M – MS: National Military Establishment – Office of the Special Counsel

National Military Establishment

M1.9 Education Manuals 140 Men in the Armed Forces, 141 Servicemen Learn to Read, 145 Passes to Pleasant Reading, 146 Guide to Language Development, An Instructor’s Manual

Department of the Army

M101.1 Annual Reports 1948, Supplement to 1949

M105.2 General Publications Au7/2 The Rehabilitation of Austria, B45 Berlin Sector, Ed8 Education in the New Japan (vol.I-II), Ed8/2 Second Handbook of Basic Education Statistics, G31/2 Political Parities in Western Germany, R27 Religion in Japan
M105.7 Monthly Report of the Military Governor for Germany 8, 10, 35-50 (most volumes are incomplete)
M105.8 Military Government Weekly Information Bulletin 135-137, 140, 142-148, 150-158, 160-162, 164-166, 168-171, 1949: 11-12
M105.10 Report of the United States High Commissioner of Austria Military Government 20-46, 48-53
M105.11 Summation of Non-Military Activities in Japan 21-35
M105.12 Summation of United States Army Military Government Activities in the Ryukyu Islands 5-12
M105.13 South Korea Interim Government Activities 1, 21-22, 25-34, 1948/1, N39k Final Report and History of the New Korea Company
M105.17 Military Government for Germany (U.S.) Special Report of Military Government B16, C85, D83, Ec7, ED8, F76, L12, P78, P92, P94, R24, R29, R85
M105.18 2

Adjutant General’s Office

M108.2 General Publications P84 Military Posts Camps and Stations in the Continental United States, V82 Studies in Visual Acuity

Engineer Department

M110.7 Engineering Manual for Civil Works Construction 113,ch.2, 114,ch.5, 116,ch.6 118,ch.2, 129,ch.2, 130,ch.1,2, 135, ch.1, 135, ch.2

Beach Erosion Board

M110.308 Technical Memorandum 3

Panama Canal

M115.1 Annual Reports 1949

Department of the Navy

M201.2 General Publications N22 The United States Navy July 1948

Bureau of Naval Personnel

M206.2 General Publications C36 United States Navy Chaplains 1778-1945, N22 Permanent Appointments and Rank Status 1 July 1948, N93 Permanent Appointments for Officers of the Nurse Corps, Su1 *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*

Bureau of Naval Personnel

M206.6 Regulations, Rules, and Instructions Oc1 United States Navy Occupational Handbook

Naval Academy

M206.101 Report of Board of Visitors to Naval Academy 1948
M206.107 Annual Register of Naval Academy 1948-49

Marine Corps

M209.2 General Publications M58 Marines at Midway, P94 A Guide for Joint Industry-Military Procurement Planning

Munitions Board

M401.2 General Publications P94

MB1.1 Annual Reports 1927-34
MB1.21/2 Emergency Board (Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway) Report of the Emergency Board
MB1.22 Report of the Emergency Board (Texas and Pacific Railway) 1929
MB1.23 Emergency Board (Louisiana and Arkansas Railway) 1931

MC1.1 Annual Reports 1936-41, 1944-49
MC1.2 General Publications Am3 Reorganization of American President Lines, Ltd., D69 Financial Readjustments in Dollar Steamship Lines Inc., Ltd., In82 Inter-American Maritime Conference, M53/9Merchant Marine for Trade and Defense, Sh6/2The Postwar Outlook for American Shipping
MC1.5 Laws M53/2Merchant Marine and Shipping Acts and Other Laws, Sh6 *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize*
MC1.6 Regulations, Rules, and Instructions R31 U.S. Maritime Commission Operations Department
MC1.9 U.S. Water Borne Intercoastal Traffic By Ports of Origin and Destination and Principal Commodities 1929-37
MC1.11 Imports and Exports of Commodities by U.S. Coastal Districts and Foreign Trade Regions 1928-36
MC1.15 Waterborne Passenger Traffic of U.S. 1934-37
MC1.17 Report on Volume of Water Borne Foreign Commerce of U.S. By Ports of Origin and Destination 1936-37
MC1.19 Comparative Summary of Water Borne Foreign Commerce 1929-36
MC1.20 Water Borne Foreign and Domestic Commerce of U.S. 1936-37
MC1.30 Historical Reports of War Administration 2

Maritime Labor Board

ML1.1 Annual Reports 1940, Suppl. 1942

Merit Systems Protection Board

MS1.2 General Publications Ap4/3 Appeals Arbitration: Is it for You?

Office of the Special Counsel

MS2.2 General Publications R64 The Role of the Office of Special Counsel