PrEx: Executive Office of the President

Maps and Atlases

PrEx3.104/4 Peoples Republic of China C44 (SHELVED IN 82-K-5)

Office of Emergency Preparedness

PrEx4.1 Annual Reports 1961
PrEx4.1/2 Progress Report, Statistical Reports 1961-2
PrEx4.2 General Publications At8 After Attack, What?, D63 Federal Disaster Assistance, D63/2 Disaster Preparedness, Ea7 Report of the Earthquake Seminar , Ec7 Regional Economic Stabilization Conference, En2 The Potential for Energy Conservation, Ex3 Executive Orders: Prescribing Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities, G29 Geologic Hazards and Public Problems, G74 The 1961 Governors’ Conference and Civil Defense, G74/2 Help Assure Continuity of Your State and Local Government, G74/3 An Explanation of the Constitution Amendment for Continuity of Government, H94 Hurricane Betsy, In3 Stemming Inflation, N21p The National Plan for Emergency Preparedness, Of2 About the Office of Emergency Planning, Oi5 Report on Crude Oil and Gasoline Price Increases of November 1970, P94 Psychological and Social Adjustment in a Simulated Shelter, R26 Summary Report on Regional Conferences, W12 Wage and Salary Stabilization Programs
PrEx4.4 OEP Circulars 4000.1A 4000.7C, 4000.7B 6500.1
PrEx4.6/8 National Plan for Emergency Preparedness 1964 (including Index), Chapter 1 and Appendix A
PrEx4.8/2 Civil and Defense Mobilization Directory 1961, ch.1
PrEx4.9 Stockpile Report to Congress 1961-75/1
PrEx4.12 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides D63 Date With Disaster, M32 Maps Description and Uses, P75 Basic Auxiliary Police, W37 Nuclear Weapons Phenomena and Characteristics


PrEx4.18 NREC Technical Reports 42
PrEx4.18/3 NREC Technical Manuals 119/2 and revision, 121, 121/3
PrEx4.18/4 Publications D18 Criteria For Measuring Effectiveness of Damage Assessment Systems, G14 NREC Programs Gaming the Logistics of National Survival, N21r The Role of NREC In Emergency Preparedness, R31/2 The Application of Statistics to the Resource Management Program

National Aeronautics and Space Council
PrEx5.9 Report to the Congress 1962-63, 1965-68, 1970-72

Office of Science and Technology

PrEx8.2 General Publications Au8, B39, B52, Ea7, El2, En2, En2/2, En2/3, En8, En8/2, En8/3, F31, H34, H34/2, H81, H81/2, J51, L11, M66, N21, P43, Oi5, P81, P87, Se1, So4, Su1, Sp1, St3, Sy8, T93, W29, Y8
PrEx8.9 Federal Water Resources Research Program for Fiscal Year 1965-71, 1973-74

Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

PrEx9.2 General Publications R29 Report to the President, the Congress and the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations

