L: Department of Labor

L1.1 Annual Reports 1886-1946, 1948-1974
L1.2 General Publications Ad9 Department of Labor Advisory Committees, As7 Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Convention of the Association of, Governmental Labor Officials, As7/2 Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Convention, B54 Report on the Bisbee Deportations 1917, B76 In the Matter of Harry R. Bridges, C18/2 Career Guidance, C71 Labor Disturbance in Colorado, D63 Breakthrough for Disadvantaged Youth, F22 Farm Labor Fact Book, F22/3 Year of Transition—Seasonal Farm Labor 1965, H88/926 Humanity in Government, In2/3 Proceedings of the First Industrial Conference, In8 Social and Economic Implications of Integration in the Public Schools, L11 Labor Conditions in Porto Rico, L23 Disposition of the Public Lands of the United States, M31/22 Federally-Assisted Manpower Development Programs, M31/36 Labor’s Role in the War on Poverty, M31/38 Manpower Development and Training Act, N31/3 The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, N31/4 Directory of 1965-66 Graduates from Predominantly Negro Colleges, P83 Labor Conditions in Porto Rico, P92 President’s National Labor-Management Conference vol.1-6, R11 The Racial Problems Involved in Immigration from Latin America and the, West Indies to the United States, T67/948 List of American Trade Union Journals and Labor Papers, W19 Labor’s Relation to the World War, W45/9 Administrative Expenses of Welfare and Pension Plans, W89 Opinions of Solicitor—Workman’s Compensation 1908-1912, 1915, W89/4 American Workers’ Fact Book, W89/5 Meet the Over 40 Worker, W89/17 Quality of Work Life, W89/18 Workforce 2000, W89/20 Working in America: A Chart Book, WO89 Well-Crafted Words, Y8/2 Young Workers Under 18—Fact Sheet 1961
L1.3 Bulletins 1-24
L1.3/3 Bulletins 1 (and revisions), 2
L1.3/4 Manpower Research Bulletin 1-1
L1.5 Decisions of the Office of Administrative Law Judges and Office of Administrative Appeals 1-2, Special Reports 2, 4-12
L1.6 Regulations 1915
L1.8/2 Negro Economics Division, General Publications W89 The Negro at Work During the World War and During Reconstruction
L1.10 Lift Awards, Nomination Guidelines 1919
L1.11 Emergency Conservation Work Bulletins 1-3
L1.17 Publications of National Wage Stabilization Board N21 Termination Report of the National War Labor Board, vol.I-III, N21w The National Wage Stabilization Board
L1.20/6 Black News Digest 1974-1993 (volumes are incomplete)
L1.20/7 Noticias De La Semana 1988: 40-52, 1989: 1-15, 17-51, 1990: 1-7, 9-11, 13-14, 16-22, 24-35, 37-43, 46-50, 1991: 2-3, 5-20, 22-24, 26-40, 42-50, 1992: 1-3, 5, 8-21, 23-43, 45-47, 1993: 4,11,18,25
L1.20/8 Women and Work 1981-93 (volumes are incomplete)
L1.34/6 Publications of teh U.S. Department of Labor P96/958-60


L1.39/5 Manpower and Automation Research 1963-64, 1965/rev.
L1.39/6 Manpower Research Projects 1967-1974


L1.42 Report of Secretary of Labor to Congress on Research and Training Activities 1963-1966
L1.42/2 Employment and Training Report of the President 1963-1967, and index, 1967-1975
L1.42/2-2 Statistics on Manpower, Supplement to Manpower Report of the President 1969, 1981
L1.49 Neighborhood Youth Corps Publications C76 First National Conference Report 1966
L1.52 Report of Occupational Training Under Area Redevelopment Act For Fiscal Year 1965
L1.56 Research and Development Findings 3
L1.62 Unemployment Insurance Claims 25-26, 28-30
L1.62/2 Unemployment Insurance Statistics 1970-74, 1975 (no.4)

