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C3.11 Heads of Families at 1st Census

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1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

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1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

To find holdings for these years, please search the Washington University Library Catalog by Subject

1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

To find holdings for these years, please search the Washington University Library Catalog by Subject

1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

To find holdings for these years, please search the Washington University Library Catalog by Subject

1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

To find holdings for these years, please search the Washington University Library Catalog by Subject

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.2/850 Abstract of the Seventh Census
C3.2/850/C73 Compendium to the Seventh Census
C3.2/850 Mortality Statistics
C3.2/850 Statistical View of States and Territories

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.2/860/v1 Vol. 1– Population
C3.2/860/v2 Vol. 2– Agriculture
C3.2/860/v3 Vol. 3–Manufacturing
C3.2/860/v4 Vol. 4–Mortality, Property and Other Statistics
C3.2/860/P91 Preliminary Report

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.2/870/v1 Vol. 1–Population and Social Statistics
C3.2/870/v2 Vol. 2–Vital Statistics
C3.2/870/v3 Vol. 3–Wealth and Industry
C3.2/870/Ag8 Compendium of Ninth Census
C3.2/870/C73 Statistics of Agriculture

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.2/880/v1 Vol. 1–Population
C3.2/880/v3 Vol. 3–Statistics of Agriculture
C3.2/880/v4 Vol. 4–Agencies of Transportation
C3.2/880/v5 Vol. 5–Cotton Production in U.S.
C3.2/880/v6 Vol. 6–Cotton Production in Alabama
C3.2/880/v7 Vol. 7–Valuation, Taxation and Public Indebtedness
C3.2/880/v8 Vol. 8–Newspapers & Periodicals, Alaska, Fur-Seal Islands, Shipbuilding
C3.2/880/v9 Vol. 9–Forests in North America
C3.2/880/v10 Vol. 10–Petroleum and its Products, Manufacturing of Coke
C3.2/880/v11 Vol. 11–Mortality & Vital Statistics pt.1
C3.2/880/v11-2 Plates and Diagrams to Pt. 2 of Mortality & Vital Statistics
C3.2/880/v12 Vol. 12–Mortality & Vital Statistics pt.2
C3.2/880/v13 Vol. 13–Precious Metals
C3.2/880/v14 Vol. 14–Mining Laws in the U.S.
C3.2/880/v15 Vol. 15–Mining Industry in the U.S.
C3.2/880/v16 Vol. 16–Water Power of the U.S. pt.1
C3.2/880/v17 Vol. 17–Water Power of the U.S. pt.2
C3.2/880/v18 Vol. 18–Social Statistics pt.1
C3.2/880/v19 Vol. 19–Social Statistics pt. 2
C3.2/880/v20 Vol. 20–Statistics of Wages
C3.2/880/v21 Vol. 21–Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes
C3.2/880/v22 Vol. 22–Statistics of Agriculture

