RA-RR: National Railroad Adjustment Board – Railroad Retirement Board

RA1.7 Awards, 1st Division I-XV
RA1.8 Awards, 2nd Division I-III
RA1.9 Awards, 3rd Division I-IV

RB1.2 General Publications F31 Decision of the Reserve Bank Organization Committee December 23, 1913, R11 Radio Facts and Principles, R26 State and Municipal Regulation of Radio Communication

RC1.1 Annual Reports 1927-33

RL1.6/2 Decisions 1920-25

RR1.1 Annual Report 1936-46, 1962-69, 1971-80, 1983
RR1.2 General Publications An7 Special Guaranty in Employee and Spouse Annuities, An7/2 Widow(er)’s Annuity, An7/3 Child’s Annuity 1990, An7/4 Mother’s/Father’s and Child’s Annuity, An7/5 Child’s Annuity Full-Time Student, An7/6 Parent’s Annuity, B43/3 Child Disability Benefits, B43/4 Widow(er) Disability Benefits, B43/5 Railroad Retirement and Survivor Benefits 1991, 1995-96, H62 The Legislative History of Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment, Insurance Systems, M46 A Brief Description of Medicare for Railroad Workers and Their Families 1983, 1992 , R31 Questions and Answers on the Railroad Retirement Act as Amended Through 1963 and 1973, W89 Work, Social Security Benefits and Certain Events Can Affect A Survivor Annuity
RR1.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides H34 Your Medicare Handbook for Railroad Retirement Beneficiaries, H79 Your Medicare Handbook
RR1.13 Monthly Benefit Statistics 1990: 1, 2, 1991: 6, 1992: 4