L2.1 Annual Reports 1927-32, 1947
L2.2 General Publications B43 BLS Reports on Employee Benefits in the United States, 1990-1991, C82 Tentative Quantity and Cost Budget, In2 Index of All Reports
L2.3 Bulletins 101-2000 (volumes are incomplete)
L2.13 State, County, and Municipal Survey 1-7
L2.14 Chart Series 7/942, 11/942, 5/943, 11/943, 944, 945
L2.15 Historical Studies 1-25, 27-75, 77
L2.16 Industrial Area Studies 19, 21-22
L2.34 Bureau of Labor Statistics Catalog of Publications, Bulletins, Reports, Releases, and Periodicals 1960/9-1964, 1965/7-12, 1966-73, 1975
L2.71 BLS Reports 4-498 (volumes are incomplete)
L2.80 Proceedings on the Interstate Conference of Labor Statistics 1959-69, 1971-73, 1976-78, 1980
L2.38 Directory of the Business Research Advisory Council to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 1980
L2.84 Monthly Report on Labor Force, Employment, Unemployment Hours and Earnings 1960: 5, 7-12 1962-1964, 1961: 1-9, 11-12 1965, missing 1 and 10
L2.85 Union Conventions, National and International Unions, State Organizations 1960-61, 1963, 1966
L2.86 Occupational Earnings and Wage Trends in Metropolitan Areas, Summary 1962-69, 1972, 1977, 1979, 1982-86, 1988 (volumes are incomplete)
L2.86/2 Wage Trends for Occupational Groups in Metropolitan Areas, Summary Release 1966-1967, no.2, 1967-1968, no.2
L2.86/4 Occupational Earnings in Banking, Selected Metropolitan Areas Summary 1985
L2.98 Summary, Special Labor Force Reports 1-60, 61-82, 84-92, 94-100, 102-189, 191-194, 196-214, 217-18, 220-29, 232-33, 235-42, 244

Bureau of Immigration

L3.1 Annual Reports 1902-04, 1911, 1913, 1915-32
L3.2 General Publications A Distribution of Admitted Aliens and Other Residents, C12 Chinese-American Calendar, Ed8 Educational Institutions Approved by the Secretary of Labor, Im6 General Information on Immigrants, L44 General Information Concerning U.S. Immigration Laws, M In the Matter of L.C.A.K. Martens, and Alleged Alien, P94 Problems of the Immigration Service
L3.5 Immigration Laws and Regulations 1917, 1924-25, 1927, 1930
L3.7 Treaty, Laws and Rules Governing Admission of Chinese 1920

Division of Publications and Supplies

L4.5 Lists of Publications 1948

Children’s Bureau

L5.2 General Publications 1924 Welfare of Children in Cotton-Growing Areas of Texas
L5.6 Care of Children Series 1918/3
L5.7 Dependent Children Series 1
L5.8 Monographs 5-12
L5.12 Children’s Year Leaflets 1-11,13
L5.22 The Emergency Maternity and Infant Care Program 29
L5.35 The Child, Monthly News Summary 1
L5.41 Children Bear the Promise of a Better World… 3, 7-10

Bureau of Naturalization

L6.1 Annual Reports 1922-28, 1929-32
L6.2 General Publications C49 Citizenship Training of Adult Immigrants in the U.S., Ci Proceedings of the First Citizenship Convention, H62 Historical Sketch of Naturalization in the U.S.

Bureau of Employment Security

L7.1 Annual Reports 1952-56
L7.2 General Publications Am3, Au8, Au8/no.3/supp, C49, C73/2, C73/961, C73/966, C82, C83, C83/2, C83/2/supp.1, C83/2/supp.1/962, C83/4, C88, D62/7/963-4, D62/9/954/supp.5-8, D62/9/965 and 967, El2, El2/965, Em7, Em7/10, Em7/22, Em7/23, Em7/3, Em7/4 (R25,G94), Em7/9, F22/11, F22/12, F22/13, F22/6/952-3, F22/8, F22/9, F31/5/953, F48, F49, F98, Fm7/24, G74, H62, H81, H81/2, H9/12, Im6, J57, J57/11, J57/14, J57/18, J57/2, J57/4, J57/4/953, J57/4/954, J57/4/954/supp, J57/4/956-7, J57/9/960, L11/3, M31/5, M46/954, M52, M56, M57/2, M57/5, M57/951, M57/952, M58/961, M66/960, N21, Oc1/4, Oc1/5, Oc1/965/conv.Tab, Oc1/965/suffix codes, Oc1/965/v.1-2, Ol1/4, P43, P94/3, P94/4, P94/5, P94/6, R26/2, Sch6, Sk3, Sl3, Su1, Su6, Su6/2, T91, Un2/10, Un2/12, Un2/12, Un2/17, Un2/18, Un2/19, Un2/19/935-65, Un2/7, Un2/9, V64/10/918-58, V64/11, V64/8, V64/9, V64/961 and 963, W27, W56/2, W56/3/954, Y8, Y8/2-3, Y8/5, Y8/58
L7.6 Descriptions of Occupations M56 Metal Working, U141/965 Comparison of State Unemployment Laws
L7.11 Monthly Report of Activities 1929-1932