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.2/890/v1 Vol. 1–Agriculture
C3.2/890/v2 Vol. 2–Population & Resources of Alaska
C3.2/890/v3 Vol. 3–Churches
C3.2/890/v4 Vol. 4–Crime, Pauperism & Benevolence pt. 1
C3.2/890/v5 Vol. 5–Crime, Pauperism & Benevolence pt. 2
C3.2/890/v6 Vol. 6–Farms & Homes
C3.2/890/v7 Vol. 7–Indians Taxed & Indians Not Taxed pt. 1
C3.2/890/v8 Vol. 8–Indians Taxed & Indians Not Taxed pt. 2
C3.2/890/v9 Vol. 9–Insurance & Business pt. 1
C3.2/890/v10 Vol. 10–Insurance & Business pt. 2
C3.2/890/v11 Vol. 11–Manufacturing pt.1
C3.2/890/v12 Vol. 12–Manufacturing pt.2
C3.2/890/v13 Vol. 13–Manufacturing pt.3
C3.2/890/v14 Vol. 14–Mineral Industry
C3.2/890/v15 Vol. 15–Population
C3.2/890/v17 Vol. 17–Real Estate & Mortgages
C3.2/890/v18 Vol. 18–Transportation Business pt. 1
C3.2/890/v19 Vol. 19–Transportation Business pt. 2
C3.2/890/v20 Vol. 20–Vital & Social Statistics pt. 1
C3.2/890/v21 Vol. 21–Vital & Social Statistics pt. 2
C3.2/890/v22 Vol. 22–Vital & Social Statistics pt. 3
C3.2/890/v23 Vol. 23–Vital & Social Statistics pt. 4
C3.2/890/v24 Vol. 24–Wealth, Debt & Taxation pt. 1
C3.2/890/v25 Vol. 25–Wealth, Debt & Taxation pt. 2
C3.2/890/Ab8 Abstract of the Eleventh Census
C3.2/890/Ab8/2 Abstract of the Eleventh Census
C3.2/890/B65 Boston & Philadelphia
C3.2/890/C73/1-3 Compendium to the Eleventh Census
C3.2/890/D63 District of Columbia & Baltimore
C3.2/890/N42y NYC & Brooklyn

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.2/900/v1 Vol. 1–Population
C3.2/900/v3 Vol. 3–Vital Statistics pt. 1
C3.2/900/v4 Vol. 4–Vital Statistics pt. 2
C3.2/900/v5 Vol. 5–Agriculture pt. 1
C3.2/900/v6 Vol. 6–Agriculture pt. 2
C3.2/900/v10 Vol. 10–Manufacturing pt. 1
C3.2/900/At6 Statistical Atlas

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.16/v1 Vol. 1–Population
C3.16/v2 Vol. 2–Population: AL-MT
C3.16/v3 Vol. 3–Population: NE-WY, AK, HI, PR
C3.16/v4 Vol. 4–Population
C3.16/v5 Vol. 5–Agriculture pt. 1
C3.16/v6 Vol. 6–Agriculture pt. 2
C3.16/v7 Vol. 7–Agriculture pt. 3
C3.16/v8 Vol. 8–Manufacturing pt. 2
C3.16/v10 Vol. 10–Manufacturing pt. 3
C3.16/v11 Vol. 11–Mines and Quarries
C3.15/910/Ab8 Abstract to the Thirteenth Census
C3.15/910/M69 Abstract plus Supplement for the State of Missouri

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.28/5/920/v1 Vol. 1–Population
C3.28/5/920/v3 Vol. 3–Population, Composition and Characteristics
C3.28/5/920/v5 Vol. 5–
C3.28/5/920/v6 Vol. 6–Agriculture pt. 3
C3.28/5/920/v7 Vol. 7–Irigation and Drainage
C3.28/5/820/v8 Vol. 8–Manufacturers
C3.28/5/920/v10 Vol. 10–Manufacturing
C3.28/5/920/v11 Vol. 11–Mines and Quarries
C3.28/7/920/Ab8 Abstract to the Fourteenth Census

C3.37/2 15th Census – General Publications

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/2/D63/5 Products of Manufacturing Industries 1929
C3.37/2/F76 Age of the Foreign-Born White Population by Country of Birth
C3.37/2/H79 Census of Hotels 1930
C3.37/2/In2 The Indian Population of the United States and Alaska
C3.37/2/Oc1/2 Classified Index of Occupations 1930, 1937
C3.37/2/Oc1/3 Alphabetical Index of Occupations
C3.37/2/Sa3 Distribution of Sales of Manufacturing Plants
C3.37/2A/Oc1/2 Alphabetical Index of Occupations 1937

