S: Department of State

S1.1 Foreign Relations of the United States 1966, 1969-1975
S1.1/4 Annual Report of the Visa Office 1861, 1863-1865, 1866:pt.2-4, 1868, 1872, 1873:pt.1, 1875-1876, 1878-1871, 1883-1886
S1.2 General Publications Af8/2, Al5/2/957, Ar3, Ar5, As4/3, As7, At7, At7/4, At8/2, Ax4, B73, C33/1, C43/1, C45, C49/4, D35/4, D62/6-9, E76/6, Eu7, F76a/5, F84/1, In3/5, In8/7, In8/9, L59/1-5, L61, L64, M57, N16, O76/7, P93/2, Se2/2, So8/2, Sp3, St2/2, St2/4, St9, T67/5
S1.4/3 Digest of Circular Instruction to Consular Officers 1926
S1.5 Consular Regulations 1896/2, 1921-22
S1.6 Register, Department of State 1945
S1.7 Foreign Service List 1962:3, 1963:1-4, 1964:1-4, 1965:1-3, 1967:1-3, 1968:1-3, 1969:1 and 3, 1970:1 and 3, 1971:1-3, 1972:1-3, 1973: 1-3, 1974:1-3, 1975:1-2
S1.8 Diplomatic List 1954:4-6, 1955:1-2, 1956:1-6, 1957:1-6, 1958:1-6, 1959:1-6, 1960:1-6, 1961:1-6, 1962:1-5, 1963:1-4, 1965:1-4, 1966:1-4, 1967:1-4, 1968:1-4, 1969:1-4, 1970:1-2, 1971:1-4, 1972:1-4, 1973:1-4, 1974:1-4, 1975:1-4, 1976:1-4, 1977:1-4, 1978:1-3, 1979:1-4, 1980:1-4, 1981:1-4, 1982:1-4, 1983:1-4, 1984:1-4, 1985:1-4, 1986:1-4, 1987:1-4, 1988:1-4, 1980:1-4
S1.9 Commercial Regulations of Foreign Countries 561 National Socialism
S1.25 Press Releases 1914, 1929-1939
S1.26 Inter-American Series 1, 80
S1.38 East Asian Pacific Series 19 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-6*, 189 The Cambodia Strike
S1.40 Regulations, Rules and Instructions F76 Registration of Agents of Foreign Principals, Or3/947 Organization Manual
S1.44 Report to Congress on Operations of UNRRA Under Act of Mar. 29, 1944 5-9, 11
S1.45 European Series 7
S1.65 Economic Cooperation Series 29 Land Reform – A World Challenge
S1.70/1 International Organization and Conference Series, General 1-2, 4-8, 12, 15-16, 21-32, 34-37, 40
S1.70/2 International Organization and Conference Series II, Regional Am3/no.1 Conference for the Maintenance of Continental Peace and Security, Am3/no.2 Address of the Secretary of State before the Second Plenary Session, Am3/no.3 International Conference of International States, Am3/no.4 Proceedings of Conference on Conservation of Renewable Natural Resources, Am3/no.5 Report of the Joint Brazil-United States technical Commission, Am3/no.6 Peace in the Americas, Am3/no.8 The American Republics Strengthen Continental Security , Am3/no.10 Fourth Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of American States, Am3/no.11 Pan American Railway Congress, Am3/no.14 Tenth Inter-American Conference, Am3/no.15 Organization of American States, Eu7/no.1 Report of Robert H. Jackson to the International Conference on Military Trials, F22/no.4 The Korea Problem at the Geneva Conference, F22/no.5 The Bangkok Conference of the Manila Pact Powers, F22/no.6 The Colombo Plan for Cooperative Economic Development in South and