Farm Labor Division

L7.12/1 Annual Reports 1924, 1928-1930
L7.12/3 Bulletins H-29

Bureau of Employment Security (Con’t)

L7.15 Employment Office Manual Series 1935
L7.16 Job Specifications Au8, B17, C76 v.1-5, C76/2, C82/2, D71, F82, G, G18, H79/2, Iw27, L37/2, L97, M18, R31 v.1-3
L7.18/2 Employment Service Review 483/4
L7.18/2-2 Employment Service Statistics, Supplement to Employment Service Review 1967: 3-9, 11, 12, 1968: 1-3, 5-8, 10, 12, 1969: complete
L7.18/3 Unemployment Insurance Review 1-5
L7.18/4 Unemployment Insurance Statistics 1964-68, 1969: 1-19, 12
L7.20/2 Statistical Supplement, Labor Market and Employment Security 1962-63
L7.20/3 Unemployment and Wages of Workers 1049-67
L7.22/2 Labor Market Information Area Series, Current Supplements 1947: June, Aug-Dec., 1948: Jan-Aug
L7.23 Labor Market Information for Uses Counseling: Industry Series No.58-1 Restaurants 1
L7.23/2 Current Supplements 1947: Apr, June-Dec, 1948: Jan-Aug
L7.23/3 Labor Market Information Series 1946
L7.25 Regulations, Rules and Instructions J57/3 Industrial Job Evaluations Systems, J57/4 Job Analysis
L7.25/2 Job Guide for Young Workers 1958-59, 1960-61, 1963-64
L7.25/3 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides C18/962 C83/2 M31/Chapter 3 T28/967/vol.1, C18/964 F22/3/966 M31/Chapter 3/968 T28/969/vol.2, C18/965 F22/4 Oc1/966 V64/pt.A, C59 H34 Or4, C83 H81 P94/963
L7.25/4 Handbook Series 1
L7.28 Employment Office Training Program 2, pt. A,B, 4, pt. A,B, 6
L7.30/2 Employment Services for Veterans, Annual Report 1963-1966
L7.35 Laws M57/962, Un2/2/954-955
L7.38/2 Insured Unemployed, Personal and Economic Characteristics 1962: 5-12, 1963: 1-11
L7.39 Unemployment Insurance Claims 20-24
L7.49 Industry Manpowers Surveys 92, 105, 108-110, 112, 114-115
L7.51 Bimonthly Summary of Labor Market Development in Major Areas 1955/7, 1955/11, 1956-1957, 1958/3-9, 1959-1969/7
L7.55 Farm Labor Developments 1962/8, 1963/6-9, 1964-1967, 1968/1, 1969/1
L7.61 BES U.S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE E3, E61/962, E146, E150, E152, E165, E171, E181, E189, E194, E197, E215, E252, E261, Es220
OFFICE OF PROGRAM REVIEW AND ANALYSIS R151, R174, R179, R183, R189/963, R188, R199, R200/961, R200/964
UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE SERVICE U141/958, U141/960, U141/962, U141/964, U225-4, U250, U255, U257, U258
L7.63/2 Current Employment Market for Engineers, Scientists and Technicians 1958,1, 1961,1, 1962,1, 1963,1, 1964, 1-2
L7.64 Unemployment in Major Areas 1961-62
L7.65 Department of Commerce List and Department of Labor List 1962, 1963
L7.66 Area Redevelopment Manpower Reports At6 Atlantic City, N.J., C38 Charleston, W.Va. , J62 Johnstown, P.A., M45 Mayagnez, P.R., W57 Wheeling, W.Va.-Ohio
L7.70 Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates by Industry 1967

Housing Corporation

L8.1 Annual Reports 1967

Information and Education Service

L9.2 General Publications C76/2 Economies of Construction Industry, Em7/2 Report of the Employer’s Industrial Commission, P93/2 Prices During the War and Readjustment Period

National War Labor Board

L10.1 Annual Report 1919
L10.2 General Publications Ei4 Memorandum on the Eight Hour Working Day