PrEx10.1 Annual Report 1965-66, 1968-71
PrEx10.2 General Publications C18, C43, C43/2, C43/4, C43/5, C73/3, C76, C76/2, D33, Ec7/2, F21/2, G14, G44, G81, H34/10, H34/5, H34/9, H75, H79, J57, J57/10, J57/13, J57/2, J57/3, J57/6, J57/7, J57/9, J96, L41/2, L41/pre.1-18, L52/3, M66, N31/4, N42j, Oll/2, Op5, P24/2, P56, P86/2, P86/3, P86/5, P86/6/966, P94, Up8, V82/10, V82/12, V82/13, V82/5, V82/5, V82/9, V87/7, V88, W31, W84, Y8/2
PrEx10.5 Ec7 Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, As Amended 1967-69, Ec7/2 Narrative Summary of the Economic Opportunity Amendments of 1966 and 1967, H34 How to Apply for Head Start
PrEx10.7/2 News Summary of War on Poverty 1966-69
PrEx10.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides C68, C73, C73/2, C73/3, C73/6, C78, D83, Em7, F73, G76, G76/2, G76/2/supp., H34/3, H34/4, L52, L52/2, L52/3, N31, P56, P56/2, P78, P96, P96/2, R11, R88, Up9, V66, V82, V82/2
PrEx10.8/2 Vista Manuals 4010-1
PrEx10.8/4 OEO Training Manuals 6321-1, 6321-3
PrEx10.8/5 OEO Manuals 6003-1, 6003-1B, 6166-1, 6166-2
PrEx10.9 Communities in Action 1/1-1/4
PrEx10.9/2 Communities in Action 2/1-2/3, 2/5, 3, 4, 4/2-4/3, 5/1-5/3
PrEx10.9/3 Community Action Ad9 Adult Education, Ed8 Community Education: Tutorial Programs, F21 Family Planning 1966 and 1967, G82 Green Power Consumer Action for the Poor, H81 Community Action and Urban Housing, M31 Manpower Development, N31 The Neighborhood Center, N73 The Nonprofessional in the Educational System
PrEx10.9/4 C/HS Pamphlets C/CA-2, CA-3, C/HS-6
PrEx10.10 JCH 66-1/3, 191, 313.3, 342, 343.3, 343.16, 440(w), 440.50-440.56, 500, 820, 870
PrEx10.10/4 Job Corps Centers Ac1, Al1, Al2, Al7, An1, An4, An8, Ar1, At8, B21, B62, B62/2, B69, B73, B74, C26, C27, C27/2, C29, C32, C38, C49, C52, C58, C58/2, C59, C61, C68, C72, C82, C84, C92, D56, Ei4, Ex2, F36, F58, F61, F77s, F88, G15, G19, G56, G76, G79, G98, H23, H35, H66, H85, H92, J15, J48, K52, K53, K55, K59, K82, L97, L98, M21, M29, M34, M35, M66, M85, M86, M86/2, N42w, Oa4, Oc5, Oj3, Om1, Ot8, Ou1, P14, P65, P65/2, P75, P81, Sa2l, Sa5c, Sl9, T15, T46, T48, T61, T66, T68, T71, T72, V63, W38, W45, W72, Y9
PrEx10.11 Addresses R86 The Role of Counties in Economic Opportunity Efforts
PrEx10.12 Project Head Start 2/1-2, 3A, 3C, 3D, 5/2, 6-8, 10A, 12
PrEx10.12/2 Head Start Newsletter 1/6-1/8, 2/2-2/8, 2/10, 3/2-3/6, 3/8-3/9, 4/1-4/6, 4/9-10
PrEx10.13 Vista 2/3-2/5, 3-5 (complete), 6/1-6/9, 8/5
PrEx10.13/2 Vista Voice 967/1
PrEx10.14 Rural Opportunities 1/6-1/8, 2, 3, 4/1-4/9
PrEx10.15 Bibliographies and Lists of Services C73 Bibliography on the Comprehensive Health Service Program, C83 Counselor’s Reference Bibliography
PrEx10.16 Advisory 1/1-1/2, 1/5-1/8, 2/2
PrEx10.18 Annual Report of Legal Service Program Of Office Of Economic Opportunity to the American Bar Association 1966
PrEx10.19 Traveler/el Viajero, Quarterly Newsletter for Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers 1/2
PrEx10.21 Vista Fact Book 1967 (1-4), 1968 (1-3, 5-12), 1969 (1-12), 1970 (1-12)
PrEx10.22 National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity 1968-72
PrEx10.23 OEO Pamphlets 61-08-2, 803569, 803570, 1545069, 1545099, 1105-1, 1105-2, 1405-11/2, 1405-12, 1405-14, 1405-4, 1405-5, 1405-6, 3400-3, 3400-5, 3400-6, 3400-7, 410-3/2, 4100-10/2, 4100-11, 4100-12, 4100-13, 4100-4, 4100-4, 4100-7, 4100-8, 4100-9, 5000-2, 6000-2, 6015-1, 6100-1, 6106-1, 6108-11, 6108-13, 6128-14, 6128-3, 6128-7, 6128-9, 6130-6, 6130-9, 6132-1, 6132-2, 6132-4, 6140-5, 6143-1, 6143-5, 6164-2, 6170-1, 6172-1, 6172-5, 6327-1, 7401-1, 7401-2
PrEx10.27 Opportunity 1 (complete), 2/1-2/10, 3/1

National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development

PrEx12.1 Annual Reports 1967-71
PrEx12.2 General Publications Af8 Marine Science Activities of the Nations of Africa, C16 Marine Science Activities of Canada and the Nations of Europe, Ea7a Marine Science Activities of the Nations of East Asia, L34 Marine Science Activities of the Nations of Latin America, N27e Marine Science Activities of the Nations of the Near East and South Asia, Oc2 International Decade of Ocean Exploration, Sp1 United State Activities in Spacecraft Oceanography, Un3 University Curricula in the Marine Sciences and Related Fields
PrEx12.8 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides M33 Federal Planning Guide for MAREP
PrEx12.9 CMREF Pamphlets 34
PrEx12.10 Marine Research, Fiscal Year 1968

National Clearinghouse for Drug Abuse Information

PrEx13.2 General Publications An8 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Drugs 1970-71, D84 Drug Abuse Prevention Materials for Schools, D84/2 Resource Book for Drug Abuse Education, D84/3 Alternatives to Drugs, Ed8 Drug Abuse Education, 1968—Grades 6, 9, 12, Ed8/2 Narcotic and Drug Education—Grades K-12, Ed8/3 Strand II; Sociological Health Problems—Grades 4, 5, 6, Ed8/4 Drug Abuse Education Unit—Grades K-12, Ed8/5 An Educational Program Dealing with Drug Abuse—Grades K-12, Ed8/6 Curriculum Guide for Drug Education—Grades 6-12, Ed8/7 Drugs and Hazardous Substances—Grades K-12, Ed8/8 Tobacco, Drug, and Alcohol Unit—Grade 6, F48 Selected Drug Abuse Education Films
PrEx13.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides F48 Ed8/5, Ed8 Ed8/6, Ed8/2 Ed8/7, Ed8/3 Ed8/8, Ed8/4
PrEx13.9 Report Series 1/1-1/3, 5/1, 7/1, 8/2, 9/1, 9/3, 10/2-10/3, 11/1, 12/1, 19/1, 20/1, 20/2, 22/1, 23/1, 26/1
PrEx13.10 Bibliographies and List of Publications D84/2 A Bibliography of Drug Abuse Literature, D84 Drug Dependence and Abuse
PrEx13.10/2 Selected Reference Series 1/1, 4/1, 7/1
PrEx13.12 DACAS 1/1,1,4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/9, 1/18, 1/19, 1/20, 1/25