S1.70/4 International Organization and Conference Series IV, Specialized Agencies In85 Proceedings of the International Civil Aviation Conference vol.1, no.3; vol.2, no.3
S1.71 General Foreign Policy Series 5 American Peace Policy, 92 How Foreign Policy is Made, 240 Srategic Arms Limitation Talks
S1.73 Documents and State Papers 1948-1949
S1.86 Near and Middle Eastern Studies 4
S1.95 Historical Monographs of Office of U.S. High Commissioner for Germany Al5/3 The Allied High Commission for Germany, B45 Berlin: Development of its Government and Administration, C73 Community and Group Life in West Germany, Ed8 The West German Educational System, Ex2 Exchange of Persons Program in Western Germany, F73 Food and Agricultural Programs in West Germany, H62 Guide to Studies of the Historical Division Office of the U.S. High , Commissioner for Germany, In3 The History of the Development of Information Services through Information, Centers and Documentary Films, P92 Press, Radio and Film in West Germany, Sp3 The Special Projects Program of the Office of the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, St2 State and Local Government in West Germany, 1945-1953
S1.98 Foreign Policy Briefs vol.1: 14-26, vol.11: 1-26, vol.12: 1-6, 8-26, vol.13: 1-13, vol.14: 19, 20-26, vol.15: 1-11, 13-21, 23-25, vol.16: 1-6, 8-11, 13-18, 20-27, vol.17: 1-26, vol.18: 1-21, 23-27, vol.2: 1-26, vol.3: 1-26, vol.4: 1-26, vol.5: 1-26, vol.6: 1-26, vol.7: 1-24, vol.8:1, 3-26, vol.9: 1-26
S1.101 External Research Report, Research Lists 1, 1.3, 1.5, 1.26, 5.26, 6.26, , 11, 11.3, 11.5, 11.7, 11.9, 11.10, 12, 12.3, 12.5, 12.7, 12.9, 12.12, 13.3, 13.5, 13.7, 13.9, 13.10, 14, 14.5, 14.10, 14.7, 14.9, 15, 16, 22
S1.101/2 External Research Reports, ER- 53, 67
S1.101/3 External Research Papers 137, 138, 140-143, 146, C88 Cross-Cultural Education
S1.101/6 List of Current Studies, BR 2
S1.101/7-2 Research Memorandums, RES 1- 27
S1.101/8 Policy Research Studies C24 Cartelization in Western Europe, C44/2 Politico-Military Relationships in Communist China, In8 The International Law of Sovereign Immunity, M27 Second and Third Generation Elites in the Maghreb
S1.101/a External Research Staff Paper 1
S1.101/10 Government Supported Research on Foreign Affairs, Current Project Information 1976, 1977/3, 1978/2, 1979/2, 1979/3, 1979/4, 1980/1, 1980/2, 1980/4, 1981/1, 1981/2, 1981/3, 1981/4
S1.102 Soviet Union as Reported by Former Soviet Citizens, Reports 3-24, 26
S1.107 Questions and Answers 3, 6, 10, 12, C14
S1.108 Background Notes 1
S1.110 Refugee Relief Program Sp6 How to Sponsor Refugees, Escapees, Expellees, Orphans, and Relatives Under the U.S. Refugee Relief Program
S1.111 World Strength of the Communist Party Organizations, Annual Report 1960-1963, 1964, 1966-69, 1971-1973, 1973-2
S1.113 Bibliographic Directories 274
S1.113/2 Bibliographic Reference Aids, BA 63-8 A70-10, 64-3 66-5, 64-22 63-12