Training Service

L12.3 Training Bulletins 1-12

L13.1 Annual Reports 1920-28, 1929-32
L13.2 General Publications Ab7, Ab8/3/969, At51, Au8, C82/2, C82/3, D33/2, D33/3, D33/4, Ea7/3, Ed8/2, Ed8/3/967, Ed8/5/967, Ed8/5/968, Ed8/6, Ed8/6/967, Em7/10/970, Em7/12, Em7/13, Em7/14, Em7/15, Em7/8, Eq2/16/964, Eq2/3, Eq2/7/965, G29, G4, G44, G44/3, H53, H81/10/967, H81/10/968, H81/10/969, H81/10/970, H81/14/969, H81/15, I42, Il6, In2, In85/2, J97/3/966-2, L11/11/966, L52/4, M66/1, M66/12/966, M66/6, M85/2, M85/3/968, N31.3.967, N31/3, N73, N73/2/966, N73/965, Ol1/5/957, P75/3, P79, P86, P86/2/968, P94/2/960, P94/5, P96/3/968, R29/4/963, Se9, St2/7, Un3/2, W12/13/964, W42/969, W79/968, W84, W84/38, W84/39/962, W84/39/964, W84/39/965, W84/39/966, W84/40, W84/41, W84/42, W84/43/968, W84/43/970, W84/45, W84/46, W84/46/prelim, W84/48, W89/11/967, W89/8/963, W89/9
L13.3 Bulletins 25-64, 66, 74-122, 141-279, 282, 286, 289-296
L13.6/2 Laws Eq2/963 Digest of Equal Pay Laws, H81/2/966 Maximum Daily Hours for Women, M690 Equal Pay—Missouri
L13.6/5 Divorce Laws 1966
L13.8 Women Workers 18-22
L13.11 Leaflets 4/7, 11, 13/4, 17, 18/9, 20/5, 22, 25, 26, 27, 29, 33, 35, 36, 37/9, 39, 40/3, 41/2, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46/2, 47/2, 48, 49, 50, 51
L13.14 Labor Laws Affecting Women, Capsule Summary D37 Delaware, Il6 Illinois, M5690 Missouri, Oh3 Ohio, 1968-69
L13.14/2 Summary of State Labor Laws for Women 1958, 1962-63, 1966-68
L13.14/3 Digest of State Legislation of Special Interest to Women Workers 1960, 1962-63
L13.17 Family and Property Law N42y New York, Oh3 Ohio, 1967-79
L13.18/2 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications Em7 Employment Opportunities Involving Jobs Overseas, Foreign Languages and Travel, W84/2 Bibliography—Mature Women Workers
L13.19 Pamphlets 1-3, 4/2, 5, 6/2, 7, 9/2, 10, 10/2, 11
L13.20 Women of Congress 1961, 1963, 1965, 1967
L13.22 Women Workers M69 Women Workers in Missouri
L13.22/2 Background Facts on Women Workers in the United States 1967, 1970
L13.23 Women in the World Today, International Report 1-7

Working Conditions Service

L14.1 Annual Reports 1919
L14.2 General Publications Em7 Employment Management, Employee Representation and Industrial Democracy, In2 Treatment of Industrial Problems by Constructive Methods, T15 Safeguarding Workers in the Tanning Industry, T79 Committee on Mortality from Tuberculosis in Dusty Trades

Immigration and Naturalization Service

L15.2 General Pulbications Im6, M51, M51/rev
L15.10 Lectures 1-36
L15.11 Textbooks and Manuals C76 Our Constitution and Government, Im6 Immigration Border Patrol Sign Cutting, M51 Memorandum Relative to Certain Proposed Changes in the Immigration Law (including Revision)

