earthquake in California 1906

Army War College

W55.2 General Publications W89 Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War

Shiloah National Military Park Commissions

W63.2 General Publications B32 The Battle of Shiloh and the Organizations Engaged

International Waterways Commission

W68.2 General Publications 1910

National Guard Bureau

W70.1 Annual Reports 1921-41, 1946-49
W70.5 Roster of Organized Militia of United States 1943
W70.7 Militia Bureau Regulations 1926

Isthmian Canal Commission

W73.1 Annual Reports 1899-1901, 1907-13
W73.2 General Publications B77 Report of Joseph L. Bristow, Is7/1 Isthmian Canal—Goethals—1909, Is7/2 Isthmian Canal—H.H.Rousseau, M46/2 Measurements of Vessels for the Panama Canal, P18/1 Panama and Panama Canal 1856-1903, P18/2 Reports of Isthmian Canal Commission 1899-1901, P19/10 Panama Canal Traffic and Tolls
W73.8 Canal Record 1-12, 20
W73.12 Miscellaneous Special Reports of Chairman, Engineers, Etc. 1906

Quartermaster Corps

W77.2 General Publications C63 Protective and Decorative Coatings, F95 Report on Fuel Tests and the Issue of Fuel, 1914, N21/2 National Cemetery Regulations 1947
W77.36 Q.M.C. Historical Studies 18-19

Canal Zone

W79.1 Annual Report of Governors 1899-1901 (vol.1-3), 1904-48
W79.2 General Publications H19 Official Handbook of the Panama Canal, T71 Treaties and Acts of Congress Relating to the Panama Canal 1917

Chemical Corps

W91.2 General Publications C27 A Comparative Study of World War Causalities from Gas and Other Weapons, C59 Proceedings of a Board of the Chemical Warfare Service

American Expeditionary Forces

W95.1 Annual Reports 1919
W95.2 General Publications G31 Histories of 251 German Divisions, G31/2 American Representation in Occupied Germany

Inland and Coastwise Waterways Service

W101.2 General Publications T68 Transportation Facilities on Inland Waterways

Inland Waterways Corporation

W103.1 Annual Reports 1927-38

U.S. High Commissioner to Philippine Islands

W105.1 Annual Reports 1-6

Public Relations Division

W107.2 General Publications So4 The Soldier

Army Air Force

W108.1 Annual Reports 1944-45
W108.7 Air Force News Letter 1940-41, 1943-46
W108.25 Aviation Psychology Program Research Reports 1-3, 5-19

Services of Supply

SPECIAL SERVICES DIVISION W109.102 General Publications P93 P.F.C. Mary Brown, So4 Soldier Shows, Y Hi Yank! The Army Show
W109.110 Pocket Guides C44/1-2 Pocket Guide to China, N38/1-2 Pocket Guide to Netherlands East Indies, Sy8 A Short Guide to Syria
W109.114 Soldier Shows, Blueprint Specials Ab7 About Face
W109.215 Pocket Guides B92 Pocket Guide to Burma
Historical Division

W110.7 American Forces in Action Series Sa3/1-2 *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*

WT1.1 Annual Reports 1917-1918
WT1.2 General Publications P93 Government Control Over Prices