FT-FW: Federal Trade Commission – Federal Works Agency

FT1.1 Annual Reports 1915-1979
A7, Ac8, Ad9/2/exsm., Ad9/2, Ad9/4, Ag4, Ag8/2, Ag8/3, An8, An8/2, Au8, Au8/970, B62, B75, B96/4, C24, C33, C33/2, C34, C48/6, C48/7, C63/3/964-74, C65, C73/2, C73/3, C73/4, C73/5/v1, C73/5/v2, C73/6, C74, C76, C76/3/968, C76/4, C76/5, C76/6, C76/7, C76, C78, C86/5, D14, D62, D63/pt.1, D63/pt.3, D63/pt.4, D63/pt.8, D63/pt.9, D63/2, E96, F22, F45, G53, G53/2, H47, M27, M31/4, M31/5, M31/6, M34/2/pt.1-3, M46, M54/965, P44/3, P69/2, R31/5, T31, T31/5, W37
FT1.10 Cost Reports C63 Coal vol. 1-7
FT1.16 Trade Practice Rules Sept. 1, 1935 – June 30, 1945
FT1.18 Quarterly Financial Report for Manufacturing, Mining, and Trade Corporations 1947: 1-2, 4, 1948:2-4, 1949:1-4, 1950:1-4, 1951:4, 1952:2,4, 1953:1-4, 1954:2-3, 1955: 2-3, 1956:2-4, 1957:2-4, 1958:1,3-4, 1959: 1-2, 4, 1960: 1-3, 1961: 1-3, 1962-1975
FT1.21 Report of Federal Trade Commission on Rates of Return (after taxes) for Identical Companies In Selected Manufacturing Industries 940-55 940-57
FT1.22 List of Publications 973

Federal Works Agency

FW1.1 Annual Reports 1940-48

Public Roads Administration

FW2.2 General Publications H53, H53/7, H53/3, R53
FW2.3 Bulletins 1,3-5,7-10,12,15-18, 202-29, 31-48
FW2.4 Circulars 26-100 (Missing Volumes)
FW2.5 Laws H53/939
FW2.18 President’s Highway Safety Conference Publications Ac2, En3, Ac8/4

Housing Authority

FW3.1 Annual Reports 1939
FW3.2 General Publications C76, R24, G79, R88, H81/4-9, Sa1 L78
FW3.5 Laws H81
FW3.9 Bulletins on Policy and Procedure 1-10, 12-26, 29-30, 33
FW3.10 Management Experience Notes 1

Work Projects Administration

FW4.1 Annual Reports 1940-42, 1953-43, Final Report
FW4.2 General Publications F31 Special Reports, M58, #8-10, 12, 14-18, R88, Un2
FW4.7 National Research Project, Reports A1-14, M1-5 B2-3,5-6, N1-2 E1-14, P1-8 G4-7, S1-2 L1-9
FW4.13 Statistical Bulletins 1939/5 – 1942/11
FW4.19 Social Problems 1-7
FW4.22 Technical Series: Research, Statistical and Survey Projects Circulars 8-10
FW4.23 Technical Series: Research and Record Projects Bibliographies 1-6
FW4.26 Technical Series: Community Service Circulars 13-23
FW4.35 Research Monographs 1-26
FW4.36 Marketing Laws Survey 1-5

Public Works Administration

FW5.2 General Publications P96, P96/2, W12

Public Buildings Administration

FW6.9 President’s Conference on Fire Prevention Publications P94