L16.2 General Publications Ag3/2, C73, C73/2, D33, Em7/5, F19, F22, J57/3/950-54, L62/3, M51, M58/5, M58/6/950-55, M58/9, M69, Sa/29/965-66, Sa1/20, Sa1/26/964, Sa1/27, Sa1/28/969, Sa1/29/967-68, Sa1/30, Sa1/31, Sa1/32, Sch6/4, Sch6/5, Se6, T22/2, T22/3, Un33/2, W45/4, W89/12
L16.3 Bulletins LABOR STANDARDS DIVISION 1-334 (Incomplete set)
L16.5 Laws St2 State Minimum Wage Laws
L16.6 Today’s Safety Guide, Abstracts Sa1/2/969 Safety and Health Regulations for Longshoring, Sa1/3/968 Ship Repairing, Sa3/3/970 Ship Repairing, Sa1/4/970 Shipbreaking, Sa1/5/970 Shipbreaking
L16.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides C76 Safety Guide for Construction Supervisors, Sa1 Safety Dial, Sa1/3 Aids to Safety
L16.7 Maps L44 Provisions of Principal Federal Labor Laws in the United States 1961
L16.8/2 Safety Charts Oc1 Occupational Safety Chart, no.1-6, 9-12, 14-18
L16.11 Labor Standards 1937-42
L16.12 Legislative Reports 1947-51
L16.13 Special Bulletins 7
L16.15 Addresses W83 Implications of Changing Technology for the Training of People
L16.17 List of Publications Oc1 Occupational Safety Publications, P96/2/962 Selected Publications of the Bureau of Labor Standards, Sa1/2 Occupational Safety Publications, Y8 Youth Publications
L16.25 Controlling Chemical Hazards Series 5
L16.42 How to Use Injury Statistics to Prevent Occupational Accidents 1, 3, 4
L16.43 President’s Committee on Migratory Labor: Publications C76 Western Interstate Conference on Migratory Labor, H81 Housing for Florida’s Migrants, R29 Report to the President on Domestic Migratory Labor
L16.43/2 Migratory Labor Notes 13
L16.44/2 Publications Ab5/3, Ad9/965, Aw1/2, C46, C73, D62, H19, H19/960, H19/964, H36, In2, J57, M52, M52/2, M52/3, M52/4, M52/5, M66/95, M66/95, N21, P19, P69, P94/960-61, P95, R29/963, Sm1, Sp3, St2, Su7, T9, V88, V94, W28, W28
L16.45 Leaflets ½, 2, 4-6, 7/2, 8, 9/2,
L16.48 Public Law 85-742, Safety and Health Administration Annual Report 1960
L16.49 Occupational Safety Aids 140, 162, 163, 164, 167, 168, 169, 170, 172, 173, 174, 175, 180, 181, 182, 183, 185, 278, 316, 323, 327, 352, 362, 522, 162/2, 162/3, 166/3, 169/3, 172/2, 174/2, 174/3, 175/2, 177/2, 177/3, 180/3, 181/2, 181/3, 185/2, D49, In5, In7, J57, M18, Of2, P94, P94/2, St2, T73, W74, W89
L16.50 Fact Sheets 1, 2, 2/3, 4A, 6C, 7C
L16.50/2 Labor Law Series 3A, 4E, 6A, 6B, 6C, 9A, 5/4, 10/2
L16.51/4 Student Reference Department of Labor Safety Training Programs 123, 125, 135, 142, 300, 307
L16.51/2 Safe Work Guides El2 For Electricians, M38 For Masons, P13 For Plumbers, R67 For Roofers and Waterproofers, 196, 232, 458, 459-65, 494, 512, 514-517, 525, 526, 528, 529
L16.51/6 Technical References, Department of Labor Safety Training Programs 5, 93, 130, 372, 373/2, 374, 393/3, 428-431
L16.51/7 Chemical Safety Data Sheets 394, 295
L16.52 Highlights Safety Standards Activity 1966-67

Public Contracts Division

L18.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions W16 Rulings and Interpretations Under the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act

Wage and Hours Division

L20.1 Annual Reports 1-3
L20.2 General Publications R18 Rate Tables
L20.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions Op3 Opinion Manual

Office of the Solicitor

L21.2 General Publications In2/942-64 Index Digest, L11 Labor Arbitration Under State Statutes, L52/3 What About a Career as a Legal Secretary in the Office of the Solicitor, W12/964-68 Wage Appeals Board
L21.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides B86/960 Building and Construction Workers Guide, D29 Practical Guide to the Fringe Benefits Amendments to the Davis-Bacon Act

L22.2 General Publications Ag8/2/964, Ag8/5, Ag8/970, Am1, Au8, C16/2/963, C18/966, C43/8/967-9868, C43/8/969, C68, C73/3/965, C74/2, C76/2/970, D62/3, Ea8, Ed8, Ed82, Eq2, Ex3/964, F15/12/938-68, F15/6/966, F15/7/963, F15/8, F15/9, F15/966, F18, F22/2, F23, G89, H53/2, H78, H79/10/971, H79/11, H79/5, H79/5, H79/6, H81/966, J54/3, L18, L37/2, L37/2/970, M28/2/967, M28/3/968, M31, M66/2, M66/3, M85, N88, N93, Ov2/2, Ov2/3, Ov2/4, Ov2/966, R31/2/964, R31/4, R31/4/967, R31/8, R31/968, R44, Sa3/2, Sa3/3, Sch6/2, Se6/2, Se6/2/967, Sh35, Sh4, So2, W12/10/964, W12/11, W12/11/971, W12/12, W12/7/950, W62/2, W62/4, Y8/790
L22.5 Laws Eq2 Equal Pay Act of 1963, Eq2/3 Equal Pay Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, F15/3/964,966 Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act, W12 Federal Wage-Hour Law Digest
L22.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions Em7 Explanatory Bulletin Regulations Part 541, Em7/2 Report and Recommendations, Defining the Terms . . ., Ex3 Report and Recommendations, Defining the Terms, F15 Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act, R11 Radiation Safety and Health Standards for Federal Supply, Sa1 General Safety and Health Standards for Federal Contracts, St9/2 Employment of Full-Time Students in Retail or Service, St9/2 Employment of Full-Time Students at Special Minimum Wage in Retail or Service, Establishments and in Agriculture
L22.10 Interpretative Bulletins 776/6/subpt. A 784/3
L22.14 Child-Labor Bulletins 101/14 102M, 102/10
L22.29 Industry Pamphlets 1/2, 2/2, 3, 4/2, 5/3, 6/2
L22.30 Questions and Answers 12/3
L22.31 Report of the Secretary of Labor Submitted to Congress 1963, 1965-67, 1969-70
L22.32 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications P96/966 Lists of Publication
L22.33 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Ag8/2 Guide to the Employer-Employee Relationship in Agriculture, F22 Farmer’s Guide to the Agricultural Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, F94 Seasonal Industry Determination for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable, Industry, M23/968 McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act of 1965, Sa3 Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, T48/968 How to Keep Time and Pay Records

Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training

L23.2 General Publications Ap6/19/969 , Ap6/30/965, Ap6/33, Ap6/36, Ap6/37, Ap6/972, Au8/3/966, Au8/5, B17/975, B76/966, C18/966, C22/975, C26, C33/969, D43/2, D78/968, En3, G46/3/966, G46/4/968, G75, L34, M18, M18/5, M66/970, Op2/973, Or8, P16/974, P27, P69/965, P92, R67/2, Sh3/965, Si2/963, St2/2, T67/9, T68/3, T68/7, T68/9/970, T68/9/973, T76, V64
L23.3 Bulletins M66 Directory for Reaching Minority Groups, 1970
L23.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions P56 Photoengravers
L23.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Ap6 Setting Up an Apprenticeship Program, Au8 Standards of Apprenticeship: Automobile Mechanics, Em7/965, 967 Employer’s Guide to On-the-Job Training, J66 JATC Handbook, M46 National Apprenticeship Standards for the Retail Meat Cutting Industry, Sh3 National Apprenticeship Standards and Training for the Sheet Metal Industry, T68/2 How To Train Workers on the Job, T76 Apprenticeship Training and Standards for Truck Mechanics, T76/2 Apprenticeship Training and Standards for Truck Mechanics
L23.10 Bulletins 140, 147
L23.16 Trade and Industry Publications 2-5, 7
L23.19 Research Division Reports 1
L23.20 Technical Reports Apprenticeship and Economic Change

Office of Veterans’ Reemployment Rights

L25.2 General Publications J57 The Right Job, J57/2 Now, About that Job, J57/3 Key Answers About Job Rights, J57/4 Facts About Veterans’ Job Rights, J57/5 Job Rights for Reservists and Members of the National Guard, R25/6/967 Office of Veterans’ Reemployment Rights
L25.6/2 Handbooks, Manuals and Guides In5/3/971 Work Injury Benefits for Federal Employees, In5/4 Federal Work Injury Facts 1962-64, In5/5 Work Injuries, L41 Benefits for Law Enforcement Officers, L52/2 Legal Guide and case Digest, M46/969 Medical Facilities, V64/970 Veterans’ Reemployment Rights Handbook

Bureau of Employees’ Compensation

L26.2 General Publications In5/3/971, In5/4/962-964, In5/5, L41, M46/969
L26.5 Laws Em7/968 Federal Employees’ Compensation Act and Related Provisions, L86/2 Longshoremen’s and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act 1958, 1962, 1966
L26.6 Regulations, Rules and Instructions Em7 Administration of the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, W19 Regulations of War Hazards Compensation Act
L26.8 Federal Work Injuries Sustained During Calendar Year 1964, 1966-68
L26.8/2 Federal Work Injury Facts 6/3, 8/3
L26.8/2-2 Federal Work Injury Facts 1966

Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board

L28.2 General Publications Em7/946-52 Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board