Office of Consumer Affairs

PrEx16.2 General Publications Ed8 An Approach to Consumer Education for Adults, Or3 Forming Consumer Organizations, St2 State Consumer Action Summary ’71 and ’72, St2/2 Directory: State, County and City Government Consumer Offices
PrEx16.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Se6 Guide to Federal Consumer Services
PrEx16.9 Consumer News 1/13-1/18 and Index, 2/1-2/12 and Index, 2/13-2/24 and Index, 3/1-3/6, 3/8, 3/10-3/12, 3/14-3/24
PrEx16.10 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications Ed8 Consumer Education Bibliography, Ex3 Report on Executive Compensation, In3 Inflation

Cost of Living Council

PrEx17.2 General Publications Ex3, In3
PrEx17.9 Economic Stabilization Program 1972, 1972: 1-4, 1973: 1-4, 1974: 1
PrEx17.10 Economic Stabilization Program 1-2, F73/2 Phase IV: Final Food Regulations, F87 Freeze and Phase IV, F87/2 The Freeze, F87/3 Freeze Facts, H79 Effective Managerial Control of Acute Care Hospitals Under the Phase IV Regulations , H79/2 Acute Care Hospitals Planning and Executing Capital Projects Under Cost Controls, In7 Phase IV Insurance, Health and Procedural Regulations, Oi5 Phase IV Oil Regulations, P49/2 Phase I V Announcement no. 1-2, P49/3 Final Phase IV Regulations

Office of Telecommunications Policy

PrEx18.1 Activities and Programs 1975-76
PrEx18.2 General Publications El2 Value Choices in Electronic Funds Transfer Policy, P93 Legal Protections of Privacy, R11 The Radio Frequency Spectrum January 1973, August 1975
PrEx18.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Em3 Nine-One-One

Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention

PrEx20.2 General Publications B78 There’s a Brand New Language: Notes for Broadcasters, Ep2 The Epidemiology of Drug Abuse, H75 Coming Home: A Thoughtbook for People, Q3 Questions and Answers About Drug Abuse, Su7 Super Me Super Yo, W72 Windows Walls Bridges
PrEx20.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Ac2 Acceptance, J57 Help Wanted—A Job Hunter’s Guide
PrEx20.9 Special Action Office Monograph A/1, A/2, A/2-2, A/3, A/4, A/5, A/6, B/2, C/1, C/2, C/3, C/4, C/5, D/1, E/1

Council on Wage and Price Stability

PrEx22.2 General Publications Ag8 Report on Prices for Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Al8 Aluminum Prices 1974-75, Au8 Auto Parts Price Behavior: 1971-76, B23 Collective Bargaining Negotiations: A Background Paper 1976, B23/2 Collective Bargaining: Review of 1976, Outlook for 1977, B74 A Study of Bread Prices, C33 Prices and Capacity Expansion in the Cement Industry, C63 A Study of Coal Prices, F73 The Responsiveness of Wholesale and Retail Food Prices, H34 The Problem of Rising Health Care Costs, H34/2 The Complex Puzzle of Rising Health Care Costs, H79 The Rapid Rise of Hospital Costs, In2 Trends in Industrial Plant Construction Costs, In3 Cost-of-Living Escalator Clauses and Inflation, L97 Lumber Prices and the Lumber Products Industry, P19 Prices Increases and Capacity Expansion in the Paper Industry, P29 Pay and Price Standards: A Compendium, P29/2 Second-Year Price Standards: A Compendium, P29/3 Evaluation of the Pay and Price Standards Program, P56 A Study of Physicians’ Fees, P93 Evaluation of the Pay and Price Standards Program, R26 Catalog of Federal Regulations Affecting the Iron and Steel Industry, St3 A Study of Steel Prices, St3/2 Prices and Costs in the United States Steel Industry, Su3 Staff Report on Sugar Prices, T31 A Study of the Textile and Apparel Industries, W12 Fact Book: Wage and Price Standards, W12/2 Wage and Price Standards , W62 The Wholesale Price Index: Review and Evaluation
PrEx22.9 Quarterly Report 5-23

Office of Drug Abuse Policy

PrEx24.1 Annual Report 1978
PrEx24.2 General Publications St8 Federal Strategy for Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking 1982, 1984