Pr33: President of the United States Harry S. Truman

Pr33.2 General Publications Ai71 Survival in the Air Age, Eu74 European Recovery and American Aid, F76 Report to the President on Foreign Economic Policies, R449 To Secure These Rights, St32 Labor Dispute in the Basic Steel Industry
Pr33.9 Council of Economic Advisers Publications R29 Council of Economic Advisers 1947-48, R29 Business and Government 1949
Pr33.10 Economic Report to the President 1948, 1950-51
Pr33.12 President’s Water Resources Policy Commission Publications W29 A Water Policy for the American People, vol.1-3
Pr33.13 President’s Communications Policy Board T23 Telecommunications: A Program for Progress
P33.14 President’s Commission on Migratory Labor Ag8 Migratory Labor in American Agriculture
Pr33.15 Resources for Freedom 1-5
Pr33.17/2 President’s Commission on Immigration and Naturalization, Reports and Publications 1953
Pr33.20 President’s Advisory Committee on Management, Reports and Publications R29 Report to the President December 1952, Pr33.22 Missouri Basin Survey Commission, L22 Missouri: Land and Water (1953)

Pr33.102 General Publications F76/2 The Administration of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Operations, In8/949 A Federal Inventory Control System, St2/952 Statistical Service of the United States Government, W89/5 Trainer’s Guide to the Work Simplifications Training Sessions, W89/7 Outlines for the Trainer in the Conduct of Work Simplification Training Sessions, W89/8 Specifications for an Agency Work Simplification Program
Pr33.106 Regulations, Rules and Instructions In27 Standard Industrial Classification Manual
Pr33.108 Management Bulletins D92 A Work Measurement System: Development and Use
Pr33.111 Historical Reports on War Administration 1

Pr33.202 General Publications Ct Directory of Surplus Real Property April 1947, P69 Plant Finder—A Buyer’s Guide
Pr33.211 Progress Report to Congress by War Assets Administration 1947, 1948 (pt.1-3)

Pr33.302 General Publications W12 Guaranteed Wages, W19 Catalog of War Production Board Reporting and Application Forms vol.I-X
Pr33.307 OPA Economic Data Series 2-27
Pr33.308 Historical Reports on War Administration, Miscellaneous Publications 2
Pr33.310 Historical Reports on War Administration, General Publications 1-6, 8-9, 11, 14, 15
Pr33.311 Historical Reports on War Administration, General Studies 1
Pr33.312 War Profits Studies 13-18

Pr33.501 Annual Reports 1948

Pr33.702 General Publications At7/3 Civil Defense Against Atomic Warfare, a Selected Reading List, At7/4 Survival Under Atomic Attack, C49 United States Civil Defense, Ec7 Wartime Economic Stabilization and the Efficiency of Government Procurement, F51 Fire Effects of Bombing Attacks, M41 Objectives of U. S. Materials Resources Policy and Suggested Initial Steps in their Accomplishment, Sci2 Plans for the Development and Use of Scientific Manpower

Pr33.901 Semiannual Reports 1 (and Suppl.), 2 (and Suppl.), 3, 4
Pr33.901/2 Semiannual Reports Under Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act 1-2
Pr33.902 General Publications Eu7/2 U.S. Defense Support in Western Europe, Ov1 The Overseas Territories in the Mutual Security Program, T67 A Trade and Tariff Policy in the National Interest
Pr33.908 Procurement Authorization and Allotments 1952: 6-12, 1953: 1-2, 4-6
Pr33.909 Paid Shipments 1952: 6-12, 1953: 1-6
Pr33.910 Monthly Report for Public Advisory Board 1951: 10-12, 1952: 1-9, 11-12, 1954: 4
Pr33.911 European Program, Local Currency Counterpart Funds 1952 (June)-1953 (June)

Pr33.1002 General Publications H19 Report of the Task Force on the Handicapped, M31 Manpower for Defense, P94/3 Production Capacity
P33.1008 Report to the President by Director of Defense Mobilization 1-8