C3.37/5 15th Census, 1930 – Final Volumes

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/5/Ag8/v.1/ Farm Acerage and Farm Values by Minor Divisions
C3.37/5/Ag8/v.2/pt.1 The Northern States
C3.37/5/Ag8/v.2/pt.2 The Southern States
C3.37/5/Ag8/v.2/pt.3 The Western States
C3.37/5/C76 Construction Industry
C3.37/5/D63/v.1,pt.1 Retail Distribution
C3.37/5/D63/v.1,pt.2 Retail Distribution
C3.37/5/D63/v.1,pt.3 Retail Distribution
C3.37/5/D78 Drainage of Agriculture Lands
C3.37/5/H78 Horticulture: Stats for the U.S. &for States, 1929 & 1930
C3.37/5/IR7 Irrigation of Agricultural Lands
C3.37/5/M31/v.1 Manufactures 1929 Central Report
C3.37/5/M31/v.2 Manufactures 1929 Reports by Industries
C3.37/5/M31/v.3 Manufactures 1929 Reports by States
C3.37/5/M66 Mines and Quarries
C3.37/5/P81/v.1 Population: Number and Distribution of Inhabitants
C3.37/5/P81/v.2 Population: General Report Statistics by Subject
C3.37/5/P81/v.3,pt1 Population: Reports by States Alabama-Missouri
C3.37/5/P81/v.3,pt2 Population: Reports by States Montana-Wyoming
C3.37/5/P81/v.4 Population: Occupations by State & City
C3.37/5/P81/v.5 Population: General Report on Occupations
C3.37/5/P81/v.6 Population: Families
C3.37/5/P81/v.6/Supp Foreign-Born White Families by Country of Birth by Head
C3.37/5/R31 Retail Distribution: Retail Chains
C3.37/5/T27 Outlying Territories and Possessions
C3.37/5/Un2/v.1 Unemployment
C3.37/5/Un2/v.2 Unemployment-General Report

C3.37/7 15th Census, 1930 – Abstract

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/7/930 c.1 Abstract for the 1930 Census
C3.37/7/930 c.2 Abstract for the 1930 Census

C3.37/15 15th Census, 1930 – Agriculture

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/15/C43 Agriculture: Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese Raised on Farms
C3.37/15/F22 Large-Scale Farming in the U.S. 1929
C3.37/15/F22/2 The Farm Horse
C3.37/15/F22/3 Farm Real-Estate Values in the New England States 1850-1930
C3.37/15/F22/4 Types of Farming in the U.S.
C3.37/15/N31 The Negro Farmer
C3.37/15/T19 Taxes on Farm Property in the U.S.

C3.37/34 15th Census, 1930 – Census of Distribution. Distribution of Agricultural Commodities

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/34/B98 Assembling of Butterfat Thru Cream Stations
C3.37/34/B98/2 Distribution of Butter, Cheese, Evaporated & Condensed Milk and Ice Cream
C3.37/34/C78 Cooperatives as a Factor in the Distribution of Agricultural Commodities
C3.37/34/G76 Distribution of Grains
C3.37/34/L75 Distribution of Livestock
C3.37/34/R31 The Assembling of Agricultural Commodities by Retailer

C3.37/35 15th Census, 1930 – Census of Distribution. Wholesale Distribution Trade Series

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/35/EL2 Wholesale Electrical Trade
C3.37/35/G89 Groceries and Food Specialties
C3.37/35/H22 Wholesale Hardware Trade
C3.37/35/M85 Motion Picture Films
C3.37/35/P16 Wholesale Trade in Paints and Varnishes
C3.37/35/R11 Radio Sets, Parts and Acessories
C3.37/35/T98 Multiple Types of Wholesaling 1933

C3.37/38 15th Census, 1930 – Census of Distribution. Small City and Rural Trade Series

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/38/M34 Analyzing the Small City and Rural MArket Area

C3.37/39 15th Census, 1930 – Census of Distribution. Retail Distribution Trade Series

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/39/Ap4 Apparel Retailing
C3.37/39/Au8 Automoblie Trades
C3.37/39/D84 Drug Retailing
C3.37/39/F73 Food Retailing
C3.37/39/Sh7 Shoe Retailing

C3.37/40 15th Census, 1930 – Census of Distribution. Retail Distribution Special Series

