Pr32: President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt

Pr32.102 General Publications C76 Construction, Housing and Real Property

Pr32.215 This Week in Defense 1941/3-7 – 1941/21-26

Pr32.301 [Annual Reports] Progress Reports 1941
Pr32.302 General Publications C17/prelim, D36, Ec7/pt.2, F21, H81, H81/3, H99, In2, In2/3, In2/5, L22, L22/2, N21, N21/3, N81, P33, P69, P81, P81/2, P84, P96/2, P96/3, P96/5, P96/6, R26, R26/2/pt.2-12, R31/pt.1-3R31/942, R31/943/pt.1-3, St2, T68, T68/2, W19, W19/2R31/3
Pr32.307 Bibliography of Reports of State and Regional Planning Organizations 1-7
Pr32.309 Technical Papers 1-8, 10

Pr32.402 General Publications R82 Report of the Rubber Survey Committee
Pr32.412 Fair Employment Practice Committee R29/943-44 First Report, R29/946 Final Report
Pr32.413 Publications of Scientific Research and Development Office Sci2 Science: The Endless Frontier

Pr32.4002 General Publications C35 A Challenge

Pr32.4206 Regulations, Rules and Instructions Ec7/946 OPA Handbook of Basic Economic Data
Pr32.4207 Price Schedules 1-8, 10, 12, 14, 17-24, 28-29, 31, 34, 36-37, 39, 41-43, 66, 67
Pr32.4216 Quarterly Reports 1-16, 19-22
Pr32.4217 Papers in Re R279/4 Rationing in World War II

Pr32.4402 General Publications In27/2 Protection of Industrial Plants and Public Buildings
P32.4406 Regulations C49/4 Legal Aspects of Civilian Protection, W31 Waterworks Engineering in Disaster
Pr32.4408 OCD Newsletters, Official Bulletins 1-30

Pr32.4702 General Publications D64 Report to the Nation, W19 Divide and Conquer

Pr32.4802 General Publications In2 Converting Industry
Pr32.4813 Priorities 1943
Pr32.4820 Labor Management News *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-4* v.1, 2, 3
Pr32.4838 Historical Reports on War Administration, Special Studies 4-30
Pr32.4839 Historical Reports on War Administration, Miscellaneous Publications 1
Pr32.4840 Historical Reports on War Administration, Documentary Publications 1-3, 5

Pr32.4902 General Publications B73 Reconditioning Break Drums, C49/941-46 Civilian War Transport, C77 Cooling Systems, W45/2 Electric Arc Welding in Automotive Repairs, W45/3 Oxygen-Acetylene Welding and Brazing in Automotive Repairs

Pr32.5008 Victory; Official Weekly Bulletins 1-4
Pr32.5014 A Week of the War 1-688 (incomplete series)

Pr32.5102 General Publications D63 Disputes Before the War Labor Board, L72 Application of the “Little Steel” Formula

Pr32.5202 General Publications OC1/3/945 Occupational Analysis Publications, T68/5 Area Training Program Guide
Pr32.5206 Regulations, Rules and Instructions J57/5 Manual for Industrial Job Evaluation Systems, J57/8 Manual for Job Analysis, P56/945 Physical Demands Analysis and Physical Capacities Appraisal
Pr32.5212 Job Family Letters 6, 8, 14, 15, 18, 22-23, 26-28, 36-39, 41-45, 47-49, 51-54, 58-61, 63-64, 66
Pr32.5227 Handbook of Description of Specialized Fields *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize* Ag8
Pr32.5228 Job Descriptions Of2 Job Description for Office Occupations

Pr32.5251 Annual Reports 1936-43

Pr32.5271 Annual Reports 1942

Pr32.5701 Annual Reports 1942-47

Pr32.5809 Reports to Congress on Lend-Lease Operations 7-23