L29.2 General Publications Ac8/2 Outline of Principal Activities, At8/959 Biographic Register of Labor Attaches, C77 Highlights of the 1994 Cooperative Work Program, C77/2 North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation: A Guide, D62 Directory of International Trade Union Organization, L11/2 Problems in International Labor Affairs, L11/3 Labor Terms in English, French, German and Spanish, Op2 Operating Programs of the Bureau of International Labor Affairs, St2 Labor Standards and Development in the Global Economy, T67 Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers, T67/2 Impact of International Trade and Investment on Employment, W89 Worker Rights and U.S. Trade Policy, W89/2, W89/4 Workshop on Employment Policy and the Promotion of Employability Security
L29.8 International Labor Studies F73 International Union of Food and Drink Workers’ Associations, L23 International Landworkers Federation, M56 International Metalworkers’ Federation, M66 The Miners’ International Federation, P96 The Public Services’ International
L29.9 Directories of Labor Organizations Af8 Africa, Af8/962, Af8/966/v.1,2, As4 Asia and Australasia, As4/963/v.1,2, Eu7/965/v.1,2 Europe, W52h/964/v.1-2 Western Hemisphere
L29.9/2 Directory of International Trade Union Organizations International Trade Union Organizations, pt.1, 2, C46/963 Directory of International Federation of Christian Trade Unions, F87/963 Directory of International Federation of Free Trade Unions
L29.9/3 Directory of World Federation of Trade Unions 1958
L29.10 Addresses L45 African Unions
L29.12 International Labor 3/4, 3/5, 4/1, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 5/1, 6/1, 7/1-2, 7/4-5, 8/1-5, 9/1-5, 10/1-3, 10/5, 11/1-5, 12/1-4, 13/1-4, 14/1-3, 15/1-3, 16/1-2
L29.13 Monographs 1-5
L29.15 Economic Discussion Papers 7-9, 13
L29.15/2 Occassional Paper 2
L29.14 Country Labor Profiles A13, Au8, B73, C16, C43, C72, C82, D41, Eg9, F31g, F49, F84, G34, G81, In2, In2/2, Ir2, Is7, It1, J27, K42, K84, M29, M57, M82, N38, N42z, N56, N83, P19, P53, S32, Si6, So8a, T32, T83, Un3k/980, Un3s, V55
L29.16 Foreign Labor Trends An8 1996-1996 Antigua and Barbuda, Ar3 1990-1996 Argentina, As4 1990 Labor Shortages in East Asian Countries, As4/2 1992 Worker Rights Restrictions in East Asia, Au7 1986-1995 Austria, Au7/2 1987-1993 Australia, B22 1986-1995 Bangladesh, B23 1995-1996 Barbados, B41 1986-1994 Belgium, B63 1987-1996 Bolivia, B73 1987-1993 Brazil, C16 1987-1995 Canada, C19 1987-1993 Eastern Caribbean, C43 1986-1993 Chile, C43/2 1992 International Child Labor Problems, C44 1987-1996 China, C72 1987-1995 Colombia, C82 1988-1995 Costa Rica, C99 1990-1992 Czechoslovakia, D41 1986-1994 Denmark, D71 1987-1995 Dominican Republic, D71/2 1995-1996 Dominica, Ec9 1989-1993 Ecuador, Egy9 1987-1995 Egypt, El8 1984-1996 El Salvador, Eu7 1988-1989 A Look at Worker Rights in Eastern Europe, F49 1987-1993 Finland, F84 1986-1994 France, G31 1987-1995 Germany (and Federal Republic of), G35 1988-1995 Ghana, G81 1988-1994 Greece, G86 1995-1996 Grenada, G93 1988//1994 Guatemala, G99 1987//1995 Guyana, H12 1987//1990 Haiti, H75 1987-1994 Honduras, H75/2 1988-1993 Hong Kong, H89 1991-1993 Hungary, Ic2 1986-1993 Iceland, In2 1987-1994 Indonesia, In2/2 1987-1996 India, In8 1994 International Child Labor Study, In9 1991-1995 International Trade Secretariats, Ir2 1988-1994 Ireland, Is7 1985-1995 Israel, It1 1988-1995 Italy, J22 1988-1995 Jamaica, J27 1987-1995 Japan, J76 1988-1991 Jordan, K42 1988//1995 Kenya, K84 1986-1995 Korea, K96 1987-1995 Kuwait, L34 1988-1989 Privatization in Latin America, L61 1987-1994 Liberia, M29 1986-1995 Malaysia, M57 1987-1995 Mexico, M82 1988-1995 Morocco, N38 1988-1994 Netherlands, N42z 1988-1994 New Zealand, N51 1988-1995 Nicaragua, N56 1987-1995 Nigeria, N83 1983-1994 Norway, P17 1988-1992 Pakistan, P19 1987-1996 Panama, P43 1987-1991 Peru, P53 1986//1994 Philippines, P75 1994-1995 Poland, P83 1986-1992 Portugal, R92 1991-1995 Russia, Se2 1992 Informal Sector and Worker Rights, Se5 1988-1989 Senegal, Si6 1988-1993 Singapore, So8a 1987-1995 South Africa, Sp1 1988-1994 Spain, Sr3 1990-1995 Sri Lanka, Su7 1986-1989 Suriname, Sw3 1988-1995 Sweden, Sw6 1986-1994 Switzerland, T13 1987-1995 Taiwan, T32 1988-1996 Thailand, T73 1987-1995 Trinidad and Tobago, T83 1986-1995 Tunisia, T84 1988-1995 Turkey, Un3 1985-1988 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Un3/2 1987-1996 United Kingdom, Un3/3 1992-1993 United Arab Emirates, Ur8 1988//1994 Uruguay, V55 1988-1993 Venezuela, W89 1989-1990 Worker Rights in Export Processing Zones, W89/2 1991 Worker Rights in U.S. Policy, Y9 1986-1990 Yugoslavia, Z1 1987-1990 Zaire, Z6 1985-1994 Zimbabwe