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.37/40/Em7 Employment & Wages in the Retail Industry

C3.940-2 16th Census

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.940-2/Ag8/3 Ranking Agricultural Counties
C3.940-2/Ag8/4 Crop Sharing Contracts
C3.940-2/Ag8/5 Cash Rent
C3.940-2/D78 Drainage of Alluvial Lands
C3.940-2/F22 Ag-Farm Characteristics by Value of Products
C3.940-2/H81/2 Characteristics by Type of Structure
C3.940-2/Ir7 Irrigation of Agricultural Tables
C3.940-2/Oc1/2 Classified Index of Occupations
C3.940-2/P81/3 Education, Occupation and Household Relationship of Males 18 to 44 Years Old
C3.940-2/P81/4 Characteristics of Persons Not in the Labor Force
C3.940-2/P81/5 Special Report on Institutional Population
C3.940-2/P81/6 The Labor Force- Individual Characteristics
C3.940-2/P81/7 Wage or Salary Income in 1939
C3.940-2/P81/8 Population and Housing-Families, Tenents and Rents
C3.940-2/P81/9 Nativity and Parentage of the White Population
C3.940-2/P81/10 The Labor Force-Occupational Characteristics
C3.940-2/P81/11 Unincorporated Communities
C3.940-2/P81/12 Population and Housing Characteristics of Rural-Farm Families
C3.940-2/P81/13 Families-Employment Status
C3.940-2/P81/14 Nativity and Parentage of the White Population-Country of Origin of the Foreign Stock
C3.940-2/P81/15 The Labor Force-Employment and Pesonal Characteristics
C3.940-2/P81/16 Families-Income and Rent
C3.940-2/P81/17 Characteristics of the Non-White Population
C3.940-2/P81/18 Employment and Family Characteristics of Women
C3.940-2/P81/19 The Labor Force-Usual Occupation
C3.940-2/P81/20 Types of Families
C3.940-2/P81/21 Nativity and Parentage of the White Population
C3.940-2/P81/23 Families-General Characteristics
C3.940-2/P81/24 Families-Family Wage and Salary Income in 1939
C3.940-2/P81/25 Families-Size of Family and Age Head
C3.940-2/P81/26 State of Birth of the Native Population
C3.940-2/P81/27 Estimates of Labor Force, Employment, & Unemployment in the U.S. 1940/1930
C3.940-2/P81/28 Differential Fertility 1940&1910-Women by Number of Children Under 5 Yrs. Old
C3.940-2/P81/29 Differential Fertility 1940&1910-Women by Number of Children Ever Born
C3.940-2/P81/30 Educational Attainment of Children by Rental Value of Home
C3.940-2/P81/31 Internal Migration 1935 to 1940-Economic Characteristics of Migrants
C3.940-2/P81/32 Internal Migration 1935 to 1940-Age of Migrants
C3.940-2/P81/33 Internal Migration 1935 to 1940-Social Characteristics of Migrants
C3.940-2/P81/34 Differential Fertility 1940 and 1910-Fertility by Duration of Marriage
C3.940-2/P94 Alphabetical List of Products
C3.940-2/V83 Vital Statistics Rates in the U.S. 1900-1940

C3.940-5 16th Census Final Volumes

C3.940-5/Ag8/2 Cross Line Acreage
C3.940-5/Ag8/v.1/pt.1 Stats for Counties-N.E., Mid-Atlantic, East North Central-First & Second State Series
C3.940-5/Ag8/v.1/pt.2 Stats For Counties-West North Central-First &Second State Series
C3.940-5/Ag8/v.1/pt.3 Stats For Counties-South Atlantic-First & Second State Series
C3.940-5/Ag8/v.1/pt.4 Stats For Counties-East South Central-First & Second State Series
C3.940-5/Ag8/v.1/pt.5 Stats For Counties-West South Central-First & Second State Series
C3.940-5/Ag8/v.1/pt.6 Stats For Counties-Mountain and Pacific-First & Second State Series

