NA-NS: National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council – National Science Foundation

National Academy of Sciences

NA1.2 Annual Report N81 North American Datum

National Research Council

NA2.2 General Publications In7 1961—Symposium—Programmed Instruction, N73 Nonhuman Primates—Usage and Availability for Biomedical Programs, P43 Personnel Needs and Training for Biomedical and Behavioral Research, R11/4 Disposal of Solid Radioactive Wastes in Bedded Salt Deposits, R11/5 The Effects on Populations of Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation

NAS1.1 Semiannual Reports 1954, 1959 (pt.2), 1960, 1961 (pt.2), 1962-63, 1964 (pt.1), 1965-69, Index: 1958-69
NAS1.1/2 Major Activities in Programs of National Aeronautics and Space Administration 1960, Sa8/6/967 Saturn Illustrated Chronology
NAS1.1/3 Year in Review at Goddard Space Flight Center 1966
NAS1.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions Ac7/suppFederal Acquisition Regulation Supplements 2-3, 1984 Edition, Ac7/suppFederal Acquisition Regulations Supplements 2-3, 5-6, 8-9, 1985 Edition
NAS1.6/2 NASA Procurement Regulation 1964
NAS1.9 Publication Announcements 1-35, 37-39, 41-52, 54-69
NAS1.9/2 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications Ae8 Aeronautics and Space Bibliography for Elementary Grades, Ae8/2 Aeronautics and Space Bibliography for Secondary Grades, Ae8./3 Aeronautics and Space Bibliography for Adult Aerospace Books and Materials, B43 Space Benefits: NASA Films and Publications, Ed8 NASA Educational Publications 1964, L58 NASA Lewis Teacher Resource Center, P96/2 NASA Publications 1982, Sp3 NASA Special Publications 1967, So2 Software for Aerospace Education, T22 Index of NASA Technical Publications 1957-61
NAS1.9/3 Technical Publications Announcements with Indexes 1962, sect 2: 1-19, and Index (sec. 1 and 2)
NAS1.9/4 Star, Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports Indexes: 5 (pt. II-IV) Volumes:14, no. 15-20, 6 (pt. I-II) 15, no. 1-5, 7, (pt. II-IV) 25, no.17-21, 23-24, 8 (pt. I-III) 27, no. 21-24, 28, no. 10
NAS1.10 Memorandums Shelved in West Campus Storage: beginning 18-A-4 1-2-59L to 12-30-58L (incomplete holdings)
NA1.11 Addresses J18 Communications Satellites by Leonard Jaffe, N44/2 Rocket-Sonde by Homer E. Newell
NA1.12 Technical Reports, R- Shelved in West Campus Storage: beginning 18-A-5 1-475 (missing: 177, 181, 198, 218, 282, 356, 402, 434, 468), 39-19, ERL-160
NAS1.13 NASA Publications Shelved in West Campus Storage: beginning 18-A-8 RE2-8-59W RE5-1-59W, RE2-18-59W RE11-21-59W, RE3-2-59W RE11-22-58W, RE3-10-59W
NAS1.13/2 Technical Translations, TT- Shelved in West Campus Storage: beginning 18-A-8 1-823 (incomplete holdings)
NAS1.14 Technical Notes, TN- Shelved in West Campus Storage: beginning 18-C-5 1 // 8529 (incomplete holdings)
NAS1.15 Technical Memorandums, TM- Shelved in West Campus Storage: beginning 18-H-7 969 // 87,360 (incomplete holdings)
NAS1.18 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides *Shelved in West Campus Storage 82-K-6* M39
NAS1.21 Special Publications 91 Space Astonomy 1958-1964, 169 Exploring Space with a Camera, 431 Digital Processing of Remotely Sensed Images
NAS1.26 Contractor Reports, CR Shelved in West Campus Storage: beginning 18-J-8 7 // 3864 (incomplete holdings)
NAS1.27 Technical Reprints, RP- 100-113
NAS1.28 George C. Marshall Space Flight Center: Technical Abstracts 1-3, 4 (pt.1-4), 5 (pt. 1-3)
NAS1.29 NASA Tech Briefs Shelved in West Campus Storage: 18-Q-5 1963-1975 (incomplete series)
NAS1.29/2 AEC-NASA Tech Briefs Shelved in West Campus Storage: 18-Q-5 1966-72 (incomplete series)
NAS1.40 Satellite Situation Report Shelved in West Campus Storage: 18-Q-6 15/6, 16/6, 17/6, 18/6 26/1-26/4, 19/6, 20/6, 21/627/1-27/4, 22/1-22/6 28/1-28/4, 23/2, 23/4-23/6 29/1-29/3, 24/2-24/5 30/1-30/2, 25/1-25/3 31/1-31/2
NAS1.55 Conference Publications, NASA CP- Shelved in West Campus Storage: beginning 18-Q-7 1 // 3137 (incomplete holdings)
NAS1.60 Technical Papers Shelved in West Campus Storage: 18-R-7 1001 // 2519 (incomplete holdings)
NAS1.61 Reference Publications, RP- 1001 // 1027 (incomplete holdings), 1061 *Shelved in West Campus Storage 82-K-6*, 1069/c.2 *Shelved in West Campus Storage 82-K-6*
NAS1.62 Life Sciences Status Report 7
NAS1.64 Earth Resources Satellite Data Applications Series L23, L23/2, L23/3, Sa8