S3.7/1 Fur Seal Arbitration, Paris 1893 v.1-15 and Supplement
S3.13/1 Geneva Arbitration (Alabama Claims) C26u/2 The Case of the United States to be Laid Before the Tribunal of Arbitration to be Convened at Geneva
S3.13/3 International Boundary Commission, U.S.-Mexico. Chamizal Arbitration In8 *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*
S3.16/2 Alaskan Boundary Tribunal At6 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-5*
S3.19/2 Mexican Boundary Commission W29 Water Bulletin, no.17-18, T71/2 Treaties/Joint Rules Governing the Commission/Personnel
S3.23 International Joint Commission on Boundary Waters Between United States and Canada, 1909 P76/5 Pollution of Boundary Waters 1918, P76/8 Pollution of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the International Section of the St. Lawrence River, R29 Pollution of Boundary Waters 1914, T68/2 Trail Smelter Reference: Statement on Behalf of the Government, T68/4 Trail Smelter Reference: Brief for the Government of the United States, T68/5 Trail Smelter Reference: Reply Brief for the Government of the United States
S3.24 International (Canadian) Boundary Commissions Al1/1* Joint Report of the Boundary Between the United States and Canada Along the 141st Meridian, G29 Forty-ninth Parallel to the Pacific Ocean, R29* Reestablishment of the Boundary Between the United States and Canada (vol.1-5), *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-6 thru 82-K-7*
S3.25 Annual Report C1 Lake of the Woods Levels: Text, C2 Lake of the Woods Levels: Tables, C3 Lake of the Woods Levels: Report of the Consulting Engineering, C4 Lake of the Woods Watershed Map, R29 Lake of the Woods Reference—Final Report, 1/985/French, 1/985
S3.29 Conference on Limitation of Armament, Washington, 1921-22 40
S3.29/5 Final Proceedings 1922
S3.31 /2 General Publications R29 First and Second Reports of Robert C. Morris, Agent of the United States , R29/2 First Report of Marshall Morgan, Assistant to the Agent of the United States , R29/3 Mixed Claims Commission United States and Germany, R29/4 Report of Robert W. Bonynge Before the Mixed Claims Commission
S3.31/6 Administrative Decisions 1923-1932, 1939
S3.32 International Conference on Maritime Law, Brussels, 1922 R29 Report of U.S. Delegates to the International Conference on Maritime Law
S3.33 American and British Claims Arbitration R29 Report of Fred K. Nielsen
S3.34/2 Mixed Claims Commissions, United States and Mexico—General Publications P Proceedings of the Commission
S3.34/6 Mixed Claims Commissions, United States and Mexico—Opinions and Decisions 1926-31, 1930: Opinions of Commissioners
S3.35 Arbitration Between Republic of Chile and Republic of Peru with Respect to Unfulfilled Provisions of Treaty of Peace of Oct. 20, 1883, Under Protocol and Supp. Act. Sig. Wash. July 20, 1922 Op3 Opinion and Award of the Arbitrator
S3.36 Commission on Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in China R29 Report of the Commission
S3.37/1 Tripartite Claims Commission—Report 1930 Report o f Robert W. Bonynge, Agent of the United States
S3.37/2 Tripartite Claims Commission—General Publication R29 Final Report of Commissioner and Decisions and Opinions
S3.38 International Conference of American States on Conciliation and Arbitration, Washington, Dec.10, 1928—Jan. 5, 1929 P94/1 Proceedings of the International Conference , P94 Final Act
S3.39 Arbitration Series 2 (1-7) 5 (1-6), 3 6-7, 4 (1-6) 9
S3.41 American-Turkish Claims Commission Op3 Opinion and Report Prepared by Fred K. Nielsen