C3.940-10 Procedural Studies of 1950 Censuses

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.940-10/IL Illinois
C3.940-10/MO Missouri

C3.940-11 Service Establishments (by State)

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.940-11/ILL Illinois

C3.940-13/2 Populations, 2nd Series

Sudoc Number Document Title

C3.940-18 Manufactures (by Industry)

Sudoc Number Document Title

C3.940-25 Census of Business,1939: Wholesale Trade (by State)

Sudoc Number Document Title
C3.940-25/IL Illinois
C3.940-25/MO Missouri

C3.940-26 Census of Business, 1939: Wholesale Trade (Miscellaneous)

Sudoc Number Document Title

C3.940-31 Housing Supplement to 1st Series: Housing Bulletins (by State)

Sudoc Number Document Title

C3.940-32 Housing, 2nd Series (by State)

Sudoc Number Document Title

C3.940-38 Population and Housing (by State)

Sudoc Number Document Title

C3.940-39 Population, Outlying Possessions

Sudoc Number Document Title

C3.950-2 17th Census

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-2/D262 Principle Data Collection Forms
C3.950-2/F22 Farms & Farm People
C3.950-2/M32 Portfolio of Census Maps
C3.950-2/Oc1 Alphabetical index of Occupations & Industry pt. 1
C3.950-2/Oc2 Alphabetical index of Occupations & Industry pt. 2
C3.950-2/P81/2 Outline of Data Presented–Census of Population

C3.950-7/2 Census Tracts

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-7/2/IL6 Census Tracts of Chicago
C3.950-7/2/M690/K13 Census Tracts of Kansas City, MO
C3.950-7/2/M690/sa21 Census Tracts of STL, MO
C3.950-7/2/PD1-PD64 Census of Population

C3.950-7/5 Final Volumes

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-7/5/v1/pt4 General Characteristics of Population–Michigan through New York
C3.950-7/5/v2/1 Characteristics of Population–US Summary
C3.950-7/5/v2/2 Characteristics of Population–AL
C3.950-7/5/v2/3 Characteristics of Population–AZ
C3.950-7/5/v2/4 Characteristics of Population–AR
C3.950-7/5/v2/5 Characteristics of Population–CA
C3.950-7/5/v2/6 Characteristics of Population–CO
C3.950-7/5/v2/7 Characteristics of Population–CT
C3.950-7/5/v2/8 Characteristics of Population–DE
C3.950-7/5/v2/9 Characteristics of Population–DC
C3.950-7/5/v2/10 Characteristics of Population–FL
C3.950-7/5/v2/11 Characteristics of Population–GA
C3.950-7/5/v2/12 Characteristics of Population–ID
C3.950-7/5/v2/13 Characteristics of Population–IL
C3.950-7/5/v2/14 Characteristics of Population–IN
C3.950-7/5/v2/15 Characteristics of Population–IA
C3.950-7/5/v2/16 Characteristics of Population–KS
C3.950-7/5/v2/17 Characteristics of Population–KY
C3.950-7/5/v2/18 Characteristics of Population–LA
C3.950-7/5/v2/19 Characteristics of Population–ME
C3.950-7/5/v2/20 Characteristics of Population–MD
C3.950-7/5/v2/21 Characteristics of Population–MA
C3.950-7/5/v2/22 Characteristics of Population–MI
C3.950-7/5/v2/23 Characteristics of Population–MN
C3.950-7/5/v2/24 Characteristics of Population–MO
C3.950-7/5/v2/25 Characteristics of Population–MS
C3.950-7/5/v2/26 Characteristics of Population–MT
C3.950-7/5/v2/27 Characteristics of Population–NE
C3.950-7/5/v2/28 Characteristics of Population–NV
C3.950-7/5/v2/29 Characteristics of Population–NH
C3.950-7/5/v2/30 Characteristics of Population–NJ
C3.950-7/5/v2/31 Characteristics of Population–NM
C3.950-7/5/v2/32 Characteristics of Population–NY
C3.950-7/5/v2/33 Characteristics of Population–NC
C3.950-7/5/v2/34 Characteristics of Population–ND
C3.950-7/5/v2/35 Characteristics of Population–OH
C3.950-7/5/v2/36 Characteristics of Population–OK
C3.950-7/5/v2/37 Characteristics of Population–OR
C3.950-7/5/v2/38 Characteristics of Population–PA
C3.950-7/5/v2/39 Characteristics of Population–RI
C3.950-7/5/v2/40 Characteristics of Population–SC
C3.950-7/5/v2/41 Characteristics of Population–SD
C3.950-7/5/v2/42 Characteristics of Population–TN
C3.950-7/5/v2/43 Characteristics of Population–TX
C3.950-7/5/v2/44 Characteristics of Population–UT
C3.950-7/5/v2/45 Characteristics of Population–VT
C3.950-7/5/v2/46 Characteristics of Population–VA
C3.950-7/5/v2/47 Characteristics of Population–WA
C3.950-7/5/v2/48 Characteristics of Population–WV
C3.950-7/5/v2/49 Characteristics of Population–WI
C3.950-7/5/v2/50 Characteristics of Population–WY
C3.950-7/5/v2/51-54 Characteristics of Population–Territories and Possessions

