N: Department of the Navy

Department of the Navy

N1.1 Annual Reports 1862-64, 1866-68, 1875, 1878-81, 1883, 1885, 1897, 1898, 1899-1904, 1907-1942, 1946-68
N1.2 General Publications Ar5/1 Armored Vessels, B68 The Bluejackets’ Manual, C71 A Report on American Coals, C83/3 Naval Courts and Boards 1917, C83/5 Naval Courts and Boards 1937, D64 Diving Manual 1916, D69 Diving Manual 1943, Eu7 Report of European Ships of War 1878, G93/1 The Island of Guam, G93/3 Dictionary and Grammar of the Chamorro Language of the Island of Guam, H12,H14 Hague and Geneva Conventions 1911 , N22/8 The United States Navy in Peace Time, N22/9 The United States Navy, N22/10 The Navy at Sea and Shore, Sa4/4 American Samoa, V63/2 The Design and Methods of Construction of Welded Steel Merchant Vessels, V81 Virgin Islands of the United States
N1.8 Explorations and Surveys H14/2 Narrative of the North Polar Expedition, H43/1 Valley of the Amazon I and II, H43/2 Herndon’s Valley of the Amazon Maps, Part I, H43/6 Maps—Gibbon’s Report, P42/1, P42/4 United States Japan Expedition by Com. M. C. Perry vol. I and II, Se4 Report of Explorations for a Ship-Canal, Isthmus of Darien
N1.9 Compilations of Laws 1921, 1929/suppl.
N1.11/1 Navy Regulations 1900, 1920
N1.14 General Court Martial Orders 1916-37 (vol. 1-2, Index)
N1.19 Regulations, Rules, and Instruction Sa1/3 Industrial Poisons and Dangerous Substances Sec. 4, Sa1/4 U.S. Navy Manual of Safety Equipment

Naval Consulting Board

N1.29/2 General Publications N22 Naval Consulting Board of the United States

Assistant Secretary

N2.6 Tutuila Commandant, U.S. Naval Station, Annual Reports 1912

Hydrographic Office

N6.2 General Publications On2/2 Special Notice to Mariners, One Hundredth Anniversary Number
N6.5 General Catalog of Mariners and Aviators’ Charts and Books 1925, 1927
N6.8 Hydrographic Office Publications 9, 76, 87, 97, 120, 127, 171/2, 200-201, 203-204, 207-209, 211, 214 (vol.1-9), 226, 592, 602
N 6.8:9/ American Practical Navigator 1903, 1914, 1916, 550 *Shelved in West Campus Storage 82-K-3*

Judge-Advocate General

N7.1 Annual Reports 1893-1903, 1906-1931, 1932, 1934-36
N7.7 Laws Relating to Navy, Annotated 1945 (vol.1), 1945 (vol.2-4), 1946 (vol.3-4), 1947 (vol.1)
N7.7/2 Laws Relating to Navy, Annotated, Bulletins 1946 (vol.4), 1947 (vol.1)

Marine Corps

N9.2 General Publications W89 U.S. Marine Corps in the World War
N9.8 Regulations Governing Uniform and Equipment of Officers and Enlisted Men 1917
N9.15 Manuals 1940

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

N10.2 General Publications M46/3 Medical Department of the United States Navy With the Army and Marine Corps in France in World War I, R29g27 Report on the Russian Medical and Sanitary Features of the Russo-Japanese War to the Surgeon-General, U.S. Navy
N10.7 Drill Regulations for Hospital Corps 1942
N10.15 Statistics of Disease and Injuries in the Navy 1932, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1946

Nautical Almanac Office

N11.2 General Publications Su7 Reports of Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun
N11.6/3 Air Almanac 1941-50 (Jan-Aug)
N11.9 Tables Computed for the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac M77/1 Tables of the Moon, N22 Information Concerning the U.S. Navy and Other Navies, V56/1 Miscellaneous Astronomical Papers

Office of Naval Intelligence

N13.2 General Publications C73, N22
N13.6 Information from Abroad Sa5 Spanish-American War
N13.7 War Notes, Information from Abroad 1-8

Naval Observatory

N14.5 Washington Observations, Publications of Naval Observatory, 1st Series See Catalog Call Number QB4 W31
N14.6 Publications of Naval Observatory, 2nd Series See Catalog Call Number QB4 W32

Naval Records and Library Office

N16.2 General Publications R26 Register of Officers of the Confederate States Navy 1861-65, W89 American Ship Causalities of the World War
N16.9 Monographs, Historical Section Publications 1-7

Bureau of Naval Personnel

N17.2 General Publications In8 Problem of Interoceanic Communication by Way of the American Isthmus, M46 Record of Medals of Honor, W89 Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Naval Service Who Died During the World War 1920

Bureau of Ordnance

N18.2 General Publications N22/3 Navy Ordnance Activities World War 1917-18
N18.7 Ordnance Instructions for Navy 1512, 1618

Bureau of Yards and Docks

N21.1 Annual Reports 1922-28, 1929-32, 1933-37
N21.2 General Publications B86/2 Building the Navy’s Bases in World War II (vol. 1-2), D84/2 United States Naval Dry Dock Construction, W89 Activities of the Bureau of Yards and Docks
N21.8 Confidential Bulletins 38, 39, 41
N21.10 Standard Specifications 3Yb Standards of Design for Concrete
N21.15 Regulations, Rules and Instructions Au8 Automotive Preventive Maintenance Manual, C73 Commercial Traffic Regulations 1915

Coast Guard

N24.39 Coast Guard at War Series 4-30 (incomplete series)

Bureau of Ships

N29.2 General Publications G21/5 Gas Turbine Gas Charts

Office of Public Relations

N31.2 General Publications Ab8 Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations

Office of Naval Research

N32.2 General Publications Ar2 Across the Top of the World, N22 Office of Naval Research