S4.1 Annual Reports. Commercial Relations 1862, 1864, 1866, 1869-1870, 1873, 1876-1896, 1900-1903
S4.7 Consular Reports (monthly) 1-3
S4.10 Consular Reports (miscellaneous, unnumbered) C29/2 Cattle and Dairy Farming, F76 Forestry in Europe—1887

S5.8 Intercontinental Railway Commission R29/1 Condensed Report and Report of Corps No.1-3
S5.9/1 International American Conference, 1st, Washington, 1889-1890 R29 Reports of Committees and Discussions Thereon, vol. I-IV
S5.10 International Marine Conference, Washington, 1889 1889, vol.3
S5.13 Monetary Conferences 1878
S5.14 Pan-American Scientific Congress, Santiago, Chile, 1908-09 Report, 1909
S5.14/2 Pan-American Scientific Congress, 2d Santiago, Chile, 1915-16 1-11, Final Act
S5.14/3 Pan American Scientific Congress, 3d Lima, Peru, 1924-25 Report, 1925
S5.14/5 American Scientific Congress, 8th, Washington, D.C., May 10-18, 1940 P94 Proceedings of the Eighth American Scientific Congress, vol.1-XII
S5.18/1 International Prison Congress 1872/1, 1872/2, 1895, 1900
S5.18/2 International Prison Commission C86 New Legislation Concerning Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Penalties 1900
S5.22 Pan-Pacific Educational Conference, 1st Honolulu, August 1921 C Conference on Central American Affairs, 1922
S5.24 Conference of Oil Pollution of Navigable Waters 1927/1
S5.25 International Radiotelegraph Conference of Washington, 1927 C64 Report of the use of Codes and Code Language, D78/3 Draft of International Radio Convention and Annexed Government Regulations, P94 Proposals for the International Radiotelegraph Conference of Washington, R26 General Regulations and Supplementary Regulations
S5.26 International Radiotelegraph Conference of Madrid, 1932 R29 Report of the Delegation of the United States
S5.27 International Radiotelegraph Conference, Paris, 1925 C64 Documents of the Committee for the Study of Code Language
S5.27/2 International Telegraph Conference, Brussels, 1928 D37 Tabulations of Data Furnished by American Users, R29 Report of the American Delegation
S5.28 International Civil Aeronautics Conference, Washington, Dec. 12-14, 1928 P94/2 Proceedings of the Conference
S5.29 International Conference for Revision of Convention of 1914 for Safety of Life at Sea, London, Apr. 16-May 31, 1919 C76 Convention and Final Act
S5.30 Conference Series 1-24, 28, 30-53, 55, 57, 59-60, 63-64, 67, 69-71, 73, 77, 79, 82-95, 97-99, 101, 103-105
S5.31 Permanent International Association of Road Congress Ac1 Acts, P94 Proceedings of the Congress, R12 Reports—Sixth Congress 1930
S5.32 Inter-American Conference on Agriculture, Forestry, and Animal Industry, Washington, Sept.8-20, 1930 Ac8 Final Act of the Inter-American Conference on Agriculture, D65 Documentary Material On the Interamerican Conference on Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Industry, D85 Documentary Material on the Inter-American Conference on Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Industry, R29 Report of the Delegates of the U. S. A. To the Inter-American Conference on Agriculture 1930
S5.33 International Commission of Inquiry into Existence of Slavery and Forced Labor in Republic of Liberia R29 Slavery and Forced Labor in the Republic of Liberia
S5.34 Pan American Child Congress, 6th July, Lima R29 Report of the Delegate at the Sixth Pan American Child Congress
S5.39 International Congress of Military Medicine and Pharmacy R29 Tenth International Congress
S5.47 Anglo-American Caribbean Commission Publications R29 Report of the Commission to the Governments of the United States and Great Britain
S5.48 National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Publications Af8 Blueprint for American Community Programs on Africa, Af8/2 Films on Africa, Am3 American Citizen’s Stake in the Progress of the Less Developed Areas of the World, Am3/2 The American Interest in UNESCO, As4 A Selected Bibliography of Books, Films, Filmslides, Records and Exhibitions About Asia, As4/2 Indonesia: A Case Study in Asian-American Understanding, As4/2/supp Paths of Action Toward Asian-American Understanding and Cooperation, C76/6 Turn East Toward Asia—Sixth National Conference Report , C76/6 Seventh National Conference Program 1959 , C76/6 Seventh National Conference Report 1959, C76/6 Ninth National Conference 1963 9-3, 9-13, 9-14, 9-19, F76/2 Forging the Links, H88/3 Human Rights Day—A Guide for Community Programs 1962, H88/5 International Human Rights and International Education, N47 UNESCO in the News, Un3/8 UNESCO in a Decisive Decade, Un3/10 The United States and UNESCO: Challenges for the Future, W89/3 Two Sides of One World, W89/5 Mind your World: A Citizen’s Guide to International Understanding
S5.48/2 National Commission News 1/7-1/11, 2/1-2/12
S5.48/14 U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Memos En8 Special Issue—What is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him?, In8/970 Special Issue—International Education Year 1970
S5.49 List of Official International Conferences and Meetings 28, 953/2, 953/3, 953/4, 954/1-954/4, 955/1-955/4, 956/1-956/2, 957/1-957/4, 958/1-958/4, 959/1-959/4, 960/1-960/4, 961/1-961/4
S5.50/2 North Atlantic Treaty Organization Publications (Non-Government) D36 United States Defense Industry Guide for conducting Business with NATO Organizations and Member Countries

S6.9 Paris, Universal Exposition, 1867 R29/3 Reports of the U.S. Commissioners Vol. I-VI
S6.10 Paris, Universal Exposition, 1878 R29 Reports of the United States Commissioners vol. I-V
S6.11 Paris, Universal Exposition, 1889 R29 Reports of the United States Commissioners, vol. I-V
S6.13 Philadelphia, International Exhibition, 1876 R29 Report of the Director General, vol. I-XI
S6.14 Vienna, International Exhibition, 1873 R29/1 Reports of the Commissioners of the United States, vol. I-II, IV
S6.15 Nashville, Tennessee, Centennial Exposition, 1897 R29 Report on the United States Government Exhibit at the Exposition
S6.20 Education and Research in Agriculture and Home Economics in the United States 1922

S8.2 General Publications D65 Documentary History of the Constitution of the United States of America, vol. I-V
S8.3 Bulletins 2, 4, 6, 8

S18.1 Report to Congress on Foreign Assistance Program 1961-1971
S18.24 Public Administration Practices and Perspective, Digest of Current Materials 1/4