C3.950-7/6 Special Reports

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-7/6/1a-1d Employment & Personal Characteristics; Occupational Characteristics; General Occupation by Industry; Industry Characteristics
C3.950-7/6/2a, 2c-2e General Characteristics of Family. Insitutional Population; Marital Status; Duration of Current Marriages; Marital Statistics
C3.950-7/6/3a-3d Nativity & Parentage, Non-white; Persons of Spanish Surname, Puerto Ricans in the U.S.
C3.950-7/6/4a-4d State of Birth; Population Mobility-State/State Economy; Population Mobility-Farm/Non-Farm; Population Mobility-Characteristics of Migrants
C3.950-7/6/5a-5c Characteristics by size of Place; Education; Fertility
C3.950-7/6/4b Mobility
C3.950-7/6/4c Institutional Population
C3.950-7/6/2d Marital Status
C3.950-7/6/5b Education

C3.950-8/5 Census of Housing, 1950 (Final Volumes)

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-8/5/v1/pt1 General Characteristics/U.S. Summary
C3.950-8/5/v1/pt2 Alabama-Georgia
C3.950-8/5/v1/pt3 Idaho-Massachusetts
C3.950-8/5/v1/pt5 North Carolina-Tennessee
C3.950-8/5/v1/pt6 Texas-Wyoming
C3.950-8/5/v1/pt7 Territories and Possessions
C3.950-8/5/v2/pt1 Nonfarm U.S. and Divisions
C3.950-8/5/v2/pt2 Akron-Des Moines
C3.950-8/5/v2/pt3 Detroit-Memphis
C3.950-8/5/v2/pt4 Miami-Salt Lake City
C3.950-8/5/v2/pt5 San Antonio-Youngstown
C3.950-8/5/v3 Farm Housing Characteristics
C3.950-8/5/v4/pt1 Residential Financing
C3.950-8/5/v4/pt2 Larger Standard Metropolitan Areas

C3.950-8/2 General Characteristics (by State), Report
H-A (series)

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-8/M690/K13 Kansas City, MO
C3.950-8/M690/sa21 STL, MO
C3.950-8/M690/sa2j St. Joseph, MO
C3.950-8/IL6/C48 Cicero, IL
C3.950-8/IL6/D35 Decatur, IL
C3.950-8/IL6/Ea75 East St. Louis, IL
C3.950-8/IL6/Ev1 Evanston, IL
C3.950-8/IL6/Oa4 Oak Park, IL
C3.950-8/IL6/P39 Peoria, IL
C3.950-8/IL6/R59 Rockford, IL
C3.950-8/IL6/Sp8 Springfield, IL
C3.950-8/Or3/P83 Portland, OR
C3.9540-8/2/M690 St. Louis, MO