National Capital Park and Planning Commission

NC1.1 Annual Reports 1927-32

National Capital Planning Commission

NC2.2 General Publications C76 *Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-3*, C76/2*Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-3*, L52 Extending the Legacy, P69/2 Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital, P69/3 Elements of the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital, T68 Transportation Plan—National Capital Region
NC2.9 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications D63 Bibliographies of Studies and Reports on the District of Columbia
NC2.10 Informational Series, Reports 3
NC2.11 Quarterly Review of Commission Proceedings 1981/2

National Capital Regional Planning Council

NC3.1 Report 1963-66
NC3.8 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides D49 The Regional Development Guide
NC3.9 National Capital Open-Space Project: Technical Reports 1-3
NC3.9/2 National Capital Open-Space Program: Planning Reports 2

National Housing Agency

NHA1.1 Annual Reports 1943-45
NHA1.2 General Publications T22 The Check List for the Review of Local Subdivision Controls
NHA1.7 Urban Studies Division Bulletins 14

Federal Housing Administration

NHA2.1 Annual Reports 1939-44
NHA2.2 General Publications H75 FHA Homes in Metropolitan Districts
NHA2.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions M84/2 Mortgagee’s Handbook, Un2 Underwriting Manual 1947
NHA2.8 Insured Mortgage Portfolio 1-12

Federal Home Loan Bank Administration

NHA3.1 Annual Reports 1939-45
NHA3.8 Federal Home Loan Bank Review 1935-47
NHA4.8 Public Housing v.1-3, *v.2-3 Stored in West Campus Storage 82-K-3*

NMB1.1 Annual Report 1935-82
NMB1.2 General Publications C84 Determination of Craft or Class (v. 4-6), In8 Interpretations Issued by the National Mediation Board, M46 The National Mediation Board at 50, R13 The Railway Labor Act and the National Mediation Board, R13/4 Twenty Years Under the Railway Labor Act, Amended and the National Mediation Board 1934-54, R13/4 Administration of the Railway Labor Act by the National Mediation Board 1934-70, R13/5 The Railway Labor Act at 50, R29 Report to the 100th Congress of the United States
NMB1.7 Reports of Emergency Boards 95-504, 150-151, 153-157, 159-164, 166-170, 172-183, 186-187, 190-193
NMB1.9 Determinations of the National Mediation Board 7-13

National Science Foundation

NS1.1 Annual Report 1950-1975
NS1.2 General Publications C44 Professional Manpower and Education in Communist China, C44/2/949-63 Scientific Engineering Manpower in Communist China, 1949-1963, C73/5 A National Computing Environment for Academic Research, F11/974 Young and Senior Science and Engineering Faculty, 1974, L22 Extending the Human Life Span: Social Policy and Social Ethics, Un33 Education and Professional Employment in the USSR
NS1.3/2 Scientific Manpower Bulletin 4-19
NS1.8 List of International and Foreign Scientific and Technical Meetings 1953, no.4 – 1959, no.1
NS1.9 Quarterly Report, Government Sponsored and Government Supported Research 6-14, pt.1
NS1.10 Federal Grants and Contracts for Unclassified Research in Life Sciences 1954-1957
NS1.10/2 Federal Grants and Contracts for Unclassified Research in Physical Sciences 1955-58
NS1.10/4 Federal Grants and Contracts for Fiscal Year 1964-79, 1982
NS1.11 Reviews of Data on Research and Development 1-43
NS1.12 Projects for College Teachers of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering 957, 158, 958-2, 959, 959-2, 960, 960-2, 960-61, 961-62, 963, 963-2, 963-3, 963-64, 963-64-2, 964-65
NS1.12/3 Research Participation for Teachers of Science and Mathematics 963, 963-2
NS1.14 Scientific Manpower, Significant Developments, Views and Statistics 1956-1962
NS1.14/2 American Science Manpower 1956-58, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1970
NS1.15 Current Research and Development in Scientific Documentation 2-6
NS1.16 Scientific Information Activities of Federal Agencies 1-33
NS1.17/2 International Science Notes 1-5, 7-12, Suppl.1
NS1.18 Federal Funds for Research, Development, and Other Scientific Activities 8-23 (and App. C-D), 24-26
NS1.19 Graduate Fellowship Awards Announced by National Science Foundation 1960-62
NS1.21 Weather Modification, Annual Report 1959-68
NS1.22 Surveys of Science Resources Series Sci2/5/974 U. S. Scientists and Engineers: 1974
NS1.23 Current Projects on Economic and Social Implications of Scientific Research and Development 1959-65
NS1.24 Science Course Improvements Project 1 Courses, Written Materials, Films, Studies, 2 Science Teaching Equipment, 1964, 1966, 1970, 1974
NS1.25 International Science Reports 1,2
NS1.38 Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project *Stored in West Campus Storage 43-A-3* 1-95, Incomplete set
NS1.38/2 Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program *Stored in West Campus Storage 43-B-7* 101-167, Incomplete set

Office of Science Information Service

NS2.2 General Publications J82 Characteristics of Scientific Journals 1949-59, Sci2 Dissemination of Scientific Information, So1 Dues and Membership in Scientific Societies, St2 Statistical Indicators of Scientific and Technical Communication 1960-80
NS2.8 Nonconventional Technical Information Systems in Current Use 2 and Suppl., 3, 4
NS2.9 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications R29 Russian Scientific Journals in English
NS2.10 Current Research and Development in Scientific Documentation 7-15
NS2.12 Federal Scientific and Technical Communication Activities 976