LC: Library of Congress

LC 1.1: Annual Reports Please see Catalog Record
LC2.9 World List of Future International Meetings Part 1: 1961-67, Part 2: 1959, no.6-1961, 1963-66
LC2.9 World List of Future International Meetings Part 1: 1961-67, Part 2: 1959, no.6-1961, 1963-66
LC2.9 World List of Future International Meetings Part 1: 1961-67, Part 2: 1959, no.6-1961, 1963-66

LC3.1 Annual Reports of the Register of Copyrights 1928-35, 1949, 1975
LC3.2 General Publications LC 79 Copyrights Bibliography, D46 Bibliography on Design Protection and Supplement, D79 Dramatic Compositions Copyrighted in the United States 1870 to 1916, N31 Bibliography on Neighboring Rights (“Droits Voisins”)
LC3.3 Bulletins 1789-1904, 1909-43, 1947-48, 1951-54, 1957-58, 1963-64
LC3.6 Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series Part 1: 1-20, 22, 29, Part 2: 1-5, 7-21, Part 3-4: 1-19, Part 5: 1917-1977, Part 7-11A: 1-19, 22, Part 11B: 1-5, 7-19
LC3.8 Catalog of Copyright Entries, Cumulative Series Eu7 European Imprints for the War Years, M85 Motion Pictures 1940-1969

LC4.2 General Publications *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize* M75, N22

LC5.2 General Publications *Shelved in Closed Stacks Oversize* K82

LC27.2 General Publications Eu7

LC30.2 General Publications B47/2/992, B47/2/999/v.1-2, C17, C28, C28/10, C28/6, C28/7/directory/rev, C28/7/rev, C28/8, C56, C64/2000, C77, C78/2, C83, C83/2000, C83/993, F87, G29, G29/2000, G76, H71/update#2, Im7/967-75, Im7/x/964, M18, M18/3 and 5, M19, M7, M91, Or3, P65, R22, R22/993 and 997, Sp3/990 and 994
LC30.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions LC28 Catalog Rules for the Description of Loose-leaf Publications, Ex7 Expert Systems Concepts and Applications, In8/update 2 Library of Congress Rule Interpretation
LC30.8/9 Library of Congress Catalogs: Monographic Series 982, vol.1-3
LC30.9 Monthly Checklist of State Publications 1947-48, 1976
LC30.12 East European Accessions List 1-10
LC30.14 Proceedings of Assembly of State Librarians 1960, 1964
LC30.16 CIP Cataloging in Publication, Progress Report 2,4,5
LC30.17 Foreign Acquisitions Program Newsletter 3,6
LC30.17/2 LC Acquisition Trends 1-11
LC30.22 Conser Tables 1981-84, 1988
LC30.23 National Level Bibliographic Records B64/update no.1 Serials Update, B64/update no.2 Books Update, B64/update no.4 Books Update, B64/update no.5 Books Update, F48/update no.1 Films Update
LC30.24 Network Planning Papers 6, 7, 10-14, 16-23, 26, 27
LC30.25 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides C28/2/v.1-2/inst. man. Cataloging concepts Descriptive Cataloging, C56 USMARC Format for Classification Data, M 18/3/Inst. MARC Content Designation, M 18/3/Trainee MARC Content Designation, /6:1993 USMARC Fromat for Authority Data, /7:2003, 2005 MARC 21 Concise Formats
LC26.9 Library of Congress Classification Schedules U (Military Science) 1992, V (Naval Science) 1993
LC30.27 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications C25 Catalogs and Technical Publications, C28/2 National Union Catalogs in Microfiche, C28/3/supp Bibliographic Products and Services, C28/4/supp/993 New From CDS 1993 and 1994 Editions, G28 Genealogies Cataloged by the Library of Congress, M15 Machine Readable Cataloging, M18/986 Machine Readable Cataloging, P94 Bring Library of Congress Professional Tools and Bibliographic Resources to Your Library
LC30.27/2 Complete Catalog, Cataloging Distribution Service 1986-88, 1990-93
LC30.28 MARC Distribution Services 1987-90, 197-98
LC30.30 CDS Connection 2,2, 3,2, 5,2 6,1 6,2 9,1 9,2 993/supp.A, 993/supp.B
LC30.31 Special Resources for Research 1-3

LC31.2 General Publications Eu7/4 Introduction to Europe (with Supplement), F87 Freedom of Information (with Supplement), G31/4 A Statistical Postwar Survey on the Natural Sciences and German Universities, G31/10 Education in West Germany, T31 Textbooks Their Examination and Improvement

LC33.2 General Publications B32 Battle of the Centuries
LC33.10 LC Science Tracer Bulletin 77-79

LC34.2 General Publications C49 The Civil War in Motion Pictures,R31 Special Facilities for Research in the Library of Congress (1964, 1969, 1973)

LC35.2 General Publications G31/2 West German Library Developments Since 1945, P75/3 Poland in the Collections of the Library of Congress, Y9/3 Yugoslavia: A Bibliographic Guide
LC35.9 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications LC99/2 Czech and Slovak History, P75 Polish Genealogy and Heraldry, Sch8 Carl Schurz