C3.950-8/3 Nonfarm Housing Characteristics [of Standard Metropolitan Areas], 1950 Housing Census Report, H-B (series)

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-8/3/122 Census of Housing–STL

C3.950-9 17th Census – United States Census of
Agriculture, 1950

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-9/1/5/pt.1-3 Census of Agriculture
C3.950-9/v1/pt1 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–New England
C3.950-9/v1/pt2 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–Middle Atlantic
C3.950-9/v1/pt3 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–OH
C3.950-9/v1/pt4 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–IN
C3.950-9/v1/pt5 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–IL
C3.950-9/v1/pt6 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–MI
C3.950-9/v1/pt7 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–WI
C3.950-9/v1/pt8 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–MN
C3.950-9/v1/pt9 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–IA
C3.950-9/v1/pt10 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–MO
C3.950-9/v1/pt11 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–SD
C3.950-9/v1/pt12 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–NE
C3.950-9/v1/pt13 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–KS
C3.950-9/v1/pt14 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–DE, MD, DC
C3.950-9/v1/pt15 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–VA, WV
C3.950-9/v1/pt16 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–NC, SC
C3.950-9/v1/pt17 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–GA
C3.950-9/v1/pt18 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–FL
C3.950-9/v1/pt19 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–KY
C3.950-9/v1/pt20 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–TN
C3.950-9/v1/pt21 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–AL
C3.950-9/v1/pt22 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–MS
C3.950-9/v1/pt23 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–AR
C3.950-9/v1/pt24 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–LA
C3.950-9/v1/pt25 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–OK
C3.950-9/v1/pt26 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–TX
C3.950-9/v1/pt27 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–MT
C3.950-9/v1/pt28 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–ID
C3.950-9/v1/pt29 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–WY, CO
C3.950-9/v1/pt30 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–NM, AZ
C3.950-9/v1/pt31 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–UT, NV
C3.950-9/v1/pt32 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–WA, OR
C3.950-9/v1/pt33 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–CA
C3.950-9/v1/pt34 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–Territories and Possessions
C3.950-9/v1/pt34.1 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–Alaska
C3.950-9/v1/pt34.3 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–Guam
C3.950-9/v1/pt34.4 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–Hawaii
C3.950-9/v1/pt34.5 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–Puerto Rico
C3.950-9/v1/pt34.6 Census of Agriculture, Economic Areas–Virgin Islands
C3.950-9/v3 Irrigation of Agricultural Lands
C3.950-9/v4 Drainage of Agricultural Lands
C3.950-9/v5/pt1 Horticulture Specialties
C3.950-9/v5/pt2 Multi Unit Operations
C3.950-9/v5/pt3 Ranking Agricultural Counties
C3.950-9/v5/pt4 Land Utilization Graph
C3.950-9/v5/pt5 Farm Tenure
C3.950-9/v5/pt6 Agricultural Graphical Summary
C3.950-9/v5/pt7 Irrigation Graphical Summary
C3.950-9/v5/pt8 Farm Mortgage Debt
C3.950-9/v5/pt9 Economic Class/Type of Farm
C3.950-9/v5/pt10 Farms and Farm Characteristics by Economic Subregion

C3.950-9/3 17th Census – Irrigation of Agricultural Lands

Sudoc Number: Document Title:
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt1 AZ
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt2 AR-OK
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt3 CA
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt4 CO
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt5 FL
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt6 ID
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt7 KS
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt8 LA
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt9 MT
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt10 NE
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt11 NV
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt12 NM
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt13 ND/SD
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt14 OR
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt15 TX
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt16 UT
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt17 WA
C3.950-9/3/v3/pt18 WY

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1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

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1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

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1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

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1st Census (1790) -6th Census (1820)
18th Census (1960) – Present

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