Federal Safety Council

L30.1 Annual Reports 1963
L30.2 General Publications C68 College Safety Education Credit Courses, C68/2 Safety Clauses in Collective Bargaining Agreements in the Federal Service, F31 Federal Safety Council, Su6 Summertime Safety Tips
L30.10 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides F48/963 Federal Safety Films and Film Strips, Sa1 Federal Agency Safety Programs, Sa1/2 Recommended Safety Standards, Safe Practices and Guides

Bureau of Labor-Management Reports

L31.1 Annual Reports 1960, 1962-63
L31.2 General Publications B64 Bonding Requirements Under LMRDA, Eu7/4/supp.950-55 Introduction to Europe, F49 Labor Organization Financial Reporting, L52 Legislative History of Title II, R26/pt.I-V Register of Reporting Labor Organizations June 30, 1960, R29/4./963 Reports Required From Union Officials and Employees, R31 BLMR Research Kit, T77/2 Union Trusteeship, Un3 Union Elections
L31.8 Technical Assistance Aids 1, 4, 5/2, 5/3, 6
L31.11 BLMR Research Studies Un3/959-60 Union Financial Statistics
L31.12 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides El2 BLMR Union Elections Guide, F49 BLMR Financial Reporting Guide, G94 BLMR Guide

Bureau of Work-Training Programs

L32.2 General Publications F98 I See a Future, N31 Neighborhood Youth Corps in the Inner-City, N31/2 Neighborhood Youth Corps: Three Years of Success
L32.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides F49 Financial Management Requirements for Bureau of Work Programs Sponsors

Unemployment Insurance Service

L33.2 General Publications Q3/970 Unemployment Insurance, St2 Unemployment Insurance: State Laws and Experience 1972, St2/2/rev.3 Comparison of State Unemployment Insurance Laws
L33.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides F49/938-70 Unemployment Insurance Financial Data, Un2 Unemployment Insurance Benefit Appeals
L33.10 Significant Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance Laws 1976
L33.11 Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates By Industries 1968
L33.12 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications Un2/951 Unemployment Insurance Program Research Studies

Training and Employment Service

L34.2 General Publications D14 Occupations and Trends in the Dairy Products Industry, El2 Occupations in Electronic Computing Systems, P94 Procurement Contracts and Worker Surpluses, R31 The Retail Trade, V64/972 Employment Services to Veterans: A Year of Action, W89/969 Worker Certification Program
L34.8 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Em7 USTES Employer Services Training Resource, H79/971 Job Descriptions for Hospitals, In2/rep Industrial Services Handbook, P96 Public Service Careers Program, Oc1 Guide to Local Occupational Information
L34.9 Area Trends in Employment and Unemployment Sept. 1969-1974, 1975: 3-12
L34.10 Industry Manpower Surveys 116

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

L35.2 General Publications B62/2 Bloodborne Pathogens and Long-Term Care Workers
L35.6/4 OSHA Safety and Health Standards Digests C761/983 Construction Industry

Employment and Training Administration

L37.8/6 CETA Program Models In8 Intake and Assessment, OOn the Job Training
L37.14 R & D Monographs 15, 16, vol.4-6, 21, vol.1, 3-4, 40, 42-44, 47-50, 52, 57, 60, 63, 78
L37.15 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications In2
L37.19 Youth Program Models and Innovations 1979: 4, 7-8
L37.19/2 Youth Knowledge Development Reports 1.1-1.6, 2.1-2.4, 2.6-2.10, 2.12-2.13, 2.15-2.16, 3.2, 3.4, 3.15, 3.18-3.20, 4.1, 5.1-5.3, 6.1-6.2 7.3, 7.5, 7.7, 8.1, 8.6, 9.1, 11.1, 11.2, 12.1, 12.3, 12.5
L38.8/2 Safety Manuals F51